Prepositions used with "right"

"of right" or "to right"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases right of is used

The Law of Right Human Relations.

The Law of Right to One's Own Space.

It does nt becos we are all equal before the law per laws in Const and Bill of Rights.

As of right now, I'd not sure who I would travel with or how I would go about doing it.

As of right now we'd be there mainly to cook supper, do laundry and keep the house clean.

It's not time for a bill of rights, it's time for a long prison sentence for the current government and its lackeys.

For sometime, my thoughts have been hovering around the subject of right and wrong defined by society or by majority.

It rarely ever addresses the issue of being genuinely sorry for the betrayal and the basic essence of right and wrong.

In 16% of cases right to is used

Left to right, Rachel Adams, Mrs.

The models are, left to right: Mrs.

Third row, left to right, Acacia sp.

Left to right, Marian Stewart, Faith Herrick, Emma Crump, Nora Parent and Bertha Audley.

Colby Rasmus was in an 0-for-26 slump when he hit a single to right to start the fourth.

Turn to right (Towards Kahatagasdigiliya) upon reaching the 62 nd mile post on this route.

Focus on your breathing, or your heart beat, you can even start moving your head from right to left and left to right.

The lamps rotation function, design lighting can turn from left to right 360-degree rotation around the vertical axis.

This causes the spot to move horizontally, at a constant speed, from left to right across the screen as viewed by the user.

In 6% of cases right about is used

For Satan, it sounds about right.

Say, 3-5 bln a week sounds about right.

That sounds about right, especially because in.

Two acts, being talked about right now, are the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act.

Regulation must be tethered to human judgments about right and wrong, not mindless legal compliance.

To find out about rights to take industrial action, see the Trades Union Congress (TUC) website at: www.

Curious, risk taking and someone who doesn't want to be told what to do or fit into a mold? Yeah sounds about right.

Having an opinion is not necessarily about right or wrong, it's more about freedom of expression, individuality and being you.

Trust me- you won't look stupid- you'll probably find that if it feels a little over the top then you've pitched it about right.

I reckon booking a table for 7 is about right - you won't end up eating til about 7:30 anyway which is when I would eat at home.

In 5% of cases right from is used

Flt Lt Wollen seated second from right.

Start it from right now, right now it is the right time for study.

Etruscan writing was phonetic and usually written from right to left.

Connie's son Council-member John Doolan (second from right) joined for the presentation.

Most people can alternate in some tasks from right to left, everyone is a bit different.

There are traces of a similar flight leading from right to left up to the same platform.

Focus on your breathing, or your heart beat, you can even start moving your head from right to left and left to right.

Shawcross raced back and managed to hook the ball away from right under the crossbar, seconds before the final whistle went.

The Delhi government provided the statistics in response to a query from Right to Information (RTI) applicant Mannish Bhatnagar.

Even the sound system is state of the art, always giving the effect that the Imam? s voice is coming from right in front of you.

In 5% of cases right on is used

More on Rights to pay the right to paid holiday.

See also the American Convention on Rights and Duties and the.

Mascherano is a fantastic talent when his head is screwed on right.

The Iwi Leaders Group know this, hence their emphasis on rights (e.

I tend to like Republicans on fiscal issues and Democrats on rights issues.

More on Rights to pay the right not to have illegal deductions made from pay.

More on Rights to pay the right to be paid at least the national minimum wage.

Notice the body bag on right and the orange flap to seal it against the jet pipe.

Oates concluded that Amundsen ' must have had his head screwed on right ' to use dog teams to pull his sledges.

In 4% of cases right by is used

By rights, we shouldn't even be here.

The Jamaican economy should by rights be booming.

We are going to the Secretary who is not likely to know you by right.

By rights, they should kill one another: Ottokar, his mortal enemy, Agnes; Isolde, the traitor Tristan.

The plaintiff claimed ownership to the premises in suit by right of inheritance an d prescriptive possession.

That is why the campaign by Right to Work alongside others has scored successes against several major employers.

Boards are elected by the shareholders, sometimes with preferred shareholders holding seats by right of their investment.

He should, by right, be in the Juve starting XI from day one in the campaign ahead, but if he doesn't it won't be long until he is.

In 4% of cases right for is used

Port for left and starboard for right.

And I will fight for rights you tread.

It is evil to act without regard for right.

Equipment, such as forts and vegetables, are believed for right, and bridges are intensive.

It is such a relentless pursuit for rights of the marginalized that makes Jog's work so important.

As for right and wrong I rarely think of the posts here in those terms and I've never seen you make a post that I think is confrontational in anyway.

The main lesson projects must learn is to allow lots and lots of time for rights clearance and to allocate sufficient resources and budget to this task.

As for rights, it is clearly the case that in our society one's rights to common resources are limited by one's responsibilities to do no harm to others.

While I said harsh things about Sindhis, I would salute those sindhis brothers who are honest and have stood for right and feed their kids haq halal ki kamai.

In 4% of cases right in is used

I do, however, believe in right and wrong.

The disparity in rights protection in practice reflected the society of the time.

Her influence on the kids and all the coaches in Right to Play is absolutely contagious.

But I don't know if it's fair for him to walk into this situation that we are in right now.

Also of note are two large hotels (and chain hotels at that) that are going in right on Bourbon Street.

For his career, Ross has been slightly below average defensively in Left and Center while just barely above average in Right.

The value system of honesty, belief in right and wrong, of standing up for what you believe in and much more works today, as it did then.

Once the live disc has stopped, snap the crossfader to track B which then comes in right on the beat and hopefully everyone goes nuts on the dancefloor.

My information is that they asked the ICC if they could make the relevant deduction in rights payable, and if so, they would be happy to include the WTC.

In 3% of cases right at is used

The related links at right and.

At right, Scotiabank building today.

At Right, Rose Princess Dianne Watson shows off the.

Background Milestones: Monthly updates on the progress of the EA are available at right.

The old tunnel was eventually bricked up, and remains closed today (see photo at right).

They only measured up to 35 km, but at the graph at right from the paper, interpolated to 101 km.

The chosen concept for the bridge -- a link between the base of Gore Road and John Counter Boulevard -- is available at right.

Helen Baxter, Briar Shaw, Carolyn Enting, Billy Zamoisky and Sally-ann Moffat, plus Billy? s daughter at right, all at my Auckland pad.

The trip was ended with a huge full moon that was hanging outside the plane window which I was staring at right before the plane took off.

At right, images taken through the wide-angle camera filters at 1000, 750, and 430 nm wavelength are displayed in red, green, and blue, respectively.

In 3% of cases right with is used

Article 41 which deals with rights of the family will not be changed by this amendment.

I fully support the freedom and rights of women but with rights and freedom comes responsibility.

I suspect it was to do with rights about which platforms a GoldenEye sequel could be released on.

I started to think of how I could be involved with Right to Play and help promote the power of sport and play.

Coming in the wake of political oppression, democracy is considered by many to be synonymous with rights of citizens.

WaterAid, in conjunction with Rights and Humanity and the Fresh Water Action Network (FAN) have developed a website to.

France, USA, India, Australia, China and HK (pretty decent education providers) all protect their teachers with rights and unions.

According to statistics available with rights organisation Odhikar, the BSF killed 31 Bangladeshis between January 1 and October 13.

The son which is born from that marriage would be regarded as the son of the dead husband, with rights to the dead husband's property.

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