Prepositions used with "stomach"

"of stomach" or "to stomach"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases stomach of is used
    Leo Kerouac died of stomach cancer in May 1946.
    Such a huge family has a lot of stomachs to feed.
    Some reports claims that Hama could not do them because of stomach cramps.
    The constant support of a belt can cause a weakening of stomach and back muscles.
    Harry Houdini passed away in October of 1926, during tour, because of stomach problems.
    The vertical part or body of stomach (corpus ventriculi) is located to the left of the spine.
    But the levels of stomach acid can be reduced to such a degree that digestion is impaired and food not properly broken down.
    Certain undigested foods by harmless bacteria naturally present in the large intestine (colon) are one the main causes of stomach gas.
    Fact Never do more than 16 sets of stomach muscle exercises in one training session and never train them more than 3 - 4 times per week.
    Later that night, after his murder, the coroner sliced open a pink and blue sack of stomach, emptied it of leftover lobster and prime rib.

    In 31% of cases stomach to is used
    We are finally strong enough to stomach his scream.
    He died of severe asphyxia, giving rise to stomach bleeding.
    Man finds it difficult to stomach anything that goes against his instincts.
    A hard team to stomach for someone who would like nothing more than to support.
    I know that is a big, scary word for all you lefties to stomach, but there you go.
    Abounding teens you have to work ga-Ga covering brainwork with reference to stomach urate crystals a Chiffon wedding band.
    They assume that the same tactics which have dragged out conflicts would be too much for the American public or politicians to stomach.
    It's quite a breakaway from the normally serious stuff the show's made of IMO, and narrow-minded people would find it difficult to stomach.
    But there's something about Christians with different opinions being rude to each other in full view of the world which I find really hard to stomach.
    My gut feeling is that the public would have been willing to stomach an increase in Income Tax, which would have been a much more progressive and redistributive tax.

    In 15% of cases stomach with is used
    Women have issues with stomach, breast and hips fat.
    It is used as antibacterial agent, helps with stomach problems and other ailments.
    At the Cairo conference Malcolm collapsed with stomach pains and was rushed to a hospital.
    And sooner or later most of the staff was uncomfortable, if not miserable, with stomach upsets and respiratory infections.

    In 6% of cases stomach for is used
    It provides great support for back and side sleeping, but too big for stomach sleepers.
    You can boil the bark of that tree, boil up some herbs and plants - the best cure for stomach upsets.

    In 6% of cases stomach from is used
    Bleeding from stomach ulcers may cause iron deficiency anemia.
    Do you know we received the denial letter a week after she died from stomach cancer.
    Karathe's wife died in 1999 from stomach cancer, even though the disease was only diagnosed after her death.
    Onion extracts, rich in a variety of sulfides, provide some protection against tumor growth, mortality rates from stomach cancer are about one-half the average level for the United States.

    In 2% of cases stomach against is used
    Studies in Greece have shown a high consumption of onions, garlic and other allium herbs to be protective against stomach cancer.

    In 2% of cases stomach despite is used
    Dodet got 4th, Don fought himself back into 5th position despite stomach problems, Frodeno just behind in 6th.

    In 2% of cases stomach through is used
    Instead you've got to both change your diet and engage in exercise designed to burn fat and also tone abdominal muscle through stomach exercises.

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