Prepositions used with "regime"

"of regime", "for regime" or "in regime"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 38% of cases regime of is used
    Neocons just used 9/11 to push teir agenda of regime change.
    The opaqueness of regimes -- the Kremlins of the world -- is a self adopted metric of power.
    Once again, war in pursuit of regime change is the real goal behind the ' humanitarian ' deceit.
    There was censorship and don't for get Ethiopia has gone through so many different types of regimes.
    Gender needs to be removed from the issue, as conflating it so doesn't help the victims of regimes like this.
    I'd not what you'd call anti-communist particularly but I'd anti any sort of regime that's not democratically chosen.
    However; the preference of regime A over regime C is not dominant, since the score of both is in close proximity to each other.
    McMahon's long life, which spanned most of the nineteenth century saw a bewildering succession of regimes come and go in France.
    The whole raison d'etre of regimes like Iran is that they claim they are fighting on behalf of the Palestinians to liberate their land from Israel's occupation.
    Of course, Marxists want to see the removal of regimes such as that of Assad, or Gaddafi, just as they wanted to see the end of the Turkish regime in the Balkans.

    In 15% of cases regime for is used
    In the aftermath of the elections Girifna continued to push forward and organize for regime change.
    Neocons such as Kristol, Perle and Feith signed letters calling for regime change in Iraq AND stating that Israel is a staunch ally.
    The impacts of each of the options on revenues and royalties were estimated for the baseline and growth scenarios and for regimes that include and regimes that exclude DAR s.
    The first two figures provide estimated royalties for regimes with DAR s, while Figures 5 and 6 show results for the same options in private copying systems that exclude DAR s.

    In 15% of cases regime in is used
    Let me just say, the United States has no interest in regime change.
    In regimes that include MP3 s, royalties are much higher in the growth model than the baseline model.
    In the past decade, even with changes in regime, City Hall has become increasingly top-down and inaccessible.
    Galloway has a large Rolodex of friends in regimes elsewhere in the world willing to roll out the red carpet for him.
    As one would expect, royalties in regimes without DAR s are well below those in comparable regimes incorporating DAR s.
    This is less of an issue in regimes that exclude MP3 s, since, in these systems, much of the legal downloading would involve the use of recording devices that have not been levied.

    In 7% of cases regime with is used
    They do not come automatically with regime change.
    Perhaps they emerged together and have lived side by side, changing with the times, with regimes.
    And I think this theme of the unintended consequences of great powers getting into business with regimes in other countries is highly relevant obviously.
    The human rights community is also struggling to find the right voice and positioning in dealing with regimes that are smarter, have some veneer of democratic legitimacy than.

    In 6% of cases regime on is used
    The focus is on regime change, not regime existence.
    This in turn makes it more difficult for those who are keen on regime change to pursue that agenda.

    In 3% of cases regime over is used
    The more the opposition wins over regime bases, the more they acquire weapons.
    However; the preference of regime A over regime C is not dominant, since the score of both is in close proximity to each other.

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