Prepositions used with "tax"

"of tax" or "in tax"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases tax of is used

Increase the rate of tax on 10 - 12K to 50%.

Levels of taxation are profoundly political.

Reduce the rate of tax on income over 60K to 15%.

But in terms of tax revenue, he told the BBC it was important to look at the bigger picture.

The American College of Tax Counsel announces its Eighteenth Annual Student Writing Contest.

Abolition of tax exemptions planned for January 2013 and budget cuts exacerbate the situation.

In 2002, 63 per cent of the public wanted more money invested in public services, even at the expense of tax increases.

If you mean by article ur comment, ya I read it and if you think that's a lot of tax you should try running a business.

We at least pay more than our fair share of taxes and when our people lose their jobs because of a Republican names i.

If we are living off of taxes, due bills for forty years from now, where are we at? There is only one thing can happen.

In 21% of cases tax in is used

Obama, he did pay more in taxes.

The rate in tax year 2004/2005 is 16%.

Give liberty in tax collection and usage.

Those in the top 10 per cent pay 17,205 more in tax than they receive in public services.

Last year, we paid US$12 billion to governments around the world in taxes and royalties.

Geithner reportedly has the ability to set the amount in taxes withheld from a paycheck.

The news-hook is that poll respondents don't support Obama's proposed 40 percent in taxes for upper-bracket taxpayers.

At the time of the first Depression corporations paid $150 in taxes for every dollar the citizens/working stiffs paid.

The bottom line was that countries were not allowed generally to spend more than they raised in taxes and other income.

ADT has over $1 billion in tax shields, which should ensure that it maintains its low tax rate for another five-six years.

In 12% of cases tax for is used

This can be used for tax planning.

The reason I want to go 08 is for tax reasons.

People who vote for tax breaks need brain surgery.

The program called for tax holidays of several years -- I think the maximum number was 15.

We are broke, we do not need anymore people coming here for tax payers to have to keep up.

Patrick's father was a Decurion, a Roman official responsible for tax collection in Britain.

Loose cash is great, but so are cheques, or cash offerings in envelopes with your name on it for tax receipt purposes.

Republicans who vote for tax increases and bigger government destroy the Republican brand name in exactly the same way.

Tax Number Service Fees Australia Tax File Number: For tax file number application we charge a flat fee of AU$30 or EUR 25.

That would also serve to drive up the cost of this money because the borrower is paying interest on money held for taxes.

In 7% of cases tax on is used

I've written many articles on tax policy.

It wasn't about the PST and going back to tax on tax on tax.

Now, the tax with the highest deadweight cost is corporation tax.

See? Well, we are now paying our debts on taxes that will be paid forty years from today.

So, yes, we should lower coporation tax and raise property or consumption taxes to compensate.

The long-delayed White Paper on Tax Reform for parliamentary debate was only tabled last week.

He also has completed his CFA Level I (American) and is very passionate about writing articles on taxes and tax advisory.

One simple example (and there are similar examples for all current political issues) The governments ets/ carbon tax policy.

Murphy at the TUC's Touchstone Blog says that there is no evidence that lowering corporation tax will lead to higher growth.

Obama killed the budget deal that was agreed on with Boehner, by insisting on tax increase which he knew would kill the deal.

In 4% of cases tax after is used

Net profit after tax fell 37 per cent to S$2.

It is important to figure out your income after taxes.

I also got $100 a week after tax from working part time, above board.

Weekly payment after tax, at tax rate ' M ' is: your combined income is more than $413.


For the second quarter ended 30 September 2012, profit after tax slipped 6 per cent to S$10.

A revenue growth of 23 percent as against last year and the profit after tax growth of 19 percent from 578 m in F2011 to Rs.

Recent government data showed corporate earnings after taxes fell 28% in the fourth quarter, a period including October-December 2008.

If you have a partner and children and Weekly payment from 1 April 2012, after tax, at tax rate ' M ' is: your combined income is more than $413.

Where does anyone get off, as a younger member of my family does, on saying that on his &; his wife's (partner 's) combined After Tax Income of $180,000.

