Prepositions used with "role"

"of role" or "in role"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases role of is used

The virtual world plays a lot of role in today's break-up scenario.

It sounds like you had this type of role in mind even as a student.

The types of roles available in this area include HR, finance, IT,.

I think a lot has to do with the lack of role models amongst the teachers in our schools.

Out of necessity many women have adapted to not having men play any type of role in their lives.

Values are developed from early childhood through a variety of role models and other influences.

I think we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, and using the ' maid ' to tell off the missus is a nice reversal of roles.

Of course, assistants have a lot of roles on a team, but out of those primary specialties some are more important than others.

ND: Can you expand more on what roles small cells can play in the network? GN: Small cells are playing a growing number of roles.

In 18% of cases role in is used

Props may or may not be used in performing in role or in classroom drama.

Penn continues to shine, in roles like this one, with remarkable versatility.

Performing in role, or role-play as it is sometimes known, is particularly useful.

We are struggling to find anyone half way decent in roles that are extremely technical.

As such, dramatic texts refer, for example, to oral narratives, mimes, and performing in role.

More than 45,000 women volunteers served during the Second World War in roles other than nursing.

The information in the Oral Language section, particularly that on intonation, is relevant to performing in role and drama.

HRD has been traditionally relied upon to serve in roles that are supportive of the strategies chosen to guide organizations.

Performing in role can help students to explore different feelings, points of view, courses of action, and decision-making processes.

Mime is another medium for performing in role without using words and focusing on conveying richness of meaning through visual language alone.

In 9% of cases role to is used

Stay tuned as the pieces start to role out! Management vs.

It went from role playing to role playing between research breaks.

Not all mechanical engineering graduates go on to roles directly related to the subject.

TOR is as close to role playing in an MMO (other than maybe Sims Online and the like) as it gets imho.

Every complaint boiled down to one basic accusation -- ' promoting regressiveness ', binding women more strongly to roles and rituals that enslaved and exploited them.

In 8% of cases role for is used

Look for roles which act as a stepping stone from one career to another.

Check the ads to see if the consultant regularly hires for roles like the one your interested in (or similar).

Carl Henry Clerk are being questioned by the Bureau of National Investigations for roles they may have played in triggering the disaster.

Too many times, we have signed up for roles, pledged to give our time to the promise of a vibrant meeting, only to go back on our word and empty that promise.

She got an agent and she has had to fight for roles in small movies that people barely saw before her work ethic and reputation led her to be recommended for Twilight.

In 7% of cases role with is used

Within the framework of a team, the rules are generally clear, with roles and responsibilities clearly outlined.

Laimoon doesn't ask for your resume, instead they ask you questions about how you work and behave to match you with roles across industries.

He has also starred in some impressive feature films, with roles in two of Peter Jackson's famed Lord of the Rings movies and in 2004's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Upon graduation, Kim's film career began in earnest, with roles in The Jackal, For Love of the Game, The Hulk, Spider-Man 2 and The Cave, as well as the Academy Award-winning film Crash.

In 3% of cases role on is used

National Symposium on Role of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Plant Productivity held at Barapani, India in 1997.

Concentrate on the roles that are most relevant to what you want to do and don't waste too much space on roles that are not that relevant.

Read More Subscribe to receive new updates Your email: In the News Leading experts disagree on role of compensation in youth mentoring! Please weigh in on.

Phil, This is a good summary of the various facets of your diverse perspective on roles of government (many of which you have shared with us in prior posts).

In 2% of cases role as is used

OmMarit: 13 May 2009 1:11:33pm Big difference is these guys are being promoted as role models.

Big difference though is that rock and movie stars are not being openly promoted as role models for young boys to aspire to and emulate.

In 2% of cases role by is used

As a general rule in HighQ Collaborate, functions or content that are denied by role, group or individual permissions are not displayed, enabling a secure and elegant presentation for each user.

In 1% of cases role from is used

It went from role playing to role playing between research breaks.

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