Prepositions used with "restaurant"

"of restaurant" or "in restaurant"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases restaurant of is used

There wasn't a lot of restaurants.

The Chinese fill the kitchens of restaurants.

I love the variety of restaurants on the Downtown Mall.

They can not manage anything, much less a bunch of restaurants and retail stores.

Indeed, the sheer number of restaurants, as one owner says, has diluted the market.

They go so that those sites can suggest some sort of restaurant, activity, or outing.

The surrounding area of the hotel has an abundance of restaurants and lively bars to help keep you entertained.

Montego Bay is home to the Hip Strip -- a full mile of restaurants, entertainment, shopping, fun and excitement.

My journal is about my encounters with food - full of recipes I've tried and reviews of restaurants I've eaten at.

Location is unbeatable -- secluded yet just a few minutes away from Boracay's row of restaurants, bars, and shopping.

In 25% of cases restaurant in is used

A tip of about 15 per cent is expected in restaurants.

Meal in restaurant was ok but jacket pototoes were cold.

I have never seen this done in restaurants, only in homes.

People are talking quite loudly on the bus, in restaurants and other public places.

In restaurants milk added to tea or coffee is boiled and therefore considered safe.

What was going wrong? Were they in danger? Was it safe to eat eggs in restaurants any more.

Entertainers perform in restaurants in the Russian resort city of Sochi, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

Of course, I can eat many of these dishes in restaurants, but it would be nice to be able to prepare them at home.

I think they are more important issues to be solved in restaurants than eating on tables such as TVs and Music playing.

But politicians don't get that which is why they've already robbed 457million out of pension schemes to keep jobs in restaurants.

In 11% of cases restaurant at is used

At restaurants you wait, wait, wait.

At restaurants there's never enough food.

My doctor has cautioned/forbid me to eat out at restaurants.

Pack your own healthy food instead of eating out at restaurants.

Ask for a nonsmoking room at your hotel and an outside table at restaurants.

It will show graphs of the cost of food and the cost of eating at restaurants.

Look at tax you have to pay to eat at restaurant, to watch movie, to use airport.

I don't buy it for my home cooking &; try to avoid it when eating out at restaurants.

I had a crappy car, no money most of the time because I paid rent to my parents and worked at restaurants.

Even chatting with the people who serve you at restaurants or convenience stores is beneficial for both parties.

In 10% of cases restaurant to is used

And chicken kebab wasn't even close to restaurant quality dish.

Besides, people go to restaurants to get food that tastes outstanding to them.

Like going to restaurants, malls, shopping, watching movies and meeting each other.

Shop Small doesn't just apply to restaurants and retailers, but all sorts of businesses.

When I am put in a position to try new foods or go to restaurants, it is absolute hell for me.

I was unable to do anything -- any in in a normal life I couldn't go to restaurant couldn't continue.

Some perform in one place all year round, others move from restaurant to restaurant during the summer season.

He does not go to restaurants, and the reasons are several: They make a fuss, and the owner or cook's on his neck like gnat.

As C, he has to host a lot of lunches, but the nature of his job means that he can't go out to restaurants, where he could be overheard.

There were small musical ensembles moving from restaurant to restaurant, who were making their bread with the few songs they had quickly learnt.

In 6% of cases restaurant For is used

Todays trend is for restaurants with relaxed clothing standards.

More exciting are things such as the integrated Yelp reviews for restaurants with ratings and average prices.

The coupons over these spots are often for restaurants, technicians, salons and other activities or professional services.

Even with that, sometimes the information is out of date for restaurant names and addresses or phone numbers or other things.

Include expenses for which you have no actual bill, such as gasoline for your car, grocery money, and expenses for restaurant lunches.

It is likely that your hotel will be located here and it's a good area too, for restaurants and bars (see Dining &; Drinking section).

And to everybody here, happy sailing! Wonderful article and comments! As a game developer, I was very interested in the design discussions for Restaurant.

Yaletown, now known as one of the best areas for restaurants and shopping, and offering fantastic seawall walks, also houses some of the oldest architecture of the city.

In 5% of cases restaurant from is used

And I've also seen a recent offering from restaurant chain, Leon.

For instance-my son's high school sells mostly processed food, some from restaurants.

Some perform in one place all year round, others move from restaurant to restaurant during the summer season.

There were small musical ensembles moving from restaurant to restaurant, who were making their bread with the few songs they had quickly learnt.

Although wandering about this ancient village from restaurant to pub is an enchanting pastime, you might want something a little more energetic.

Throw on a sweater and head to Madison Square Eats today in the Worth Square section of the park for slew of delicious delicacies from restaurants and food trucks around town.

I shouldn't admit this so openly, which is why I'd hoping no one will read it since it's at the bottom of a long post, but I tend to fight the urge to pocket things from restaurants.

From restaurants offering gluten free options to new moms cutting it out when they are breastfeeding, the entire nation has seemingly discovered a link between gluten and how to reduce weight.

In 5% of cases restaurant with is used

This lane is busy with restaurants and swift house compressors blowing out into it.

The Old Market is a warehouse district filled with restaurants, bars and businesses.

The town seems to be overrun with restaurants, including the exotic sounding La Barca, Luchy and El Malecon restaurants.

The Chivito, Famous Uruguay Sandwich After getting bored with restaurants in Argentina, I decided to start cooking at home.

And for any other cooking you can go to the Southgate Complex which is alive with restaurants giving out different cuisines.

Even if he was (self-admittedly) the world's worst procrastinator, we found it hard to consider proceeding with Restaurant until he was ready.

Andy has said that he's starting with Restaurant; presumably he will release the other interesting, **26;9421;TOOLONG parts as he gets to them.

It is important to note that, along with restaurants, used car dealerships have one of the highest business failure rates for small businesses.

I'd in the hospitality industry, (I manage a restaurant in the Gaslamp) and i think experiences with restaurants are made and broken by the details.

Facilities: Beijing Garden apartments are located 10 minutes by walk from the main streets with restaurants such as Japanese food, Korean and more International restaurants.

In 2% of cases restaurant as is used

The various room amenities such as restaurant or daily cleanup will be optional.

Therefore the most of the guests are local and some of the things such as restaurant menu seemed bit downgraded as a result.

In an effort to protect the health of nonsmokers, many states have passed laws outlawing smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars, airplanes, and offices.

In 2% of cases restaurant into is used

When we go into restaurants, we expect there to be somewhere to sit.

We have made sales in the last few months into restaurants and attended several wine fairs/events to promote our brand.

No matter how much fat/salt goes into restaurant food (And a good restaurant will never add more than it's needed ), it's still just a very small % of what you eat.

Dr Nzuki says there is a master plan by the Dar es Salaam City Council to develop the Dar beach front into restaurants, shopping malls, and other water-related activity.

The following day Burger King issued a follow-up release revealing that although the Left-Handed Whopper was a hoax, thousands of customers had gone into restaurants to request the new sandwich.

In 2% of cases restaurant on is used

So we could have embarked immediately at the conclusion of the HHGTTG game on Restaurant and four additional sequels.

In 1987, Michael Bywater was flown in from London to stay at a hotel near Infocom headquarters in Cambridge, MA to work on Restaurant at the End of the Universe full-time.

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