Prepositions used with "river"

"of river" or "in river"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases river of is used

Nice decor, nice scenic view of river.

What do you think are the functions of rivers nowadays? 9.

The biggest loose end of all being the character of River Song.

Hydroelectricity means making electricity from the moving water of rivers and streams.

Many ancient as well as modern temples are located on the banks of River Ganga, at Rishikesh.

A single otter may control a territory of up to 20km of river which makes them difficult to spot.

Gold and greenstone Ice age glaciers carried gold from the Southern Alps into the gravel beds of rivers and streams.

Therefore, Bangladesh has the world's highest density of rivers per unit of area, remain seasonally submerged every year.

He took stock of river erosion which has made the job of BSF increasingly difficult and dangerous, particulary in the Barak Valley.

It's pretty heavily forested and for most of the route the road follows a number of rivers as they flow down from the higher peaks.

In 18% of cases river in is used

They also ate fish caught in rivers or the sea.

This ship is designed to work in rivers, not in the open sea.

I even had a friend who lived in a Frank Lloyd House in River Forest.

Grade 3-4 rapids in River Kelani at Kitulgala is Kayking, trekking &; bird watching attraction.

Most of them were harvesting rice in fields or fishing in rivers and beels when they were struck by lightning.

In rivers and seas, paper degrades and does not cover corals or stop photosynthesis and interfere with natural processes.

Anticipated changes include variable patterns of precipitation, streamflow reduction in river basins and the melting of glaciers.

One of his predictions was that the then gubernatorial aspirant in Rivers State, Rufus Ada-George would become a governor in 1992.

Of this, maximum usable potential exists in rivers like Narmada, Mahi, Sabarmati, Subernarekha, Mahanadhi, Cauvery, Krishna, Godavari, and the Ganges.

In 9% of cases river by is used

They didn't have to live by rivers, or buy houses next to the coast.

Steve Silberman: The dialogue in that scene was improvised by River Phoenix.

Since this town is surrounded by rivers, the summer flowers will create a different aura.

Their feet had been ravaged, eaten out by river bugs, one member all the way up to his ankles.

Only accessible by river, accommodation ranges from lodges, dormitory living or Malaysian style wooden chalets.

At the base the barrel became trapped in an eddy for ninety minutes before Munday was rescued by river man, Ken Sloggett.

The flood wave initiated by the heavy rains can be tracked by river gauges as it perpetuates downstream (Source: OCHA 2010).

These are older than the sarsen stones and were brought to the site from Wales mainly by river, a journey of about 250 miles.

Lakes such as Tekapo and P? kaki are still fed by rivers draining from glaciers, and the rock flour turns them a striking milky turquoise.

In 7% of cases river from is used

Flooding from rivers, particularly in recognized floodplains, can usually be predicted with good accuracy.

Flooding from rivers, particularly in recognized floodplains, can usually be predicted with good accuracy.

The replica items featured here were sourced from River Island and can be dressed to suit whatever the occasion.

I'd from Rivers state and I have always heard of their cruelty when they themselves are robbers and kidnappers.

Mark Anthony offers a choice of worldwide cuisine ranging from River Trout and fresh Sea Food to Salads and Steaks.

It's a different story if the water is murky, as it often is where people must fetch water from rivers, streams and boreholes.

Flooding from rivers has in recent years been experienced in the Severn Valley, in Sheffield, in Hull from the river Humber in 2007 and Carlisle on the river Eden in 2006.

Flooding from rivers has in recent years been experienced in the Severn Valley, in Sheffield, in Hull from the river Humber in 2007 and Carlisle on the river Eden in 2006.

That was the year she transferred her employment from Rivers State to Bayelsa after her husband became the deputy governor to deposed former governor and ex-convict, DSP Alamieyeseigha.

Adequate supplies of fresh water are available from river water and annual rain fall, collected in surface reservoirs during the wet season, to supply the domestic and industrial needs of the nation.

In 7% of cases river on is used

Mars on River Drina (Based on March on the River Drina by S.

But no politician seems eager to spend more money on river development.

We found a Big stone in our House some sort of Smooth generally found on river or Lake side.

Avoiding the killer hole on river left with ease Smurf showed us all how this bad boy should be run.

Some of the important pilgrimage centers on River Ganga are Rishikesh, Haridwar, Prayag and Varanasi.

