Prepositions used with "satisfaction"

"of satisfaction" or "with satisfaction"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases satisfaction of is used
    There's a lot of satisfaction in that moment.
    He grunted a repellent grunt of satisfaction.
    This is the kind of satisfaction few jobs can offer.
    The survey provides a detailed picture of satisfaction among sports participants.
    But when I complete (a stone-balancing piece ), it brings a feeling of satisfaction.
    She gains a lot of satisfaction and happiness from feeling that she is needed by the youngsters.
    Members of these groups have generally high levels of satisfaction about the role of ICTs in their lives, but.
    After long consideration, each of the members chose they like to drink and nodded with a smile of satisfaction.
    By solving problems on their own, children gain a sense of satisfaction and achievement which promotes self-belief.
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    In 18% of cases satisfaction with is used
    Hamisi looked at the stacks of charcoal sacks with satisfaction.
    We noted with satisfaction the role played by the East African governments in addressing the problem of human trafficking.
    If we promise our creditor that he shall be paid after two months, he goes with satisfaction because the promise is given.
    Gillard's personal support was virtually unchanged, with satisfaction on 37 per cent, up two points, and dissatisfaction on 52 per cent.
    They then sit back with satisfaction at how intelligent they are able to work out the arithmetic that will put into leadership another lot of scoundrels into position.
    In this context, we note with satisfaction progress made during the past year on the proposed moratorium on the manufacture, import and export of light weapons in West Africa.

    In 9% of cases satisfaction in is used
    The surviving spouse/civil partner may require that the family home be given to him/her in satisfaction of the legal right share or the share on intestacy.
    A good youth group can tempt-though it should never coerce-them to take up interests from which they will gain immeasurably in satisfaction and development.
    Yet a recent employee survey showed an improvement in engagement levels, more support for the company's vision and an increase in satisfaction with internal communications.
    The exposure to new technologies/ challenges and good relationship with management were the key factors that contributed most to the increase in satisfaction of IT professionals.
    Another finding that will worry the Coalition is a sharp drop in satisfaction with the NHS -- the first time in a decade that the number saying that they are satisfied has fallen.
    The win for guests is this: Even though they are paying for additional products there's often an increase in satisfaction with the purchase as well as the increased convenience of one-stop shopping.

    In 4% of cases satisfaction for is used
    The entertainment industry with their powerful impact on society also needs to step up and convey to the Indian men that women are not just objects for satisfaction of men.
    Whether or not you are likely to be touring for organization reasons or perhaps for satisfaction, there are points that you can do to help you ensure your getaway should go more effortlessly.

    In 2% of cases satisfaction to is used
    According to satisfaction TABLE Return to Brand falls in red zone which means that it needs improvement.
    After all, we had seen refurbishments in George Town that had been completed to satisfaction within 6-8 months.
    Hazrat Ali (May Allah be please with him ), became the fourth Khalifa (Caliph) but the trouble continued, and all issues could not be resolved to satisfaction of all.

    In 1% of cases satisfaction below is used
    The second however was below satisfaction levels as the organisers struggled to sell tickets for the Formula1 weekend.

    In 1% of cases satisfaction between is used
    Thus, the level of switching costs moderates the link between satisfaction and loyalty.

    In 1% of cases satisfaction by is used
    When eating delicious food, we get slapped by satisfaction with the deliciousness.

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