Prepositions used with "street"

"of street" or "on street"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases street of is used

It's as if he is lost in maize of streets.

Automation of street lighting will also be done.

There are plenty of street kids around, nothing unusual.

A fence strung with house keys from crushed buildings is a macabre piece of street art.

You will find lots of street vendors, restaurants and cafes selling lots of tasty dishes.

Forms of tender and plans of streets to be watered may be seen at the Town Clerk's office.

We walked all around Belfast City centre and we were treated to the skills of street entertainers almost constantly.

Soak in the sounds of Sonic, punch up the percussion of Streets of Rage and fire through the FX of Mortal Kombat! K.

One of my informants told Joseph that he watched the waiter from the restaurant hire a couple of street kids to follow us.

Whenever I go to Lima I laugh at the sheer brazenness of streets where for every casino there is a bank just across from it.

In 20% of cases street on is used

Worth checking out on streetview.

As a result, many of them end up on Street.

He slept on streets and beaches and went hungry.

Prominent buildings are burning, protestors pelting stones, there is fire on streets.

Another poster mentioned that turn restrictions on streets might be an example of this.

We were able to get free on street parking after 6 pm on Great Jones Street so it was nice to save the garage fees.

Brainwash is a BS poser who capitalized on street art artists by copying their ideas and selling it for massive profit.

The city established varying minimal acceptable levels of service (LOS) depending on street classification and land use.

This also gets better mileage than a prius, by the way, and is the fastest car of all on street tires to ever do the ' Ring.

Only on rare occasions can people power surge out on streets across the land to deliver visceral judgment on political choices.

In 8% of cases street in is used

Atleast people are not blowing themselves in street every week.

Jesus didn't say don't pray in street corners until you have prayed in private.

Waitresses used to be in a shirt/apron, but now it's a young guy in street clothes.

There is no need to think that if we can organize on the internet, this will result in street protests.

This fund can be used, for example, to clear debris left strewn in streets and make immediate repairs to pavements and roads.

Critical Mass is an event where cyclists come together in street to show other motor vehicles how cycle can be a mode of transport too.

The laboratory has tested for but not detected any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs.

Highlights include the genre-defining moment of throwing a fireball in Street Fighter II and the creepiness of meeting the first zombie in Resident Evil.

There are groups of people talking away nineteen to the dozen in streets and rooms, in offices, factories, in cafs and bars - all the places you would expect to find in a town.

In 7% of cases street from is used

Therefore, we do not suggest buying food from street vendors.

We are here at the moment, and everything about is expensive, from street food to entrance fees.

We also recommend that you avoid uncooked food (especially shellfish) and food from street vendors.

Apart from street names, there are no direction signs and it is very confusing to find the route out.

The Main Entrance to the Founder's Building of the museum is reached by a flight of 18 stone steps from street level.

Normally, roads are painted the national colours of yellow and green while bunting and flags are hung from streets and houses.

Street soccer rules! It goes without saying that the transition from street soccer player to professional footballer is quite some feat.

Once in a moment of danger I levitated myself and did a few other things like jumping from street level onto the roof of a four-storey building.

Tipping is rare in China but widely expected in Latin America, the Middle East, and beyond -- from street sweepers in Cape Town to ushers in St.

In 7% of cases street to is used

After my incident I decided to look up responses to street harassment.

I am so happy that people took to street protesting against child abuse a few days ago.

Lately, however, he has shifted his focus to street research because of his interest in urban heritage and regeneration.

Having realized all these problems facing street children CSED came up with a project called education, training and support to street children.

He becomes one who goes from street to street, not knowing where he stands, from where he started and wandering aimlessly not knowing his destination.

Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III: Third Strike have made it into Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition! Can't wait to get a go with Yun again because he was amazing in III.

A great chocolate-coloured pall lowered over heaven, but the wind was continually charging and routing these embattled vapours; so that as the cab crawled from street to street, Mr.

