Prepositions used with "team"

"of team" or "for team"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases team of is used

LSV participant: The lack of team work.

We talked to a lot of agents and a lot of teams.

This is the kind of team he salivates over coaching.

About time you got home don't you think? The reaction of Team McCann seemed to be instant.

There again, the priorities of Team India can sometimes clash with those of Indian cricket.

Changing of team line-up is no longer allowed once you've submitted your registration form.

The only silver lining is that right wing parties may put up better candidates to counter the allegations of team anna.

He is a ch? nin-level shinobi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan and a member of Team Minato, who is believed to have died.

I have seen teams underperform due to factors such as clashing cultures of team members and diffused ways of doing things.

But she was the first to ask the question I, and I think many other bloggers wanted to ask one of the members of Team McCann.

In 17% of cases team for is used

Penalties for teams that lose money.

Is there a minimum age for team members? No.

It was a long and tiresome trip for Team Visayas.

Kane starts the match out for Team Hell No to give Bryan a little more time to recover.

In 2001 and ' 02, Leroux was on the roster for Team Ontario's 17-and 18- year-old teams.

Personally, I'll be saving my money for teams I'd rather see even if Jay-Z announces he'll be performing at halftime.

If we have more investment and continue to aim towards breaking even, we have more cash available for team investment.

For team calls, she uses Google Hangouts, a group video conference tool, while Skype is her go-to for individual calls.

The options are #teamteamwork for Team Teamwork, #teamhellno for Team Hell No and #teamfriendhship for Team Friendship.

In 11% of cases team in is used

In team work, work is more important than team.

He doesn't believe much in team meetings and all.

I think the PM needs a good training in team selection.

Development at the hardest position in team sports takes time, and will have its highs and lows.

He set world records in four individual men's events, and won the remaining medals in team events.

These two vital factors in team development have been done, finished, and the course has been set towards France 2016.

Emergency Physicians spend their whole clinical life working in teams, and therefore tend to be self-selected team workers.

As mentioned before, Medic is the most prioritize target in Team Fortress 2 as you are proved to be very important for a team.

In 10% of cases team with is used

This is to do with team structure as well as personnel.

Avid cyclist racing with Team Type 1 and I love to run.

You have been with Team India for a long, long time now.

I anticipate a Russia-USA match up in the gold medal game with Team USA winning it all.

Fredrik Ekblom and Patrik Olsson is the best combination so far this year with Team Biogas.

There is an account of how unhappy he was with team doctor Pedro Celaya through much of 1999.

Managers have the responsibility to ensure that regular one-on-one dialogue sessions are in place with team members.

He won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2002 Olympics and twice won gold at the World Championship (1994, 1997).

He then regrouped with team mate Johnny Campbell until the end of the stage, finishing respectively in 19th and 17th position.

In 7% of cases team by is used

At Stanbic Bank, success is driven by team work.

Peter Puck, LA Kings, gambling involvement by team mates and his wife.

It gave legitimacy to everything being done by Team Anna and Baba Ramdev.

The one saving grace is irony, but that is generally practiced by teams used to losing.

Malaga, also, have been displaying a consistency not often shown by teams in Spain ' s second tier.

These Venza vehicles will be produced by team members at Toyota's manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Ky.

Kim's boyfriend, hip-hop superstar Kanye West, recently sat for a deposition in the case, a move by Team Humphries that.

The speculation of an autumn poll has imho been an obvious ploy by Team Brown to a) keep the Labour party in line and b) rattle the Cons.

More importantly Ravi's blog should be seen in the context of how the media should have been managed by Team Anna and how they failed to do it.

Given the same funding I'd sure there are other teams who could achieve the same poor standards currently being shown by teams at the bottom of SLE.

In 6% of cases team on is used

Instead, be supportive on team projects.

It's all going to depend on team selection though.

Kane says that they just have a new teammate on Team Foley.

Vizquel has been a part of, being on Team BlackBerry is probably by far the best of them all.

In all marketing campaigns centred on Team Great Britain, Ennis has been pushed front and centre.

