Prepositions used with "run"

"of run" or "to run"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases run of is used

You can score a lot of runs that way.

And there will be some sort of run today.

Only special teams with committed players go on this kind of run.

Before the end of our second month of run, we had over 3,000 students registered on LAGbook.

Another problem that has brought out is the possibility of runs on banks if countries leave the euro.

Of particular concern was the immunization of run off water, due to the close location of the Schykull river.

In fact, the 4 teams that struck out the fewest times in the past season were all in the bottom half of runs scored in MLB.

Especially Murali Vijay, who barely grazed the domestic stage last season and IPL 5, played brilliantly and made merry of runs.

The hero of the best selling book The Cross and the Switchblade and author of Run Baby Run shared his testimony at both rallies.

That said, how about we score a bunch of runs for J-Zimm tonight and put this next one to bed early? I can't handle these 4 hour games.

In 25% of cases run to is used

Anyone interested in running should read Born to Run.

Security: go to run in pairs or groups is safer to leave only.

Also, I would be shocked if Obama were willing to run with her.

I am currently half way through Born to Run too, shocked to hear about the Caballo Blanco as well.

Stimulation creative: some prefer leaving to run alone because they take advantage this time to think.

Katie, 18, was selected to run at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, in the 400m and 4x400m relay.

Of course, OBP correlates highly to runs scored, but it's not like Upton's OBP is so much worse than the OBP's of the other options.

Here is what i found: Using Start -> Run --> regedit I found numeral Registry keys that had been modified, but nothing was added to Run.

If it was that easy, to just run, why don't more people do it? Because It's Easier to Run Away From It Most people find it ridiculously easy to be armchair supporters.

In 14% of cases run in is used

Run this command in run: firefox.

We all remember in run up to 2007, two politicians disagreed.

They've made their money bashing in runs, not carefully producing them.

He hits for a nice average, but as we saw, that does not drive in runs when we need it the most.

The mocking propaganda that had been served on him in run to 2007 elections had amounted to nothimg.

The Phils ' hitters had the 4th fewest K's in 2012 and the 6th lowest K%, yet they were 19th in runs scored.

The dogs get individually walked twice a day in our 2000m2 fully fenced in run area and also fed twice a day on return from their walks.

This played to the advantage of Denver as the Panthers have typically had their best defensive success in their base defense, specifically in run defense.

In run mode sending a digit for the direction to move will make the robot move in that direction until it is told to stop or given aother direction to move.

In runs of poor form it would often be Park, amongst others it must be said, that bore a large brunt of criticism -- sometimes rightly and other times wrongly.

In 6% of cases run at is used

We use the instanceof operator to determine the type of object at run time.

This year I am back on the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge at Run to the Finish.

Located at Run Amuck Playcentre in Tramore which is also home to Waterford's Laser combat game.

They are generally either translated into machine language by a compiler or an assembler before being run, or translated directly at run time by an interpreter.

In 5% of cases run for is used

It started without issue, and installed for run at boot without complaint.

As for run levels, by their description it seems they add a level of complexity to the boot command and the structure of the system.

Since the 34 year-old's struggles for runs started on the tour to South Africa, India have suffered 7 losses in the 14 Tests that he played.

Afridi heaped praise on Indian batting icon Sachin Tendulkar, saying that his hunger for runs is amazing and he still has plenty to offer to Indian cricket.

In 5% of cases run from is used

My brother and I typed in programming code from Run magazine.

On Wednesday night Walcott scored two goals from runs from deep in midfield through the centre and finished both goals with ease.

Of course, from run outs to the more recent incessant no ball checking, it's pretty clear decisions aren't made in terms of your definition of marginality.

The films themselves jump from run and hide survival horror to bloody monster brawls with the odd bit of driving thrown in so it's easy to make a game with variety, and then theres the chainsaw hand.

In 5% of cases run on is used

Archer scored on runs of 79 and 74.

So I focused on run form as much as possible and avoided limping.

The gauge would stay very low on short trips but on runs would read normal.

England was thoroughly dominant from start to finish, piling on runs without a No.

Occasional door problems as covered, WD40 on runs, check mechanism on base at rear of door - complete, or stuck.

Two poles, not **33;6010;TOOLONG and plenty of loops and hooks to tie it down on run a clothes line out or whatever.

In 5% of cases run over is used

Busy without being over run and the Turks in the bars were all brilliant.

The area around Chernobyl is now over run with wildlife--only people are afraid of the place.

In his Project on Death in America he stated that with the retirement of the Boomers our health care would be over run.

Well wouldn't you know it, we travelled half way around the world and our boat had been over run by bloody Auzzies, literally.

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