Prepositions used with "safety"

"of safety", "to safety" or "for safety"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases safety of is used

You'll also have a solid knowledge of safety issues.

Numbers help other nerds like me have a sense of safety.

But Imam rejected all such offers of safety and indulgence in war.

There was very little in the line of safety devices for children aged between 3-9 years.

During the Tet offensive the Old French Fort became a place of safety to many combatants.

And in that lifestyle, babies were kept on or near their mothers, their source of safety.

The best way to get rid of fossil fuels is to demand the same level of safety and waste management as nuclear power.

On a visit to the Walker's Place of Safety, on a weekday, several children were on the halls, clearly out of school.

Do not forget the increasing number of workers who have been killed as a result of the flouting of safety regulations.

Through this SCP, POGO aims to empower children and also impress upon them the importance of safety in day-to-day life.

In 22% of cases safety to is used

She was being helped to safety.

She pulled her foot back to safety.

I wanted to get to safety, to my house.

When it comes to safety, that might be the deciding factor for what vehicle you choose.

Duplicate are available in market As related to safety professional a pen down my view.

The only way was to go up to the floor above her, and rappel down to get her to safety.

Locals became embarassed when they saw the crew filming it, and quickly found a forklift truck to move them to safety.

Once a person finds a route to safely exit the water they must have the ability to swim far enough to make it to safety.

If there was a fire and you passed out, could your child open the gate and get himself to safety? Because mine couldn't.

They give you cans of tyre repair to get you to safety, but once these are used the tyres are finished (or so I am told).

In 21% of cases safety for is used

For safety reasons no ground game i.

We buy cars for safety not for racing.

I have reversed that forecast too for safety (both at massive prices of 50 and 66/1).

Quality of Construction: Construction quality is very important for safety of buildings.

The gang then proceeded to break bottles and started stabbing him while he ran for safety.

Safety As with other wireless technologies, WLANs must meet stringent government and industry standards for safety.

The police and paramilitary had surrounded the stone throwing youth from every side and they started to run for safety.

For safety reasons, no last names, addresses, or other personal information are allowed to be part of your display name.

In 7% of cases safety in is used

Righteous men walk at liberty, and walk in safety.

We should help them move to other places so that they can live in safety.

Hence, VRM might result in a reduced forecast error and a decrease in safety stocks.

Yet, the protective aspect of the atmosphere allows living things to survive in safety.

Mining Engineer/Safety Professional This Belgium Mining Engineer has a Masters in Safety.

It undermines confidence in safety of capital at home thus triggering further capital outflows.

The International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) has been involved in safety improvements at the plant for more than a decade.

How many more broken hearts are required to help us see clearly that something needs to change so bicyclists can ride in safety.

There is a playground built in an old warehouse that has hardened shelters inside it, so kids can have birthdays parties in safety.

He recognised that flight recorders have a distinct benefit in safety terms in that they provide information about why an accident happened.

In 7% of cases safety on is used

We spend 60% of our time on safety.

The only new spending should be on safety.

They compromise on safety measures to reduce their services cost.

You and your counsellor will develop a relationship based on safety and confidentiality.

Sadly people fail to see the reality that all the metrics on safety are heavily weighted against cars.

Proactiveness is key and extraordinary aviation safety gains have been made because proactiveness was the compass.

Of the 164 projects submitted by MoDOT and approved for FY 2013-2016, a total of 53 focus on safety and operational concerns.

The government should also collaborate with the driving schools to enhance their training especially on safety and adherence to traffic regulations.

Instruct students on safety precautions for handling live organisms and establish a plan for addressing such issues as allergies and fear of animals.

Secretary LaHood's Advisory Group should also have a focus on aviation safety and seek to build on what by almost any measure is a remarkable safety record.

In 6% of cases safety with is used

My concern is no longer with safety.

Snake rope trim through casing with safety pin, and.

I think I can bring it away with safety, and make it pay to the Government.

However, the seat belt law does require that all passenger positions with safety belts be utilized.

Even with safety netting You must have at least 50 yds behind your target boss for a safe overshoot.

Today, cars are equipped with safety features and drivers are more responsible than they were before.

The two countries ' cultures also vary greatly, with safety and public accountability being far higher up the public agenda in a democracy.

The objective of reduced drag is to have the boat running with the least amount of hull in the water consistent with safety and good handling.

So the political force should deliver individual transportation with safety at least up to the level of the Extra District and Sessions Judges.

You must pay fees for a good security system, but it's a necessary expense and provides your customers and your business with safety in online transactions.

In 4% of cases safety about is used

It is most definitely about safety.

But of course, it's all about safety.

Talking about safety should be an on-going discussion.

Well, you need not be worried about safety of your account.

I'd attracted to remote and beautiful locations, but I worry about safety.

The main effects were, and still are, about safety and the possible harmful effects it could have on our health.

After all, public concerns about safety and standards in the industry had been growing before the Sunday disaster.

Young riders, especially children, should be protected until they are old enough to make their own decisions about safety.

Concern about safety is one of the most significant barriers preventing people from cycling, even for those who cycle regularly.

In 1% of cases safety as is used

This goes for machinery as well as safety equipment.

Employees will sometimes strike for other reasons than remuneration -- for example matters such as safety,.

In 1% of cases safety from is used

If you can expend your cannon from safety, do so.

The west London club is five points from safety, having only picked up four points so far.

Yet after 12 EPL games this term; QPR find themselves bottom of the league with no wins, only four points, they have the worst goal difference and are five points away from safety.

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