Prepositions used with "sheet"

"of sheet" or "in sheet"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases sheet of is used
    Bottom trays can be made out of sheet metal, and they pull out and slide back in, to make cage cleaning easier.
    Over the years I have learned s lipping into a soft, welcoming set of sheets is a relatively inexpensive luxury.
    A lot of overhangs of sheet coral that makes for great swimthroughs with dozens of finger like canyons running perpendicular to the coast.
    Business cards for individual customers that are printed on one set of sheets and subsequently cut are an example of this kind of situation.
    For example, in case of a sheet-Fed printer, it is the number of sheets; in case of a Web Printer, it is the length of printed Web in meters.
    He wondered if something might be done for this purpose with x-rays applied to a heap of sheets of paper consisting of the number of copies required.
    The company claims one 100 m TimberTower saves about 300 tons (272 tonnes) of sheet steel and, thanks to a treatment process that consumes less energy, approximately 400 tons (363 tonnes) of CO2.

    In 17% of cases sheet in is used
    Cellulosic membranes are made up of thin dense porous substances which can come in sheets or hollow fibers.
    Yeah maybe the Alfa idea (Couture in sheet steel) wouldn't survive the light of scrutiny and if it didn't that is fine by me.
    Tags are $2 each and are sold in sheets of five for $10 at Town libraries, community centres, the Municipal Offices, the Operations Centre and the Elgin Mills Community Environmental Centre.

    In 9% of cases sheet for is used
    For sheet metal, use specific sheet metal screws for best results.

    In 9% of cases sheet per is used
    We shall impose on it, as on all printed matter, stamp taxes per sheet and deposits of caution-money, and books of less than 30 sheets will pay double.

    In 6% of cases sheet to is used
    You can assign descriptive names to sheet tabs.
    The result is a world where Michael Graves designs stylish toasters for Target and Martha Stewart brings exotic colours to sheets at Kmart.

    In 6% of cases sheet with is used
    Most beds come with sheets and a heavy blanket and a pillow although in some places they do n't, so you either have to rent them out or use your own.
    Don't believe me? How about this? In Animal Farm the commandment that said no animal shall sleep in a bed, was amended to say that no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.

    In 4% of cases sheet between is used
    You'll probably feel better sleeping between sheets you brought from home.

    In 2% of cases sheet by is used
    Radium releases alpha particles, which are stopped by sheets of paper, clothing and the like.

    In 2% of cases sheet round is used
    Cotton is a great year round sheet choice, especially for the colder winter months, while linen is better suited for warm weather months.

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