Despite their placid appearance, they are extremely aggressive and attack boats and charge people on river banks.

It prospers on river banks and has been known to withstand prolonged flooding, yet it is tolerant of drought as well.

More than one-third of our hydroelectric capacity is located on rivers that are situated in or flow into this region.

In the mid-19th century, for example, gambling was permitted in Mississippi -- but only on river boats that were separated from society at large.

In 6% of cases river to is used

Runoff and ground water flow to rivers, however, are difficult to isolate, let alone to treat and control.

How you can reduce contaminated runoff to rivers Install stormwater detention areas in new subdivisions to improve water quality.

His psychiatrist, Doctor Malick (Alfred Molina ), has found a journal belonging to Rivers that may explain why he carried out the murders.

They scramble the intelligence that connects eggs to hens, milk to cows, food to forests, water to rivers, air to life and the earth to human existence.

His plan was that the rocket would quickly deploy the parachute allowing him to safely land in to river below the Horseshoe Falls where he could be rescued.

There's so much to do and to see here, from guided tours to river trips, from hiking or catching a shuttle bus, to backpacking and even taking a ride on a mule.

In 5% of cases river down is used

They departed down river with 60 canoes for the French Fort.

They escaped down river to Chesterfield House at the Red Deer River.

Kondrat was swept down river by the current towards the Great Whirlpool Rapids.

HBC records assign Pruden to Edmonton House (1795-1796) and was likely the down river location.

Fort Sturgeon or more correctly Sturgeon Creek Post aka Fort Saskatchewan was down river from Fort Edmonton.

Percy was wearing a life preserver and was able to floated down river the remaining distance to Lewiston, New York.

Cruise up the River Shannon to Lough Ree (1hr 15min) or down river to the monastic settlement and round tower of Clonmacnoise (1hr 30min one way).

The Lethargic Hudson Bay Company moved next to Fort Saskatchewan this year having been previously located one hundred and twenty five miles down river and called their post Edmonton House.

The concierge at the hotel told me that a taxi could take me directly to the palace for THB 100 after which I could take the local boat ride down river and see the temples along the way for THB 25.

In 4% of cases river at is used

One day they decided to swim at river and took off their.

Small mammals that come to drink at rivers are also sometimes taken.

The identical twin brother of Ramiro -- who is also making a name for himself at River Plate.

In fact, the majority of the comments on this post are asking us at River Pools to help the reader choose the right brand and contractor for their swimming pool.

Since starting my blog at River Pools, I've written dozens of articles just like this one, and all have done very, very well from an SEO, social, and branding perspective.

Having seen Crespo's rise to first team football at River, and as a fervent admirer of him since those days, I'd really happy he finally managed to prove his worth this season.

Army, lives and works in Massena, New York, at River Respite Benedictory -- a pastoral retreat center on an island in the Saint Lawrence River -- with his wife Nancy, a Lutheran pastor.

In 4% of cases river into is used

Probably very few septic tanks actually leak into rivers.

Smaller streams that flow into rivers are called tributaries.

During the dry season the water recedes into rivers, creeks and isolated waterholes or billabongs.

DEC does not have the capability to monitor mine discharges from land based mines into rivers and the seas.

Many industrial facilities use freshwater to carry away waste from the plant and into rivers, lakes and oceans.

Stormwater is not treated and drains straight into the lake, or into rivers and streams that flow into the lake.

Read More In May 2009, toxic waste from a gold mine located in North Mara, Tanzania, spilled into River Thigithe.

The boy again dipped the basket into river and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty.

The alpine and sub-alpine areas of the Alps function like a giant sponge that releases water slowly back into rivers and streams.

In 4% of cases river with is used

The high court's ruling also confirms the city's unreasonable intransigence against working with River City Co.

For such the reward is forgiveness from their lord, and gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Surah Ali Imran, 135-136).

In 1998, Merck expanded the MDP to include the elimination of lymphatic filariasis (LF ), in African countries and Yemen where it co-exists with river blindness.

We've been excavation with River lendors representing the gone rare months, securing the first interestingness reprimand and secured consents representing EACH River appliers.

It was awesome to write with Rivers from Weezer because it was cool to see how a legend, someone that we grew up being a big fan of, how he writes and how he approaches music and everything.

But even more importantly, it tackles a subject that consumers in the fiberglass pool industry want and need to know, therefore raising the brand and trust factor that is associated with River Pools.

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