Prepositions used with "tech"

"of tech" or "in tech"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases tech of is used

The same applies in the world of tech.

A lot of tech media happens to reside in NY.

It was spoken loudly in the media, press, and any number of tech sites.

Perhaps the worst indictment is that of tech guru Chris Pirillo's non tech-savvy father.

But, just like every new piece of technology, being an early adopter always has its cost.

He reckons it's a case of tech guys running wild with ideas without thinking of the logistics.

Western consumption has long kept them going, and the exponential growth of tech devices has tremendous impact on Africa.

But while the iPad has probably saved more than one family dinner out, this early immersion in the world of tech has some experts worried.

The heavyweight bout featured the return of Tech's David Marone, who is back for a sixth year after tearing his ACL against Ohio State last year.

In 21% of cases tech in is used

It has been a topsy-turvy couple of weeks in tech.

It assumes that the breakdown of digital revenue in tech is.

BB10: possibly the most disruptive innovation in tech we've yet to see.

Nothing about whether or not investing in tech is still viable, lists of dividend stocks, etc.

She is a blogger in tech, SEO and internet marketing who contributes content for AspireDirect.

They also found that the average employee costs around $700 per year in tech costs such as software or services.

They're just getting started in their career or they're in transition, they love technology, and they want to do something cool in tech.

A few more jump ahead in tech and you should be able to extract your biologic info and link it with a 3d printer and maybe you can replicate yourself.

No longer will Shields credibly be able to claim the top spot on the women in tech lists now she is in a cushy marketing job in a Government department.

A cable would have funded the city and guarenteed a massive increase in tech, design, fashion, retail, construction etc etc jobs throughout NZ! But that is blindingly obvious.

In 10% of cases tech for is used

Maybe now we can free up some visas for tech.

Load up a reliable website for tech news, like MaximumPC.

Good for tech blog fodder, not so good for going mainstream.

It has to be a bit of a bittersweet time for tech giant Apple right now.

The average unemployment rate for tech jobs is about 6 percent, CollegeRecruiter.

In his spare time he's helped create TechHub in London, a workspace for tech people.

Highly respectful of the entrepreneurial spirit, he predominantly works on stories for tech entrepreneurs and startups.

But while the appointment is dramatically and overwhelmingly positive news for Tech City, it is perhaps worth reflecting whether it is good news for Joanna Shields.

These terms may not seem very useful to common users but it will be very informative and useful for tech savvy and Information Security Community (Bad and Good both).

Safe &; Secure Online Shopping with PayPass While voice controlled features in future Ultrabooks could revolutionize mobile computing, security remains a primary concern for tech users worldwide.

In 8% of cases tech to is used

It is a mile marker on the road to tech dystopia.

The insides of a phone can be quite revealing to tech fans.

WSJ: Do you think Australia is becoming more friendly to tech startups? Mr.

From environmentalists to tech geeks, everyone seems to be all praises for these cars.

I have been on to tech support so many times at this stage I'd sure they think that I work there.

In with the new Before I carry on, a little explanation for those of you not addicted to tech blogs.

U may say it was ppl that stopped sopa which its true to some extent but I would argue more thanks to tech corporations.

After that, Apple began its ascent to tech industry heights, largely driven by Steve Jobs ' vision for consumer products.

The Design Film Trilogy - Gary Hustwit's second film, Objectified, looked at the world of industrial design, and the creativity at work behind everything from toothbrushes to tech gadgets.

In 6% of cases tech on is used

Based on Tech Crunch ' s assumption, the iPhone 5S could possibly be in line for a WWDC release.

Stories on tech blogs persist that an iPhone 5S release date for sometime in the first quarter of 2013 is a distinct possibility.

Robbie Crowe is a well known tech blogger who periodically updates his blogs with latest updates and reviews on tech gadgets especially smartphones.

One area that we address often on Tech to Web is VoIP technology that enables you to create a virtual office from any computer with an internet connection.

Lets take radical measures both on tech bench and officials! Am tired! TCAS posted on October 15, 2011: To All Our Fans, Please don't give up, this is our team and lets continue supporting the lads.

London, England (CNN) -- Running a technology news site based in South Africa that focuses on tech news from Africa and Emerging Markets it's to be expected that I am a little attached to the region.

In 5% of cases tech about is used

I'd curious about tech innovation, and I'd always on the lookout for the next.

Its all about tech stuff which I can't get but the fellow has a way with words.

Don't worry about tech skills; we have a decent amount of engineering talent and business talent.

They were wrong about tech, it crashed within the next few months, but probably right about the rest.

He's always looking for ways to help you get the most of your mobile gear and loves to talk about tech on numerous radio programs.

Even though we're all about tech, and even though we'd love for you to be using our browser app 24/7, we encourage time away from all the tech in our lives.

In 5% of cases tech with is used

In Nigeria, the landscape is getting more vibrant with tech companies getting down to business by creating mobile application useful to.

Kenny Courts broke open a 3-3 tie with Tech's Nick Vetterlein to pull away for the 11-6 win and give the Buckeyes a seven-point lead with just two matches left.

In 3% of cases tech by is used

The news was revealed by tech news site, Pocket-lint.

News of the event was earlier reported by tech blog AllThingsD.

I have enrolled by Tech Smart Agency more than a year ago and when am trying to find the status of my card based on the enrollment No it is showing records not found.

In 2% of cases tech from is used

How do I borrow a projector and laptop for my presentation? A: Projectors and laptops can be borrowed from tech services on level 6.

From tech hot spots like Silicon Valley and Seattle to regional centers of innovation in Texas, North Carolina, and around the country.

There's clearly a pattern emerging from tech launches these days: announce the launch date and, on the day, sit back and await the ' sold out immediately ' headlines.

In 2% of cases tech into is used

At the time I was hesitant to put any money into tech stocks.

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