Prepositions used with "talk"

"of talk", "in talk" or "to talk"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 36% of cases talk of is used
    He was very sharp, full of talk and wit.
    There was lots of talk about the stock market.
    There would be a lot of talk that wasn? t really cool.
    Here's his comment for context: Ramamurthy November 12, 2012 at 8:25 am edit Lot of talk.
    The first round of talks was held on Tuesday night and the second round on Wednesday noon.
    Here, in the trenches where it really matters, that sort of talk does divide us as a nation.
    There's a lot of talk now about how Savile was hiding in plain sight, how there was always something creepy about him.
    Kind of ironic coming from a liberal posting on a web site that promotes tolerance and supposedly abhors that kind of talk.
    Eighteen rounds of talks have taken place until January this year without reaching anything constructive, Premachandran said.
    This is at a time when there's a lot of talk in Victoria about when the Government will be able to offer Victorians a tax cut.

    In 23% of cases talk in is used
    The US was in talks with the Taliban to build this initially.
    The few available officers were engaged in talks with civilians.
    But, today, he's not interested in talk of his movie-legend status.
    Abati again confirmed to Punch Newspapers that the government was in talks with the sect.
    Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for his role in talks to end the Vietnam War.
    Al-Shabab can only be engaged in talks when they refute terrorism and lay down their arms.
    Sponsorship Link Fallon had been in talks with former Academy president Tom Sherak about hosting the annual ceremony.
    The Serious Fraud Office subsequently said it was in talks with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) about the case.
    He asked his supporters to be patient as he engaged in talks aimed at seeking support of other presidential aspirants.
    But Nick Jonas has helped us a tad by confirming that he has been in talks to replace Steven Tyler on the talent show panel.

    In 20% of cases talk to is used
    Something to talk About -- Summary 1.
    Some were suppressed to push them to talks.
    Context of Play -- Something To talk About 9.
    I also was able to check out ' We Need To talk About Kevin ' from the library yesterday.
    Dr Khalwale said Mr Mudavadi was open to talks with parties pursuing a national agenda.
    Nevertheless, the White House, meeting at the end of last week, signalled the real start to talks.
    How To talk to Buildings was commissioned by Gillian Dyson for Architecture Week and the official opening of the ARC building.
    I do believe if you have a kid with problem to talk with them cause this is the only way to find out WHAT ELSE is going on in side.
    Sites like this help to cut through the mainstream media bias, right? It allows someone like me to talk almost directly to someone like you.
    Try to stay away from choosing things that either put too much pressure on to talk (like sitting down for a dinner right away) or not enough (like a movie).

    In 7% of cases talk for is used
    Proposal for talks on Sinking of Warship.
    Harvey is available for talks, seminars, and courses.
    According to tradition, a woman does not ask her husband for talks.
    Hecker is of fatty flesh, he definitely can't do anything except for talk.
    The government of Pakistan should stop begging India for talks on Kashmir.
    Be original! Must be clean with intro and outro (for talk breaks ), and provide a playlist.
    He says Lansley asked for talks on this with Burnham because he wanted to achieve consensus.
    Thank goodness for talk radio and internet as the MS is more like State Radio for soviet style reporting.
    Comments for talk to the four-faced Buddha with your heart I thought only Bangkok has the famous four-faced Buddha.
    She wraps up her trip in Istanbul for talks on Syria on Wednesday night and a counter-terrorism conference on Thursday before returning to Washington that night.

    In 4% of cases talk with is used
    The doctors I have stuck with talk to me.
    IF you are trying to compare movie with talk show than I am sorry it is not same thing.
    Speaker: Gabriel Ciobanu, with talk related to the recent Springer monograph on mobility by B.
    Before Euro 2012, Hodgson tempered this with talk of an evolvement through youth and experience.
    He is in his first show with talk is Free Theatre, playing ' Mimi ' and ' Agatha ' in Guys and Dolls.
    The air was filled with talk of this and that, and with the mingled scents of exotic plants, extravagant foods and insidious wines.
    The subsequent Sunday was filled with talk shows across most of the Dodoma corners while everyone wondered the way it was organised.
    I felt that we could have aged me up, with talk about putting silver in my hair or something, but I felt that we could achieve his uptightness with the acting.
    Noticing fewer for sale signs in that neighborhood you're interested in buying a home or condo in these days? 2- The Mass Media spurs interest with talk of a bottom.
    As has long been the norm in Italian football, the game finished with talk of injustice amongst the losing party which has made supporters paranoid and given presidents excuses over the years.

    In 3% of cases talk on is used
    He has a slot on talk Radio Europe called Open Hearts and Minds.
    On talk radio I heard a lament that in 20 years there won't be any doctors.
    Wars are ultimately decided on talks tables and if talks fail once, more talks must follow.
    ONE, the advocacy group, said the 75 minutes spent on talks about innovative finance for development (the financial transactions or Tobin tax) may have saved the summit.

    In 2% of cases talk after is used
    Shawn Horcoff is concerned about the fate of the 2012-13 campaign after talks broke down on Thursday.
    Louisiana officials rejected the request after talks throughout the night, concerned that such a move would be comparable to a federal declaration of martial law.

    In 2% of cases talk at is used
    Even if they promise certain things at talks, they may not really keep such promises in practice.
    Egyptian and Palestinian officials had said on Tuesday that a ceasefire would shortly be announced at talks in Cairo.
    Deny your partner a Facebook or Twitter account if you want, but don't snivel when people are swirling their fingers round their ears at talk of your name.
    Q: Do you think there is a big part of vanity in the work of an actor? You see your face, well dressed on the cover of a magazine, you see yourself at talk shows.
    Cameron warned European Council president Herman van Rompuy at talks in London last week that Britain, which does not use the euro currency, could not support a sharp increase in the EU budget.

    In 2% of cases talk during is used
    An interim government was agreed upon by representatives of Afghanistan's various factions during talks held in Bonn, Germany.
    British Prime Minister David Cameron who had championed McKinnon's case since before taking power raised the issue repeatedly with US President Barack Obama, most recently during talks in March.

    In 1% of cases talk by is used
    Media will be crowded out by talk of champions rather than losers against the background of the London Olympics.
    I've been interviewed a number of times by talk shows, so that I might join the audience and join the discourse on a serious issue.

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