In 4% of cases tax from is used

Exemption from taxes and duties 43.

All campaign funds come from tax revenue.

The basic structure of the income tax simply exempts subsistence levels of income from tax.

The reason: a series of stimulus measures from tax breaks for industry to interest rate cuts.

It's fair to assume that if consumers need a break from taxes, wholesale reform is necessary.

Export earnings are exempt from taxes and exporters are not subject to local manufacturing tax.

The Tax Code has created this from tax benefits to companies that give big bonuses to CEO's making them even more wealthy.

Cragun examines tax codes as relates to religions, illustrating where religions are exempt from taxes and where they are not.

Lawyers are also looking into the late presenter's overseas assets, thought to be administered from tax haven the Channel Islands.

I've recently moved from Tax as part of a XLOS Swap, which allows junior staff to go on a 6-month secondment to a different line of service.

In 4% of cases tax with is used

Railroads? Paid for with tax dollars.

Filling up all the rice bowls with tax money is not desirable.

This leaflet deals with tax implications of eWorking employees.

Consultants have to keep in mind that half of your income is going to disappear with taxes.

However in Britain the figure was 75%, even with tax credits and child benefit taken into account.

Property taxes combine LVT with taxes on improvements, thus eroding some of the beneficial features of LVT.

What a disgraceful situation that such an important goverment department makes so many errors with tax payers affairs.

He had absolutely no reason to apologise for his mixing with tax collectors, sinners and other social and religious outcasts.

Further cuts are planned, along with tax rises and a reduction in the minimum wage, plunging the economy into even deeper crisis.

Petroleum: FDI limits (along with tax incentives, production sharing and other terms and conditions) vary according to the sub-sector.

In 3% of cases tax about is used

In this post you talk about tax breaks.

Don't want to tax your mind, I know how you feel about taxes.

The Romney Campaign Is Lying to You About Taxes **22736;1243; Hogwash.

Here, then, are 10 things the GOP doesn't want you to know about taxes.

Labour released one large proposal about tax during that period, and made other, smaller commitments as well.

I know less about tax than my accountant, less about cooking than Donna Hay and less about animals than Bondi Vet.

Or they complain about tax as a monstrous drag on wealth-creators, rather than part of one's responsibilities as a citizen.

The team will also be talking about tax fairness and its impact on all Americans in meetings with community groups and members of the press.

In 3% of cases tax by is used

Forcing someone to do so by taxes is not.

That's how the NBN will be paid for, not by taxes.

So is it death by tax or a re-birth for online retailers? Well, that depends on you.

Don't forget that revenue will increase through economic growth stimulated by tax reform.

The library is a shared resource paid for by taxes, being less convenient, less instant and less costly.

There is a much bigger danger posed to us by tax evading fuedals, politicians, govt officials etc than any outside threat.

The other name I had given to inflation is the ' INVISIBLE TAX ' that every company pays and is not designed by tax department.

The types of tax payments were reduced from 9 to 7, and the average time consumed by tax declaration fell from 290 to 177 hours.

Figure 1 shows the percentage of total tax revenues raised by tax source, based on data from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

In 3% of cases tax to is used

This benefit is subject to tax after the first six weeks.

Occupational injury benefit is subject to tax after six weeks.

Fourth, it avoided the political aversion in the United States to taxes.

Crucially, the measure would also mean that proceeds from an IPO would not be subject to taxes.

Another pitfall to consider in relation to tax is the position where assets are sold above book value.

Tax structure and visa issues Rasulev attributed the high prices in part to taxes on tourism companies.

Merely because the excise duty is paid, there is no presumption that it leads to taxable income in the hands of the assessee.

Any additional amount towards fare including but not limited to taxes, sur-charges, service fees will be payable by the member.

This is a wrong perception since though certain types of income of CHS are exempt there are other incomes which are chargeable to Tax.

INHERITANCE TAX How high are inheritance taxes in Jamaica? Inheritance is not taxed in Jamaica but transfers of properties are subject to tax.

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