Prepositions used with "share"

"of share" or "per share"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases share of is used
    The types of share certificates, etc.
    Figures above are in 000s of shares.
    Denial of shares to employees is another one.
    Somewhat like 1, 2 or even 5 Dividend per share would be nice The number of shares ie.
    Stock splits for example would also require an adjustment in the number of shares issued.
    Through swap of shares, ownership in PGPI was subsequently transferred to Philex Gold Inc.
    DELISTING OF shares Rumours on de-listing should not be a trigger to take action on a stock for long-term investors.
    It has gained the highest number of shares in this section proving that many believe this is certainly a possibility.
    Acted as legal adviser to the Initial Public Offer (IPO) of shares in Golden Web Limited on the Ghana Stock Exchange.
    Creation duty is payable on the creation of share capital of a company and then the issue of all or part of that share capital.

    In 27% of cases share per is used
    Earnings per share stood at $1.
    Diluted TTM earnings per share at 4.
    Diluted TTM earnings per share at 5.
    Somewhat like 1, 2 or even 5 Dividend per share would be nice The number of shares ie.
    Earnings per share were 68 Hong Kong cents, compared with 6 Hong Kong cents a year earlier.
    The Directors have recommended a total dividend of 110% which equates to Kshs5/50 per share.
    So what sort of return might these Fonterra units offer? Fonterra is forecasting a dividend of 32 cents per share next year.
    If you just look at the earnings per share and the share price, you end up with price to earnings, which we already looked at.
    It should be remembered that Constellation was selling for $80 per share -- nearly 3 times as much as Buffett paid -- just a about a month ago.
    Throughout the summer of 2008, Constellation was trading above $80 per share, and I thought it was a great deal when it dropped to $70 per share.

    In 8% of cases share in is used
    Any increase in share capital will attract creation duty at 0.
    The slump in share prices was even greater in this second wave.
    The only disaster has been the plummet in share prices when it was floated.
    Many people don't see much value in share buybacks but there is a lot of value in them.
    You will be famous if you open up a business, get involve in share dealings, music etc.
    Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares never risk more than you can afford to lose.
    It is the law (Credit Union Act 1997) that dictates that a borrower maintain no less than 25% of the loan in shares(savings).
    It is the law (Credit Union Act 1997) that dictates that a borrower maintain no less than 25% of the loan in shares(savings).
    One option would be to choose the account with the lower interest rate, reduce the loan to 12k, leave 3k in shares in that account.
    One option would be to choose the account with the lower interest rate, reduce the loan to 12k, leave 3k in shares in that account.

    In 5% of cases share to is used
    I own way too much not to share.
    Christmas Season: Prime Time to share Christ.
    It's going to take a lot to share my makeup stash.
    I have a lot to share with you but I can't say all.
    I came here only to share, briefly, my perspective.
    If so, please take the time to share your experience.
    We had the torrija with smoked milk ice cream to share.
    My sister, mom, and I used to share makeup all the time when we lived together.
    We moved on to share the veal fricand, which was a tad disappointing in terms of portion size and flavour.
    Don't let your battalion of security agents harass and humiliate people who come only to share in your joy.

    In 3% of cases share for is used
    Each of the share offers will be organised so that New Zealanders are at the front of the queue for shares.
    Same terms 184(13) Every offer made under subsection (12) for shares of the same class or series shall be on the same terms.
    As promised, we will put New Zealanders at the front of the queue for shares and we're confident of widespread New Zealand ownership.
    This meant there was plenty of funding for share issues and, importantly, a natural limit of funding for bond issues and by extension debt funded businesses, projects and states.

    In 3% of cases share into is used
    We will simply have all PEPs converted into shares and held with the parent company shares until you contact us with instructions.

    In 3% of cases share with is used
    This feature is integrated with share photo stream also.
    Few parents, if any, will choose to gift their pride and joy with shares of stock.
    Still, investors are taking a positive outlook on airline financial prospects with share prices up 7%.
    Stamp duty on stocks and shares -- my employer rewards employees with shares whether we want them or not.
    Typically, a short sale involves the sale of a security at the current price which is settled with shares lent to the short seller by a third party.
    Yemi Idowu is a Director of Eba Odan Commercial &; Industrial, a holding and investment company with shares in various companies including Banks, Industries and Trading establishments.

    In 2% of cases share as is used
    Short selling Muddy Waters is known for short-selling, a trading technique used by investors who think the price of assets, such as shares, will fall.
    Stock markets began to identify those banks particularly at risk, driving down their share prices and making it impossible for them to raise funds in any of the usual ways, such as share issues.
    While there are things that you can do more easily in Windows 8, such as share a news story through email or with friends on Facebook, these are not the sort of things people do most often on a PC.

    In 2% of cases share on is used
    shares TO BE PLEDGED This will have a negative impact on share prices.
    Please read first: The idea behind writing this article is to share my knowledge on shares only.
    While rumours may have an impact on share prices, long-term investors should evaluate its effect on the fundamentals of the company.
    Trading shares can result in massive losses! Financial Markets Before I start writing on shares, you should know what Financial Markets are.
    If they don't like the employer penalty, let's slap a transaction tax on share trades to help pay for the health care benefits they don't give a damn whether their employees get or not.

    In 2% of cases share under is used
    This was calculated by using the sum of the following: (i) the number of voting rights (6,864,437 units) under share certificates, etc.

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