Rapidly the fame grew up and people used to come more and more to eat his cooking products accordingly Sanders came to streets to cook and show his capability and introduced his menu in many places.

In 6% of cases street at is used

I looked at street view and it does nt look too bad.

Cook was able to keep the momentum going at Street Life Tour.

Usually, pipes carried water to cisterns in the town at street intersections.

En route you will see Hong Kong at street level, its markets and way of life.

I eat street food wherever I can and prefer street stalls to sit down restaurants.

From the last shot in that clip, the crimes are not mere ones of replacing a cozy deli with a sterile bank at street level.

Then move down with your camo on and rush to cover on the wall at street level, behind the enemy taking cover there on the right.

People arriving on the bridge preferred to wait at street level for it to close rather then heading up the stairs carrying their heavy loads.

It's a large window at street level belonging to an older house that has been divided into flats populated by students and the struggling young.

I also want to see examples of nice street ambience within this type of environment, houses above the street, cafes and retail businesses at street level, etc.

In 6% of cases street for is used

As for street paving, it started in the 1920s, and concrete sidewalks even earlier.

Further, all major cities should start implementing solar projects for street lighting etc.

Paul Jablochkoff developed arc lamps which were very successful for street and lighthouse lighting.

Afterwards, you can head to the big Loy Krathong market, up on the hill next to City Hall for street food and bargain hunting.

The second story was he was looking at -- he was looking for street signs to tell the police where he was, and Trayvon attacked him.

Early this year, the city was ranked among the world's top ten cities for street foods by the US's monthly culinary magazine Food &; Wine.

Investigate performance-based standards for street lighting In SEFC, only one lit space was repeatedly neglected by plaza users, the public sidewalk.

Even in Krav Maga, which was made for street survival, the first and primary lesson is observation and avoiding dangerous situations in the first place.

In 5% of cases street with is used

First or business class does not want to hob-nob with with street people.

In Jyvskyl, the City of is exploring alternating streetlights with street tree luminaires on local streets.

A really good cafe style place situated in an area of Copenhagen with lots of shops with street wear, shabby chic &; second hand shops.

Teweli says the investment was part of Barrick's Heart of Gold fund, which pays for miscellaneous projects like art workshops with street children in Dar es Salaam.

A bustling, vibrant town with streets filled with 4X4 game viewing vehicles criss-crossing the pot-holed roads and Masai warriors in full regalia strolling around.

II - think fewer Union Jack dresses, more references to rude boys with street credibility - was the glue that held Destiny's Child together until their split in 2006.

The move to revamp their strategy to deal with street protests comes after over 100 civilians in the state were killed in clashes last year and security forces were blamed for using excessive force.

In 4% of cases street by is used

She was also identified in video recorded by street cameras.

Originally my designs were inspired by street people wear - tucked, pinned, tied, draped.

I dare them to tell us their permanent Nigeria contact address (by street, village/town, etc).

There were no protests, although half the ads were vandalized by street artists the night after.

As a physical unit in the form of shelter, it protects man against the element of weather and against the risk of victimization by street crime.

Called the ' Street Museum of Art ' (SMoA ), it claims to be the first public art project to adopt the illegal guerrilla tactics employed by street artists.

Using a downloader interface, the broadcaster loads the data needed for the story then browses the database by street, address, intersection or point of interest.

In 3% of cases street Off is used

Off street parking at one's door.

Off street undercover parking for 1 car, with on street parking also available.

The back entrance leads to off street parking for only those living in the complex.

It is split level, has off street parking with automatic gates, and is 2 minuts walk to town.

Parking: Garage, driverway area or off street parking Current flatmates: 1 existing flatmate.

There is a bath and a shower - also secure, off street parking - entered by means of a zapper.

From a quick look on Google maps I count 22 parking bays on the main street, 37 angle parks on a side street and approximately 480 off street parks.

They would then argue that because of these factors they have far more impact per carpark on business than the off street and angle parking that you describe.

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