Prepositions used with "surface"

"of surface" or "to surface"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases surface of is used

Depletion of Surface Water Resources 4.

You never know what kind of surface you are playing on.

The most cost effective means of surface transportation is railways.

Speculations are that variations of Surface Tablet PCs might be priced between $300 and $800.

This explains the emphasis the government is putting in the development of surface water irrigation.

Why clothing? Why not some other external surface like house bricks? It's a question of surface area.

This study has therefore revealed that activated clays are technically feasible for the treatment of surface water.

To properly house goldfish, they (all types) need 75 square centimeters of surface area for every 2 centimeters of goldfish.

Storage in well-aerated rooms avoids absorption of moisture, leading to the growth of surface mould and grain discolouration.

They get very big proceed prevent designs that happen to be only suitable regarding driving about in which type of surfaces.

In 29% of cases surface to is used

This allows vampires to surface as a race.

The import of the election is yet to surface in full force.

We honestly can't wait for it to surface Coach Outlet Online.

I am not sure why PAP took this risk -- as it is bound to surface and they have to defend.

Following the landslides of last year, talks of reopening the Jeffrey mine began to surface.

Credible reports of torture in detention have also continued to surface since these UN reports were issued.

His figures seem to surface from a -- biomechanical -- dream world -- with a sort of science fiction feeling to them.

The Christmas cheer is beginning to surface and people are becoming more sprightly as they prepare for the annual holiday.

Major relevation, and off I went into the depths of musical depravity (aka rock and blues ), not to surface for many years.

That able to fit into a sphere before the mass becomes a black hole turns out to be related to surface area rather than volume.

In 8% of cases surface on is used

Further, the copyrightability of maps is not based on surface details like the rendering, but on the information they contain.

And while in all these functions the airplane has developed tremendous capabilities, in all it depends on surface logistic support.

Ackerly: As an anthropologist, I have spent considerable time studying past civilizations in arid lands that relied on surface water.

Today, we find ourselves not only relying on surface water to meet our water needs, but, as well, pumping groundwater to meet these needs.

Every model assumes that tropical-region cirrus cloud cover, which has a net warming effect on surface temperatures, increases with increasing surface temperature -- making it a positive feedback.

In 6% of cases surface from is used

My kind of geology on the Moon was different from surface geology.

Silt-pits are constructed to trap water sediments from surface runoff.

Water from surface runoff will be trapped in the drains during the rainy days.

Damorbel, your post #38 suggests that you think the atmosphere is fairly uniform in temperature from surface to top.

During the 19th century priorities continued to change towards grammar, semantics and speech patterns and away from surface structure.

In 6% of cases surface in is used

She studied chemistry at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff, and holds a PhD in surface science from Cambridge University.

Spotting anomalies in surfaces and deviations from patterns often reveals secret compartments which contain the next key or trinket, to be used on the next puzzle.

Adequate supplies of fresh water are available from river water and annual rain fall, collected in surface reservoirs during the wet season, to supply the domestic and industrial needs of the nation.

In 4% of cases surface by is used

Like the Army, the Air Force is projected, supported, and sustained by surface shipping.

Tree felling is often followed by surface runoff of rainwater and soil erosion, which results in the rapid environmental damage.

In the summer of 2007 much of the flooding experienced in Gloucestershire and Yorkshire was not directly caused by rivers but by surface water.

A little farther afield The places I've mentioned so far can all be reached by surface transport, but there's no reason to rule out air travel from your sidetrip options.

In 4% of cases surface for is used

This drain acts as a breaker for surface runoff as well as conserving moisture.

Avalon said, on January 1st, 2011 at 11:31 am Judging from alot of these comments, it appears to me that majority of you guys only take things for surface value.

In 3% of cases surface at is used

Contact forces are called surface forces, since they exist at surfaces of contact between two bodies.

Regarding molecular collisions and heat distributions: At surface temps and pressure each air molecule (CO2, O2, N2, argon, etc.

If taken at surface value it seems that he felt that Luke had to kill Vader, and honestly given obi's past experiences with Anakin i, e the prequels I'd inclined to take that view at face value.

In 3% of cases surface with is used

So the wristwatch would be built with surface mount components in a tight package.

You won't have driver or app compatibility with Surface, because they all have exactly the same hardware inside.

There are lessons on sources of light, light and form, understanding the color wheel, how light reacts with surfaces and other elements, and visual perception.

But the lack of enemy seaborne traffic made the flights unproductive, while coordination with surface units was hindered by the remoteness of Johnson AFB from other naval activities.

In 1% of cases surface between is used

We have very little understanding of how these things move between surfaces and people.

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