Prepositions used with "ride"

"of ride", "to ride" or "with ride"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases ride of is used

We managed to get away in the second wave of riders something like 6.

The Length of recovery will depend upon various factors: Duration of ride.

Out of 100, points are awarded for length of ride, difficulty, and crowd participation.

Older brother Mat had a great couple of rides in SM30, to win both races and end the day on level points with Joan Lopez as they enter the final round.

For younger visitors the park is home to Europe's only Thomas LandT attraction, which features a variety of rides themed around the popular Thomas &; FriendsT series.

I also now have a pretty solid posse of great people that want to be a part of these kinds of rides and am looking forward to spending more time in NEW places with them.

In 11% of cases ride to is used

Teams are already paying a lot to ride the Tour de France but ASO could probably charge more.

Photos Toby Cowley Once satisfied with the shots we got, we headed down to Ride Don't Slide; that was another first for me.

Half way through our game Matt, Adam and Nick joined us and Martin and I took turns helping them set up a game of Ticket To Ride: Europe.

Capitol in Washington June 30 after wind gusts clocked at speeds of up to 79 mph Not fair: A passing storm brought a halt to rides at the Italian-American Festival in Canton, Ohio.

In 11% of cases ride with is used

It's an air-conditioned building with rides and games suitable for young children.

In 9% of cases ride for is used

Both the park and the zoo will be a lot busier onthe Saturday, but you'll notice it a lot more in the park bexuase of having to queue for rides.

In 9% of cases ride in is used

For a single, they dampen spring oscillation, and secondly, they aid in ride handle general.

In 8% of cases ride between is used

Say what? Surely standing in line for a roller-coaster is a supreme expression of democracy -- not to mention a chance to catch your breath between rides.

In 6% of cases ride during is used

Started trying different pre-ride and during ride fuels this week.

The frequency and length of resting periods for horses during rides must be determined by the nature of the ride and the four factors above.

In 4% of cases ride as is used

Dreamworld has rides and attractions for all ages.

But as far as rides go, Dreamworld is you best bet, it has the most.

It's one of the few in its affordable class to have a backseat that's large enough for adults, as well as ride comfort that rivals that of cars a step larger.

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