Prepositions used with "technique"

"of technique" or "on technique"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases technique of is used

He has personality, strangth, run, even a bit of technique.

Just football played at the highest level of technique and skill.

A number of techniques exist for Speed Test and bandwidth measurement.

From a Marxist point of view, the function of technique is to economise human labour.

These problems of technique are odd in a man who has had a long fascination with power.

Both were at par in terms of techniques but the round, it was the guest from Bayi who won.

A testament to their development of technique (and commitment to their instrument) is their extraordinary vocal blend.

It might be easier, but doing these kind of techniques will degrade your website's relevance and overall user-experience.

Rather, there is an enormous range of techniques and technologies that can be applied throughout to deliver improvements.

The significant lack of technique at every level of English football when compared to the other big leagues is astounding.

In 22% of cases technique on is used

This is also a chance to work on technique with them and a few minutes on this everyday can work great for them.

In addition to master recipes and variations, there is a wealth of notes on techniques to improve your results.

She'll be providing useful tips and guidance on technique, as well as of course encouragement to her Team GB teammates.

Re: Whistle - learning many tunes or focusing on technique? It will take years to get the style and the twiddles sorted out.

The reps are primarily singles, and therefore volume and time under load are significantly lower, with the focus on technique and speed.

There is no emphasis on technique, so we end up with a load of chuggers, who have the ball control of a Toblerone bar, and no patience or awareness.

This means that whilst physical prowess can undoubtedly be an advantage, there is also a huge emphasis on technique and skill rather than brute force.

Re: Whistle - learning many tunes or focusing on technique? Re: Whistle - learning many tunes or focusing on technique? I'll sit on the fence and say.

And it's encouraging we're seeing a focus on techniques and tools to create better sensing, better systems for controlling more sophisticated actuators.

In 8% of cases technique with is used

But I take ballet to help with technique and strength.

RowActiv, the British Rowing app, has great tips to help with technique and training.

He began to experiment more with techniques now, even as the city of Manchester began to grow.

Quick inrticate passing between the players with accuracy, with technique, to control the football.

Asin more or less holds her own in the dancing too, going for maximum energy and not overly concerned with technique.

This is currently something that he teaches other individuals online, combined with techniques that they used to generate his own achievement.

He would hit hard enough to clear the ground or break fingers, and every stroke had less to do with technique and more with spontaneous innovation.

In 6% of cases technique in is used

And they show a certain kind of sophistication in technique and in the visual medium.

Since we're living lengthier, we are dealing with growing older in techniques we in no way have before.

The victims were systematically dehumanised in all sorts of ways - some general in technique, others very much adapted to cultural and regional/local factors.

System Central heating boiler should be the founders during the heat range found in technique functions, as well they can often be the cause pointing to trouble being used throughout the complex.

The Blue Mountains MC is one of very few Australians you'd pit against his American contemporaries, what he lacks in technique being more than made up for by an intimidating ability as a songwriter.

In 4% of cases technique about is used

This isn't about technique, or similar looking uniforms.

Once physical self defense becomes about techniques you are at a big disadvantage.

There are valid points to be made about the limitations of the players but Friday night was not primarily about technique.

His exclusion, as well as that of Yuvraj, makes the telling point about technique and temperament defining the Test batsman even more than talent.

In 4% of cases technique for is used

He talks about the need for techniques enabling us to vary properties independently and locally.

If you're concerned about regardless of whether you may screw up this set up, you are able to look for techniques which are easily available on the web.

In 4% of cases technique to is used

A metronome can be used as an aid to technique.

In these 5 introductory drawing courses you will be introduced to techniques which will help you to discover the artist within.

The translator will turn to techniques such as compensation or entropy and will need to take morphosyntactic false-friends into account.

In 3% of cases technique as is used

Likened in order to traditional healthcare exercise as well as techniques, the actual option medication offers absolutely no or even really much less part results.

In 3% of cases technique by is used

However, hills can be conquered by technique and relaxation (remember those breathing exercises?).

To help out readers who lack the most basic knowledge, she organizes the book by techniques rather than by ingredients.

To help out readers who lack the most basic knowledge, she organizes the book by techniques rather than by ingredients.

Recipes, divided into a master formula and variations, are grouped by technique; French classics stand fin-to-wing with American offerings (roast turkey).

In 3% of cases technique through is used

The increased economic motivation permeates the conduct of warfare through techniques of pillaging and the exploitation of labour.

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