Prepositions used with "selection"

"of selection" or "for selection"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases selection of is used
    Right of selection: Only Grameenphone Ltd.
    This is turn led to a discussion of selection at age 11.
    Submission The first phase of selection has been finalized.
    You have a couple of selections when it comes to purchasing wellness insurance coverage.
    The first criterion of selection for inclusion here was the scope of the metadata scheme.
    Recently by means of selection singular horticultural forms and cultivars of high ornamental quality were created.
    Its manifestation starts from freedom of movement, and culminates in the freedom of selection of one's own destiny.
    In China the process of selection will take place behind closed doors and involve only a relative handful of people.
    Even a star like him is well aware that the team is picked on form and that there are no guarantees of selection next season.

    In 28% of cases selection for is used
    What were the guidelines for selection.
    In both cases, what's best is that Pietersen is available for selection.
    These were a few bags I narrowed down for selection, my mission, which I chose to accept, was to choose one.
    Consequently the data on micron, CV and CF were the criteria first used for selection and culling decisions.
    The trio suffered gastro problems in Colombo, but have since recovered and are likely to be fit for selection.
    This Commission must first lay down the criteria for selection and the method for selection as per the criteria.
    The values have the following meanings: blank This master is eligible for selection if a page must be generated (e.
    It's exciting for those guys, obviously it's unfortunate, we'd like Steven to be fit for selection but injuries do happen.
    We would also like to invite any other members* to submit their photos for selection to be a part of the exhibition as well!

    In 8% of cases selection to is used
    However, it is open to the parents or the patient to make the final decision regarding to selection of the best regime.
    Johannson said there may be some players invited to selection camp who weren't a part of USA Hockey's evaluation camp in August.
    We repeatedly contribute new products to selection, so check lower back sometimes for all of your designer brand device requirements.
    It might be the case that the observed resistance by western corn rootworm to Cry3Bb1 maize is a result of pre-adaptation rather than a response to selection.
    The likes of Laurent Blanc, and there are plenty of sleepless nights when it comes to selection, Volleyball Drills in association with The British &; Irish Lions, and.

    In 7% of cases selection in is used
    Botanic gardens are very active in selection work.
    This is at a time when members want more say in selections, not less.
    Some key words used in selection criteria are explained below: Demonstrated knowledge: You need to give examples that prove you have this area of knowledge.
    She also sang as soloist in Messiah at Carnegie Hall with the Masterwork Chorus and as Octavian in selections from Der Rosenkavalier in a return to Quad City Symphony Orchestra.

    In 5% of cases selection with is used
    Just as it was in the past, Jasmine Lounge serves its legendary tea sets from morning to evening, with selections tailored according to the different times of day.

    In 4% of cases selection on is used
    For example, Darwin always put the emphasis on selection acting on individuals whereas Wallace apparently thought selection acted on groups or species.
    Sustained progress on judicial diversity requires a fundamental shift in approach from a focus on selection processes towards a judicial career that addresses diversity at every stage.

    In 3% of cases selection by is used
    By selection white humans have acquired the best attributes mentioned and black humans lack these the most.

    In 2% of cases selection about is used
    Do I need to know about selection and provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE )? Yes.

    In 1% of cases selection against is used
    However, overall parents are split equally for and against selection.

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