Prepositions used with "sample"

"of sample", "in sample" or "with sample"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases sample of is used

TNF? was detected in 100% of samples in the DIEM group.

The following table gives a set of sample RRs in use at WPI.

Here's the crazy backstory on the album along with a couple of samples.

There are hundreds of sample clues (often very celver ones) scattered through the text.

I'd not saying it sounds great now, but it sounded a lot worse when we first tried to do it! So Banjo and Kazooie had a lot of samples.

DEMOS SETTING UP YOUR FIRST SLIDESHOW When you install Frontpage Slideshow for the first time, a set of sample data will be installed as well.

Remember that I suggested you should always write code as if it will last for 30 years? Well if you keep your collection of sample code around.

It should be considered, indeed, that the image is reconstructed starting from a finite number of samples, which can take only discrete values.

In 14% of cases sample in is used

Some contributions on the use of auxiliary information in sample surveys.

Firstly, anaerobes because of their sensitivity to Oxygen require special precautions in sample collection.

For instance, in Sample Maybank, page 2, the Board Rate is the Singapore Residential Financing Rate (SRFR).

The former term is used in Sample DBS page 2 and Sample Maybank page 2, while the latter can be found in Sample Standard Chartered page 5.

How are dietary intakes of food additives monitored? Food surveillance studies looking at levels in samples of foods and using national data (e.

This is seen in Sample DBS page 1, Sample Standard Chartered page 2 and Sample HSBC page 4; whereby spread increases from the fourth year onwards.

If you want just to pull down a protein for a Western blot, you may even skip TEV cleavage: just boil your IgG resin in sample buffer and run the resulting sample.

Nevertheless, issues on how to handle the high power of empirical testing to ascertain differences in samples with wide scope have resulted to proposals for re-inventing the null hypothesis.

In 11% of cases sample with is used

P's with sample for patients and really push the benefits without really highlight the degree of benefit.

The manual also contains an appendix with sample forms and examples of the concepts discussed in the text.

The Concerto turns a solo piano and ensemble into avian songsters as the musicians commune with samples of birdsong.

Curiosity will place the instrument in contact with samples of interest, and APXS will shoot out X-rays and helium nuclei.

The break-up of this along with sample size achieved is as follows: The results have also been reported separately for each category in the pages to follow.

Brainteaser Programs - Puzzles - Nurikabe (in Russian) - description of rules for solving Nurikabe, and free downloadable player with sample puzzles (some of which.

Sampling In order to ensure a representative sample, samples should be collected in pre-cleaned, HDPE plastic bottles that have been rinsed with sample three times prior to use.

In addition, the Order required that any wells with samples exceeding the nitrate MCL be immediately removed from service and follow a sampling regimen prior to reuse of the well.

In 9% of cases sample For is used

For Sample DBS, Standard Chartered and HSBC, the revision period is 3-month, 1-month and 1-month, respectively.

A case in point is for Sample Standard Chartered page 1-2, under the MortgageOne Facility, 2/3 of the deposit earns this special interest, with the rest earning the normal interest.

The following table summarizes the BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection's recommendations for sample preservation and holding times which should be considered when planning.

The free expo will be open to the public and feature the latest health and nutrition information with a variety of products for sample and sale, as well as a series of interactive fitness clinics.

In 7% of cases sample from is used

From sample category 1-a, actual sample was only 01 as against the intended 04.

The party from sample man Bruce resign throw all of its problems on the young man Andrew Holness.

DNA has never been recovered from samples like this, unfortunately, and these had been exposed to the rain for quite some time.

Samples will often miss species which are present in the population, and Shannon's index calculated from sample proportions will then be too low, ie.

The organism may be readily identified from samples of nasal discharge and rapid treatment during the early stages may prevent development of abscesses and minimise spread.

The cause and origin of the fire that occurred Tuesday morning on Sevier Avenue is still under investigation, and investigators are awaiting results from samples sent to the TBI lab in Nashville.

In 5% of cases sample on is used

Addies a go kick up Injection till embarrassment will make them try take it out on Sample, but Sample will give Injection a run for their money.

In the absence of national death registration systems, some countries rely on sample registrations systems, which rely on a representative sample of deaths.

In 4% of cases sample including is used

It's a website, as well as a number of books that have great resources, including sample contracts.

In 2% of cases sample into is used

On late night calls, I console them as they confide in me about their bodies maturing, and not being able to fit into sample sizes anymore.

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