Prepositions used with "round"

"of round", "after round" or "in round"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases round of is used
    This was indeed necessary to increase the number of rounds each boat made.
    It wasn't through the lack of opportunities that I didn't score in the first couple of rounds.
    The next few days after the cameras had been set up consisted of rounds of tracking and observation.
    Speaking after he shot of round of 67 to lie one shot off the clubhouse lead at the World Tour Championship, the Dubliner conceded that he did not envy McIlroy his decision.
    Even though he was only a couple of rounds away from the Championship Bracket, Tgun would have been bitterly disappointment not to qualify, having done so a few times before.
    If his trip looked quick, it paled to insignificance when Germany's Marcus Ehning produced the smoothest of rounds with Copin de Broy that should have left the rest gasping for air.

    In 13% of cases round after is used
    It was greeted by the audience on the wharf with round after round of cheers.
    However when our table of 10 received our round of steins there was a 6 service charge which if you are buying round after round of drinkns can get expensive.

    In 13% of cases round in is used
    Without any other problems, I arrived at my destination in round Hill Annapolis County just about 24 hours after I had left Halifax.
    Or to put it another way, I had it 6-5 to Moreno in rounds with one even (a 9-9 round -- the round in which Moreno received a point deduction).

    In 8% of cases round for is used
    For all other students, the maximum workload is 23MCs for rounds 1 and 2, and 25MCs for round 3 onwards.

    In 5% of cases round between is used
    That would be mint! We were going over the budget etc today and some of the biggest cost were transfers, car rentals, accomodation between rounds.

    In 3% of cases round off is used
    Small Grants for Equipment Announced The Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it will hold a once off round of small grants for equipment in early 2013.

    In 3% of cases round per is used
    Their fees per round of 9 or 18 holes will vary too.

    In 3% of cases round with is used
    The wind was a factor, gusting at times over 25kph, and the overnight leaders Pontus Widegren (Sweden) and Goncalo Pinto (Portugal) struggled to cope with rounds of 77 and 76 respectively.

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