Prepositions used with "task"

"of task" or "to task"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases task of is used

The new organization of Task Group 96.

This kind of task is hideous and boring.

I performed a variety of tasks with them.

Followed by excursion to the quarry with a number of tasks and other interesting program.

For example, the box number sequence 38, 48, and 68 in Question 3c of Task 2 is not linear.

You can't manage your time or set expectations about when things will get done unless you have a complete list of tasks.

Competence, therefore, relates to performance or outcomes, and involves the description of tasks, functions or objectives.

For the moment, at least, the threat to the southern end of the perimeter had been ended by the advance of Task Force Kean.

More important than an oasis may be to clear ones mind in a way of judging the importance of tasks and just writing a to-do list.

In 30% of cases task to is used

Next go to Task and do the activity.

And I want to take all of them to task.

These sorts of people need to be taken to task.

At the pre-cabinet meeting Hu took Lee to task for doing this and was supported by Tony Tan.

The Support Groups and the Escort Group were reorganized and consolidated into Task Group 96.

All the while, we take truth-tellers to task while looking to corrupt governments for leadership.

Banerjee -- for which he has been taken to task -- all Congress leaders have made public appeals to her to vote for Mr.

Let contune to task government at all level of governance on the developmental issues rather than politicising every thing.

Perry takes me to task over my contention that we have at least de jure if not de facto protection from an overreaching state.

The ships containing the Marine air echelon would continue on to Kobe to unload, but on the 25th orders went out to Task Group 53.

In 7% of cases task on is used

He is mainstreamed but has to have assistants with him to try to keep him on task.

Self-talk allows us to control our cognitive and emotional reactions, steadying us so we stay on task.

For instance, she has played dumb on tasks she would ordinarily be responsible for, leaving me to figure things out on my own.

The E-commerce Witkey practice platform which Based on task is to build creative mode of Witkey practice teaching sites for students.

But common sense was not part of the deal and existing groups were split based on people and not based on tasks and responsibilities.

Their branch visits tend to be formal and mechanistic or with a focus more on tasks, numbers and instructions than the people as a team or as individuals.

Darlynne and Marc, the easy-going and fun-loving owners of the company, are super knowledgeable and enthusiastic of all things San Diego, made sure we stayed on task.

There are a lot of distractions, they are told to sit still, don't move, don't talk, to pay attention to boring worksheets, and keep on task until the work is finished.

There is nothing like achieving success to keep me on task! They are being designed using the fabrics I have in EQ7 rather than using the latest fabrics in the quilting shops.

In 6% of cases task For is used

For task 2, it's about mobile phones and internet.

The requests for Task Force 77 were turned down by ComNavFE.

It is also a progressive planner, allowing for tasks to transfer over from day to day until they are accomplished.

Female field-labour was seldom offered now, and its cheapness made it profitable for tasks which women could perform as readily as men.

Become a part of the team: Join in where possible on projects that seem in your area, volunteer for tasks that seem within your capability.

By this time also a load of 8-inch cruiser ammunition was at sea en route from Guam to Sasebo, and another ship had been sailed for Buckner Bay with aircraft ordnance for Task Force 77.

With the gunnery ships committed up to their ears in Korea, and with the situation there calling ever more urgently for Task Force 77, all that remained were the submarines of the Seventh Fleet.

In 4% of cases task in is used

We will convert those current issues in tasks.

However, by specialising in tasks that I am skilled at doing, I can afford to buy all these things and many more.

The circle number c1, can then be found from So which which is the same result derived using the approach in Task 10.

Also from time to time move back-of-house persons so that they are working and engaging in tasks in the front-of the-house.

By making sure that everyone has a chance to share in the achievements of the group, and actively participate in tasks and projects.

In 3% of cases task from is used

Machines and systems partially or fully displace many lawyers from tasks they have traditionally performed.

Another strike from Task Force 77 came in as the destroyers moved down channel; for another hour the cruisers continued their work.

Overhead there orbited a combat air patrol from Task Force 77, while to seaward that force was preparing to launch a strike which would hit the island shortly before the arrival of the destroyers.

Aircraft from Task Force 77 took off some pressure on the 26th, reinforcements were again moved in by EUSAK, and from the 28th to the 31st close support was provided by the Marine airmen from Sicily.

In 3% of cases task with is used

You will get your course materials with tasks you need to do 3 times a week.

Praia carry out Specialty A conventional angling town merely 50 km through Salvador, it is also one of the centers associated with Task Tamar the particular well-known turtle conservation project.

In 2% of cases task by is used

Research is delimited by tasks.

The gist of it is, we focus too much on deadlines dictated by dates and times, whereas an approach that breaks down our work by tasks might be more beneficial.

In 1% of cases task into is used

The Support Groups and the Escort Group were reorganized and consolidated into Task Group 96.

It was for this spoiling attack that the Marine Brigade had been ordered forward, and had been combined with two RCTs of the 25th Division into Task Force Kean.

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