Prepositions used with "shame"

"of shame" or "in shame"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases shame of is used
    I think it is a sense of shame.
    It is a ctually a number of shame.
    It is contradicted by voice of shame.
    Atheism is surely growing, but not because of shame but through the realisation there are no gods.
    After all, the fear of asking for help is human nature when there's a little bit of shame attached.
    These observations lend weight to Glassner's speculation about the role of shame in scare campaigns.
    Yes, it is a source of shame for England that we make our daughters examples of promiscuity by mixing so much with men.
    I tell you something for free, one can only appreciate the value of shame when you have to deal with people that have none.
    PROBLEM: - There is no Iddat for the divorced woman whose place of shame is close, although she may have had sexual contact.
    The real problem, surely, is that both men and women feel they can be irresponsible with impunity and a total absence of shame.

    In 26% of cases shame in is used
    Ms Nagendra also made India go red in shame.
    With tail between my legs, head hanging in shame, I came clean.
    MMS should hang his head in shame and all invloved must apologize from the people of India.
    The problem was that everyone went home after the Vietnam War ended and Nixon resigned in shame.
    Much easier to die in combat than face the Emperor in shame and maybe live in shame another 20 years.
    Whichever fool thought now was the right time to inject poison into Labour's body politic should hang their head in shame.
    At our end, as manufacturers, we crib and complain for being covered in such frequency; as human beings, we burn in shame.
    Kang-hwi doesn't want to end his career like this, in shame and then blind on top of that, does he? Lee Joon will help him come back.
    But it's no reason to look down in shame when it's your systems of doing business that allowed a huge nation of people to improve themselfs out of great levels of poverty.

    In 7% of cases shame with is used
    My ardor had begun to cool, unbelievably, &; I was crushed with shame.
    The eyes that had previously been raised in expectation of celebration were now downcast with shame by the truthful force of her speech.

    In 6% of cases shame For is used
    For shame, New Haven Independent.
    For shame! I am very disappointed that Microsoft does not make an official statement regarding the future of Silverlight.
    Fie, fie! how can they quarrel so? My Lesbia - ah, for shame, love! Methinks ' t is scarce an hour ago When we did just the same, love.

    In 5% of cases shame without is used
    The woman is totally without shame.
    Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame.
    Take the heat out by giving both individuals permission to have these discussions without shame or blame.
    Lady Cheeky muses about being a sexually empowered, single woman over 40 with humor, candor and without shame.

    In 1% of cases shame at is used
    Truth be told, using social media drunk is more often than not a high speed train journey calling at shame and Recrimination.
    Who is at shame now? US plays the game like Muhammad Ali: Stay in the ring, observe all your opponents moves, take the hit and exhaust your opponent and come back with one knock out punch.

    In 1% of cases shame but is used
    Victory lies with Imam Husain; with King Yazid and the governor there is nothing but shame.
    The vast majority of Brits who have Irish Descent reject it completely and show nothing but shame for it or even worse tarnish it.

    In 1% of cases shame by is used
    And look: they are naked, man and woman, untouched by shame, not knowing it.
    Denial is triggered by shame, it's a defense mechanism that aims to protect us from feeling fear, anxiety and pain.

    In 1% of cases shame from is used
    We may see children, only two or three years old, and even those born blind, blushing from shame; and the naked scalp of a very young infant reddens from passion.

    In 1% of cases shame into is used
    Christians are not reflecting God in their lives because they are standing on two opinions and so turning the glory of God into shame in their lives.
    When you fail to be a spectacle to the world, the true blessing of God will not be seen in your life and therefore the glory of God is turned into shame.

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