Prepositions used with "reward"

"of reward" or "For reward"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases reward of is used

It's a lot of work for not a lot of reward.

How many Eaves per Reward:?? Number of Rewards:.

All heaven watches with expectation anticipating the Day of reward.

It's always mentioned in quran the kind of rewards a man always gets, but rarely a woman.

They were given the legal form that stated intent to receive the infant for promise of reward.

Sent on a tough, punishing job with no guarantee of reward, they displayed unfailing loyalty and endurance.

Enter mirth, a little pulse of reward the brain gives itself for seeking out and correcting our mistaken assumptions.

The sergeant major tried at first to incentivise the parrot with the promise of reward for good behaviour, but to no avail.

That some time they will attain the Adamic condition of reward and happiness, which is the ultimate of man's future existence.

Party policies are furthermore typically full of omissions and restriction who farther reduce or get rid of rewards altogether.

In 18% of cases reward For is used

She bears it with patience, hoping for reward from Allah (S.

Search for rewards like ideal fiscal phrases or journey coupons to get the most out of a brand new account.

We do spent our own pocket money and getting things for the kids for rewards and promote encouragement in learning.

It Was said to him: Messenger of Allah, why is it so? He (the Holy Prophet said ): For reward and booty until the Day of Judgment.

Gamification -- the catch-all term for rewards, incentives and loyalty services -- has become a very popular way to get users engaged in an increasingly noisy world of apps and online life.

In 13% of cases reward in is used

When revising, build in rewards.

I don't see any, but I've read in Reward Intermediate that there IS some difference.

The Greens might get more votes than the Bloc, and yet acquire zero seats in reward.

These games tend to have built in reward systems that will help motivate you and distract you from the effort of playing.

The same pleasure center that plays an important role in reward, pleasure, laughter, addiction, aggression, fear, and the placebo effect.

Many people spend hours (and days, and weeks) making their costumes, so it's wildly amusing to watch them parade around and relish in rewards for creativity.

One day while overseeing the construction of the bridges an eagle flying overhead let the original Claddagh ring fall to her in reward for her extraordinary generosity.

He declared that his priority was pursuing reforms in the best interests of New South Wales, even if it meant forgoing $177 million in reward payments from the Commonwealth.

If you read it 20 times in one minute each day, you will have read it 600 times in one month, and 7200 times in one year, which will be equal in reward to reading the Qur'aan 2400 times.

In 3% of cases reward as is used

In behavioral psychology, it is known as reward for good deed and punishment for bad deed.

They are known as rewards of grace, not merit, and they flow to those who by faith have Lost their Lives in Christ.

Inner joy and fulfillment is not the result of our physical powers, our senses nor what we are given by others such as rewards, praises, pleasure, comfort, etc.

In 3% of cases reward to is used

They recognise that most horses respond best to firm but gentle techniques, and to rewards for correct responses.

He said music activates the same pleasure centers of the brain that respond to rewards such as food, drugs or sex.

Ameen May your good deeds translate to rewards that will benefit you, your father (in here and hereafter ), and your mother, bereaved family (in hereafter).

In 3% of cases reward with is used

Bonuses computed like this, that is, based on short-termism, directly conflicts with reward schemes geared towards the long term stability and growth of the organisation.

In 3% of cases reward without is used

The hosts dominated the second act; a concentrated period of pressure on the United goal looked as if it would pass without reward thanks to the sterling efforts of David de Gea in the visitors goal.

In 2% of cases reward about is used

We like to think about reward, what we call return on investment.

In 2% of cases reward through is used

Learning through rewards is more effective than learning through pain, because pain is an ego illusion, and can never induce more than a temporary effect.

Employee loyalty programs offering Brazilians recognition through rewards that can be redeemed for travel and entertainment are the types of programs that Brazilians truly appreciate.

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