Prepositions used with "residence"

"of residence" or "in residence"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases residence of is used

There will be rights of residence.

JAMB is done by State of origin and not State of residence.

In fact, his pride somewhat crippled his choice of residence.

But you can't do census based on state of origin at the expense of state of residence.

Interviewers may ask about the person's hobbies, interests, travel, or town of residence.

All Irish nationals require a visa issued by the DRC Embassy in their country of residence.

Also note that because of large number of reporters of Mutawatir Hadith, diversity of residence of the reporters.

Then I brainstormed on an idea while eating at a canteen at Eni-Njoku Hall; our hall of residence as at that time.

For this purpose your place of residence will be considered the one, which has been mentioned in your application.

The rate applied will be dependent on the double tax treaty existing between your country of residence and Jamaica.

In 22% of cases residence in is used

The Students living in residence must purchase a meal plan.

That way you will be able to get credit for more involvement in residence activities.

As a result Sam has been appointed Emerging Artist in Residence 2008 at The Southbank.

Mr Nambiar was appointed as the Executive in Residence at the NUS Business School in 2008.

In February 2008 he was invited to be Writer in Residence on the Norwich City of Refuge Programme.

Despite the rain and grey skies there were lots of tourists even though the Queen was not in residence.

Housing: Students who are single and entering university from high school have space in residence guaranteed.

These levels are for visual tasks in residences, offices, schools, public buildings, industrial buildings etc.

Last week, club members ran an event in residence called Empties 4 Outreach where they collected empty alcohol bottles.

Should I fill in a Points Form? Yes, even if you are not currently living in residence, you should fill in a Points Form.

In 5% of cases residence for is used

PROBLEM: - The next demand for maintenance is the accommodation for residence.

Over the last few years, we have been able to offer beds to most returning students who applied for residence.

Its close proximity to the harbour would suggest a trading depot on the ground floor with the upper floors reserved for residence.

Anyone requesting special consideration for residence due to disability related needs must register with the Student Development Centre at Brock.

If you have any immediate family in New Zealand at all, it's worth checking with the New Zealand Immigration Service to see whether you qualify for residence.

People qualifying for residence in that category must now have an annual income of $120,000 down from $150,000 and have invested at least $500,000 in Cayman down from $750,000.

In 4% of cases residence to is used

The working graduate can then move to residence.

Would you require passports to enter your country? What would border patrol cost you? Would you issue visas to residence of third world countries? Who would process them? 17.

In 3% of cases residence from is used

In bigger cities, many apartment buildings will have to be reconfigured to convert the lower floors from residences to other uses.

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