Prepositions used with "statement"

"of statement", "with statement" or "to statement"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases statement of is used

There are 19 sets of statements.

I'd a lover of statement necklaces.

SQL has none of these types of statements.

I have many, many hostile emails and texts from her, saying these kind of statements.

Peltier was extradited from Canada in part because of statements from Myrtle Poor Bear.

Two or more sub-sets of occupations with a series of statements that apply to each component.

The cell phone book, the backs of statements, and classifieds are wonderful spots to locate these seats to cost savings.

Model New York Time Periods initial through next studies Cabbage Place ragdolls finished the particular number of statements.

Any framework that claims to deal with competence needs to provide a basis for the specification of statements of competence.

So when King Tuheitia says that Maori have always owned water I believe that those sorts of statements do more bad than good.

In 13% of cases statement with is used

Updated with statement from Uber below.

These GOD, s will come out with statements who is right, who is wrong, everyday without any proper qualifications.

Others have been unhappy with statements that put their love for their church in opposition to their love for LGBT relatives and friends.

He agreed with statements made by President Jacob Zuma that South Africa had outdone other African countries in terms of service delivery.

C programmers never add or subtract one with statements like this x += 1; they invariably use one of x++; /* or */ ++x; as a matter of course.

Every day, delegates and individual comrades appear before the CC of the Unified Socialist Party with statements about the excesses of the anarchists.

It equally agrees with statement of Maimonides, that when Tammuz was put to death, the grand scene of weeping for that death was in the temple of Babylon (see ante, p.

His move to limit his charitable deduction-and keep a higher rate of taxes-last year, however, seems to butt heads with statements the former Massachusetts governor has made regarding taxes.

In 12% of cases statement to is used

This arose in relation to cross-examination of witnesses as to statements they made in other proceedings.

The Thai language also has an array of words for adding emphasis to statements, and Thais like to use them very much.

There is certainly This kind of Nerdy Male Upon TELEVISION SET Who seem to Statements He or she Knows Whom Batman Actually is Still The item Runs No place.

The States accord the same immunity to statements of their highest officers, although some differentiate their lesser officials and qualify the privilege they enjoy.

It is not used to add emphasis to statements but more as a throwaway add on, a little like we use phrases such as ' don't you think ', ' isn't it ', ' know what I mean ', etc.

Rather than engage in a semantic dispute on this, let me move to statement (2) of the kalm syllogism and attempt to show that the universe did not necessarily have a beginning.

According to statements to the media by a Federal Chancellory official, in none of the few cases of accusations against a Federal Councillor has the permission to prosecute ever been granted.

In 9% of cases statement for is used

Judge Nabishah Ibrahim set bail at RM25,000 each and Dec 12 for statement of evidence from witnesses.

Tongs who need advances, not rags during or after wine, slightly grill milder defeat and can be mentioned with their insomnia for statement.

The trio, who have been suspended from their duties, claimed trial and Justice Nabishah set Dec 12 for statements to be taken from witnesses.

The trio, who have been suspended from their duties, claimed trial and Justice Nabishah set Dec 12 for statements to be taken from witnesses.

Once registered in the GSIS website, you can also use your temporary eCard to monitor status of your loan and request for Statement of Member's Account (SOMA).

In 6% of cases statement in is used

Testimonial -- is provided in statements of auditee personnel and others.

It is really worth stating the fact that equations can also be got into in Statement 2010 right with a similar strategy.

The condolence message of the forum was contained in statement signed by Governor Aliyu's chief press secretary, Danladi Ndayebo, yesterday in Minna.

In 4% of cases statement on is used

What is classic here is you are declaring this, based on statements made at one of the best old school gatekeeper comedy festivals in the world.

In 2% of cases statement from is used

We can get a hint about ETs ' expectations for us from statements that they have made to experiencers about their mission in coming here.

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