Prepositions used with "research"

"of research" or "for research"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases research of is used

One of the best source of research.

They also do a lot of research there.

The culture of research changes over time.

If you're not sure how to plan an event or how to get started, do a bit of research.

It will give you an excellent idea of the depth of research that makes a great book.

Most experience in decommissioning has been gained through that of research reactors.

As a graduate student in Education, I appreciated the breadth of research and ideas represented in only 219 pages.

I got it from the web!! Over thirty years ago (closer to 40) I was already doing a lot of research on Vaccination.

Our advice to everyone is to do a bit of research now on how you might be affected and what you might do about it.

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers from UCLA and Kaiser Permanente's Division of Research in Oakland, Calif.

In 17% of cases research for is used

Just for research purposes you understand.

This is great security for research notes.

I couldn't live without the internet for research.

VV: Inspiration is important, of course, but you also need a database for research.

The study was done by the Center for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University.

About the Author Brent Baker is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media.

This Federal Register notice provides the last opportunity for public comment on priorities for research in 1996.

If you wish to use the data for research publications or any other purpose beyond training, consult first with A.

The money that has been spent for research and development still is very high in the United States but it is falling.

In 13% of cases research in is used

His company specialises in research, events, experimental.

All we could do was over prepare in research and equipment.

Farmers can be more greatly involved in research activities, he said.

We make a significant amount of direct investment in research and product development.

In the long term, he plans to invest in research and also in schools as he always felt that U.

Many of these doctors are employed in research and so their time for clinical work is restricted.

We need increased investments from private as well as public sector in Research and Development and agriculture 5.

But Matthew Farrelly, of RTI in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, said he wasn't sure the researchers could.

The Universities of Ghana and the Witwatersrand are already partnering in research and teaching in selected areas.

One of the real strengths of RIU was that it had great flexibility in its investment in research into use programmes.

In 6% of cases research on is used

What did change was the enormous focus on research output.

Some multinationals spend millions of dollars annually on research.

Corning spends almost 10% of its revenues on research and development.

Our defence services apparently lay great stress on research and development (R &D).

You did 22 years on research on Osho but besides your little private crusade against Mr.

And in the meantime the spivs continue to get rich on research grants from the government.

Chances are these store have spent a great deal of time on research and testing, so it is well worth taking notes.

Because people do not support a UN funded IPCC and base their opinions on research, it does not make them heretics.

This uncertainty was palpable last month during a colloquium on research funding organised by the Royal Irish Academy.

Based on research, banana pulp and peels have natural antibiotic properties, research shows, and also fight inflammation.

In 4% of cases research to is used

The Gold value has never depreciated according to research.

As to researches, omega-3 fatty acids are unfit for some certain diseases.

Even just enlightening the general public as to research outcomes would be something.

Housework According to research, men are not only happier when they do housework, they also experience better health.

In addition to these two reasons for including this section, it was a fascinating subject to research and we hope that.

According to research, those driving 10 mph slower than the prevailing speed are more likely to be involved in an accident.

According to research house Morningstar, the average annual fee charged by the nine broad-based Australian share ETFs is 0.

At a peak, 20,000 Western Electric employees were subject to research by a team of Harvard scientists and up to 100 investigators.

According to research at Bonash University, Australia, Reflexology can remove lactic acid from the legs four times faster than massage.

This may be because according to research from Family Investments, 56 per cent of parents with eligible children had not heard of the JISA.

In 3% of cases research by is used

This variety is provided by research.

We also offer higher degrees by research.

And by research I do not mean watch RTE or listen to Newstalk.

However, intake for postgraduate programmes by Research is open throughout the year.

The scale of this problem was highlighted by research conducted at Princeton University in 2006.

What we do must be subject to the proof provided by research either at the outset or in evaluation - or at best both.

A good example of Robotics at work are the many Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in use by research companies, as well as the military.

About this article City's influence over Conservatives laid bare by research into donations This article was published on Friday 30 September 2011.

In 3% of cases research with is used

I can help with research and writing if needed.

I began my journalism career in Hanoi back in 2000 with research on returned refugees.

The CNSE is involved with research programs and collaborations in each of these areas.

The trouble with research is there is always some other research to say the something different.

With research showing that those same-sex marriages occurring in Maryland will spend approximately $62.

Experimental psychology deals with research on human mind and behavior with the use of scientific processes.

However, with research it is possible to find good income producing investments that don't involve too much risk.

And for students, seeing that staff are up to the minute with their subjects and engaged with research is a vital part of our offering.

Consistent with research, for many families in this study, mothers appeared to be more likely to make major changes to work than fathers.

It is a fascinating book loaded with research about a cycle of generations that appears to be a pattern in this country since its inception.

In 2% of cases research from is used

We know from research that consumers today are overwhelmed.

Not all projects get a guernsey from research grants bodies.

Principally that comes from research overhead dollars, and it comes from private donations.

Some of the most interesting evidence for this last theory comes, not from studies of the blind, but from research on the blindfolded.

Some people think marginalized groups should be protected from researchers -- but that may be patronising and disempowering in its own way.

Yet it is not happening and we are compelled to wear helmets that do not address the concerns despite recommendations from research into oblique impacts.

From Research Paper To Funding The idea for Box originated from a research project that Levie, who was then a college student at USC, was working on in 2004.

In 2% of cases research through is used

Sociology is done through research, the same as you would do research to find the Best Kratom Capsules.

The only way you will know how to clearly communicate with your market is by learning through research about them.

Hiring freelancers effectively will be done through research, planning and setting your budget and also, through Freelancers.

Through research, the pair discovered they are actually distant relatives, sharing the same ancestral ties back to Mission Dolores.

Through research with our audience, they told us loud and clear they do like seeing themselves on television, they do like live-action.

Giving USA is a public outreach initiative of Giving USA Foundation, which endeavors to advance philanthropy through research and education.

Support their efforts to adapt to climate change through research that genuinely responds to their needs, while rapidly scaling up the best practices.

It is also worth mentioning that SPS faculty members have attracted considerable individual support through research projects from DST, DBT, CSIR, etc.

In 1% of cases research at is used

You're better at research than I am and you know how to prepare a witness.

Perhaps your head of faculty got that job because he/she wasn't much good at research.

He is co-chairing one of the Prime Minister's ' Champion Groups ' on dementia, looking at research.

We all agree that research papers should be freely accessible, though some agree with this proposition more than others.

Those who excel at research should have positions which are largely research, perhaps providing lectures only at a more advanced level.

If you have a passion for excellence, a drive to achieve and the desire to work with others who share those qualities, you belong at Research In Motion.

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