Prepositions used with "stability"

"of stability", "for stability" or "to stability"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases stability of is used
    Its about time we gained some sort of stability in our lives.
    But, we are on our way to a new life of stability, routine, and comfort.
    He has given us that element of stability this season, when it was needed most.
    Exactly what level of stability is socially desirable is of course a matter of opinion.
    A partnership that will be an indispensable pillar of stability in South Asia and beyond.
    We actually had 20 or 30 years of stability and sub-5% inflation after that little trick.
    And while the rest of the world's financial system dissolves in panic, Canada remains a notable island of stability.
    The Canadian financial system is second to none worldwide in terms of stability and protection of Canadian consumers.
    If the country is to know any degree of stability, it is essential that this vote proves more decisive than the last.
    Also, I would like to emphasize on the serious change has occurred in northern Somalia in terms of stability and security.

    In 14% of cases stability for is used
    Supporting these values has proven more robust than just supporting stability for stability's sake.
    An independent Somaliland could be a force for stability and good governance in the Horn of Africa.
    Australian soils are highly dependent upon vegetation cover to generate nutrients and for stability.
    As for stability, I can not complain, but then again I never had issues with that in the older versions.
    A solid foundation is needed for stability, and there is none sounder than that of the Living Word of God.
    When the Taliban arrived in Kabul in 1996, they were greeted as a much-needed force for stability and order.
    While the MFP are pretty tough fellows, Max, Goose, Fifi and the rest seem to be losing the battle for stability against Tuecutter, The Nightrider and their brazen band of losers.
    For growth you would go the other BRICS countries, who only allow us in so China can colonize us ha ha, or for stability you may choose to go Europe etc - although they to have problems.
    Like it or not, for biological and social reasons, women are often positioned as primary caregivers in their families; and that position often involves trading success at work for stability at home.

    In 11% of cases stability to is used
    Greed is a lot important for success &; satisfaction leads to stability.
    Buddhism leads to stability and harmony, Christianity leads to that, etc.
    Wear the side spend soft three-quarter bangs swept more than one aspect to stability your temple width.
    Things related to stability like points of the compass, the seasons and the elements: air, fire, water and earth.

    In 7% of cases stability on is used
    Our focus for the past twelve months has been on stability.
    Our goal today, and in the future, must be one focused on stability.
    Using the Big Five, such people are low on Openness, high on stability, and low on Extraversion.
    Seamless effective work requires mutual trust, which in turn depends on stability of work for, at least, a core of employees.

    In 4% of cases stability with is used
    It's quite firm on the ground and turns corners with stability.
    I was able to stand up and paddle around right away with stability.
    A 69 degree head angle promises climbing agility mixed with stability and control.
    They'd much rather have a regular job with stability and certainty hence most of them go for VA jobs.
    Right footwear provides the necessary ground for shock absorption along with stability in the fast motion condition.

    In 3% of cases stability in is used
    SFO in this three states is total submission to the Controller resulting in stability in physique and harmony in mind.
    The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft keep you partying in the pow, while the stiff tail and Mellow Magne-Traction lock in stability when the fresh tracks are gone.

    In 1% of cases stability about is used
    I lived in Africa for most of my life, and let me tell you that Africa needs help on the short term before its population can think about stability on the long term.
    The political aspect of security as offered by Barry Buzar Old Waever Jaap De Wilde as an important component of national security, political security is about stability of social order.

    In 1% of cases stability without is used
    We can not have stability and growth in Ireland without stability and growth in Europe.

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