Prepositions used with "revenue"

"of revenue" or "in revenue"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases revenue of is used

The estimate of revenue is far too much.

That is the good kind of revenue increase.

There was but one source of revenue: the tariff.

For me, Christmas is sacred, but business sees this time of year as a source of revenue.

Source of Revenues ($m) First Half Second Half Full Year % Change Real Estate Agents 54.

Under those conditions, the financial industry is an obvious target as a source of revenue.

Well name one other business where this much attrition of revenue stream (no champs league rev next year potentially.

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has issued a guideline recently empowering the banks and FIs to deduct commission.

We were having a look at some of Revenue's Annual reports lately and thought this would interest some of you out there.

Brown is not challenging Proposition 13 for instance, nor is he seeking to change the rules for the approval of revenues.

In 28% of cases revenue in is used

At $25 each, that's $5,000 in revenue.

Wool, however, would drop 16% in revenue to $513 million.

Depending on the cost of capital, I'd rather $1B in revenue than.

He soon gave up on banner ads, which he discovered did not make that much in revenue.

The main reason for the decline in revenues is the oversupply in the LCD screens market.

Recent high-profile security breaches have cost millions in revenue and lost opportunities.

Of the $235 million in revenue Zynga created in the first quarter of 2011, only $12 million or so came from advertising.

Unlike Postmedia, the Times was able to offset the print advertising losses with an increase in revenue from its paywall.

Last year, Box reportedly brought in around $25 million in revenue, so we're looking at a $75 million-plus sales number for 2012.

In 8% of cases revenue on is used

Also just having on revenue stream is probably what killed him.

Doctor Who is increasingly depedent on revenue brought back from BBC Worldwide.

This gives a clear visibility on revenue, consumptions and stocks on a real-time basis.

The owners of Haoyuan may also receive future payments based on revenues hitting targets.

This type of information would allow you to correct the issue before it had a major impact on revenue.

A more realistic, 5% reduction in GDP could have a far greater impact on revenue and cause a significant increase in the deficit.

But in Uganda, for example, the government is losing out on revenue due to speculators who lock out serious investors and delay the sectors ' growth.

Best case scenarios would see the Jets never having to rely on revenue sharing, but for a small-market franchise it's a nice security blanket to have.

The company starts valuing the great salesmen, because they're the ones who can move the needle on revenues, not the product engineers and designers.

But, we do know for now, that brands will be able to share deals with fans, add value, increase brand awareness and then, consequently pile on revenue.

In 6% of cases revenue to is used

These results compare to revenue of $28.

These results compare to revenue of $ 13.

A hard cap where the total is tied to revenues.

Which i continued to wait with respect to revenue with patience.

They work to attract attention and to convert that attention to revenue.

This is not PR, this translates directly to revenue and better products (through their feedback).

Acorn Life will make the appropriate deductions from clients fund and pay these amounts to Revenue on their behalf.

CPCC ' s costs, which do not vary in proportion to revenues, could absorb a substantial proportion of royalties in some regimes.

Ensure you are always fully prepared for all dates relating to revenue with our handy, easy to download FREE legislation calendar.

If you have two houses then you choose which house is your main home for the purposes of the relief, subject of course to Revenue approval.

In 4% of cases revenue for is used

As for revenue, Box is on track to triple revenue in 2012.

In contrast, First Solar has increased its guidance for revenue and EPS.

As a result the states are now more dependent on the federal government for revenue.

The method that we use for revenue recognition is cash-based and so, that provides a bit of an anomaly.

Moody's is looking at the net effect of policies for revenue and spending when it evaluates Japan's public finances, Byrne said.

It is possible to increase your financial savings if you search for revenue and make use of the coupon codes together with them.

It would have been too easy to liquidate more forest for revenue solely and to abandon conservation and raising standard in the short term.

Does Wenger really care if Arsenal fail to win any further silverware under him? Arsenal are just a pretty team with the attration for revenue.

Since the idea was put forward in 2002, the EITI has moved towards becoming the global standard for revenue transparency in the extractive industries.

In 4% of cases revenue with is used

We also see teams that have a product in beta stage, full launch, and with Revenue.

Cipla Medpro says it is the third-biggest pharma manufacturer in South Africa with revenues of R1.

At this point in time, Zite does not display ads but they are in the process of experimenting with revenue models.

At Sage we know how important it is to keep up to date with revenue dates and legislation and compliance deadlines.

In case you're wondering, Papa John's isn't suffering in this recession, with revenues up in the last quarter a healthy 7.

With revenues in some cases exceeding costs by 80-90 percent, both the structure and form of the medical device industry are seen as culprits.

The prize is bestowed on a notable business leader who has had a major socio-economic impact in Africa by building a business with revenues greater than USD 50 million.

Now in football terms, that is debt! There is a further problem however in that there further case going on with Revenue and Customs, over the way players have been paid in the past.

In 3% of cases revenue by is used

Sinopharm is China's largest drugmaker by revenue.

Records in support of the calculation of the amount reimbursed tax-free must be kept for inspection by Revenue.

More importantly, a high reserve price is only the only way to auction spectrum: you could do it by revenue share too.

The total annual emolument of a senator as recommended by Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) stands at N12.

Samsung Electronics, the world's largest technology firm by revenue, raised the price of mobile processor supplied to Apple Inc.

This is the flipside of doing business, for this and other MJF Foundation projects are made funded by revenue from the global sales of Dilmah.

These flat rates have been agreed by revenue but you will need to claim this credit from revenue as it is not automatically added to your tax certificate.

Chandrasekaran adds that despite some firms flagging a slowdown, TCS sees a brighter 2014 for India's $100 billion by revenue information technology services business.

In this case, your rental income minus allowable expenses will be treated by Revenue as part of your total income for tax purposes and should be included in your tax return.

Despite a national advertising campaign by revenue over the last number of years, there is still a significant sum of cash that is not being claimed correctly by tax payer's.

In 2% of cases revenue from is used

These flat rates have been agreed by revenue but you will need to claim this credit from revenue as it is not automatically added to your tax certificate.

In 1% of cases revenue over is used

This deficit is the excess of projected expenditure over revenue from January to March.

He was suspended by SK Weeks later, when a sponsor showed interest in his show, Louis had a fight with RMS over revenue.

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