It might be argued that people who score very low on agreeableness shouldn't be put on teams, she added.

So without further ado, let's gets started! Team Jamaica As we get closer to that first event, all eyes will be on Team Jamaica.

The research found that people who scored low on agreeableness created the most devastating and contagious drags on team performance.

The pressure was on teams in the future finished a lengthy-looked forward to Stanley Cup for his or her particular metropolitan areas.

While playing on Team Ontario's various squads, Leroux also was teammates with current Red Sox players Tyler Burnell, Jason Gotwalt and.

In 5% of cases team against is used

In four games against teams with top-five pass defenses this season, Manning is averaging only 180.

What made things worse was 4 of the 5 games were against teams who were in the bottom third of the league.

Two home games against teams far from being considered among the group's strongest yielded only two points.

And if the plan is only to use him against teams who play long balls/throw-ins then the price would need to be right.

True that the Pack has struggled against teams it should handle - easily - but the lines of demarcation in pro football are very thin indeed.

Maybe not perfectly balanced, but something that reduced the number of intra-division and increased the number against teams in the other two divisions.

Everton Three straight draws isn't terrible, but it's not too good either -- especially when all three matches were against teams under you in the table.

The local fans will get bored as don't get to play against teams play for 50+ years and you can't windup your mate at work who supports a bottom 10 club.

Photo by Davina Sheet B was the site of the battle of the ' Nancys '! Team NS skipped by Nancy Delahunt went up against Team Ontario with Nancy Harrison at the controls.

The question for now remains whether he can produce the same fine form against teams of a different allure, especially if his playing time at club level continues to be sporadic.

In 5% of cases team to is used

Thanks to Team Ambrogio for such an incredible weekend.

Lapointe almost declined his invitation to Team Canada.

As a fan, I'd like to see less of players jumping around from team to team.

I am sure anyone can Google anyone's affiliations to teams and geography and concoct a story.

What happened to Team Dark Cloud on a daily basis was more exciting than most people experience in a lifetime.

Eastside's only losses have come to teams with combined records of 17-3, while the Spartans are averaging 42.

A giant, stone-faced left winger, Yakushev thrived in the slot and was to Team Russia as Phil Esposito was to Team Canada.

Jump shooting teams will have more games when the shooting goes south as compared to teams that constantly attack the rim.

The course was marked perfectly - thanks to Team Ballyhoura - I was impressed how they could fit 75km into such a compact area.

In 4% of cases team from is used

As a fan, I'd like to see less of players jumping around from team to team.

Figure 1: Some of the students and staff from Team UOW (pictured in front of the type of '.

Rage from Team Romney and the millions behind it, many of whom despise Obama in ways that defy description.

Wherever applied -- from Team GB to the success of the German car industry or American IT industry -- they work.

Kagawa and Van Persie both come from teams who play short, quick passing where there's support coming from midfield.

It is these elite players who suffer most from heavy schedules as they are the ones in most demand from teams anyway.

In addition, it's high time we saw some confessions from Team Managers and other non-riding staff such as doctors and soigneurs.

Read More A second half comeback from Team Silvers saw them over the line in front of a great crowd in St Mary's Hall on Sunday night.

The BJP also distanced itself from Team Anna's movement against corruption, but said it will continue its own fight against the menace.

In 2% of cases team between is used

A larger scale operates between teams.

A larger scale operates between teams.

There were also tourneys (fights between teams).

Current Irish research points to ' shortcomings ' that exist in the absence of liaison between teams and community preschool settings.

Every step you can take towards creating a greater balance between team members, reducing waste and focusing on the end goal and experience is a step in the right direction.

Teamwork also promotes camaraderie between team members that can lead to higher levels of achievement through motivation to get the job done that benefits everyone involved.

The game was billed as a battle between teams with similar run-first offenses and stingy defenses, each riding 10-game winning streaks, with BOLD ranked fourth in the state.

Here, the scale is small - say, 2 to about 12 - and the team building consultant endeavours to improve relationships between team members, using tools such as the MBTI and/or the MTR-i team roles.

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