Prepositions used with "reform"

"of reform" or "for reform"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases reform of is used

They should be the drivers of reform.

The economy is in desperate need of reform.

The Conservative party is not a party of reform.

How do you reduce Q with the same or better outcomes? That is the very nature of reform.

There is a need to speed up the pace of reform here in a pro-agriculture policy approach.

On the consequences of reform, see: Charles Seymour, Electoral Reform in England and Wales.

The Department of Energy is investigating further methods of reform to effectively restructure the distribution sector.

David Cameron put very little of himself into promoting what he had once hailed as a defining act of reform and devolution.

I think the possibility of reform and engagement ceases when an author/director starts insulting/offending his/her audience.

Further, conservative Senate Democrats are actually just as, if not more, supportive of reform then progressive Senate Democrats.

In 31% of cases reform for is used

Crises are always also opportunities for reform.

The Lib-Dems who voted for reform can say they simply changed their minds.

Britain's priority must be to push for reforms that would bring about a more flexible EU.

Britain's priority must be to push for reforms that would bring about a more flexible EU.

As already mentioned, all three potential Majority Leaders in 2011 have called for reform.

As a result, the GMEI does not establish the basis for a clear dialogue for reform that reaches across the secular-Islamist divide.

Singh eventually won his case on appeal, and the campaign he mobilised was an important catalyst for reforms that are now set to become law.

Ain Leuh is hardly the only village to have seen the emergence of a local committee, known as a comit, pushing for reforms of various sorts.

The only reason I can find for supporting Wyden's bill is that he expands the exchange and at this point, that would be a huge win for reform efforts.

In 6% of cases reform on is used

Restructuring is reliant on reform.

He is adamant that the various approaches based on reform of capitalism will not work.

These changes build on reforms that were passed in June 2010 as part of the Balanced Refugee Reform Act.

On reform of the banks, Sir Mervyn was less supportive of Government policy -- hinting at tensions with the Chancellor.

Contrary to this, the policy makers seem to concentrate on reforms that will make access to capital cheaper and easier.

Our roundtable dives deep into the state of football at the youth/community level with a discussion on reforms -- and implications on the game up to the professional level.

In 4% of cases reform with is used

Senate Democrats of all stripes are on board with reform.

Throw Obamacare in the trashcan and let's start with small and cautiously with reform.

Failure to push ahead sufficiently with reforms meant that the country was not on the list of new EU members four years later.

Hence Zizek is opposed to the market but he is not opposed to capitalism if it can be combined with reforms and the prospect to increase the standard of living.

Thus, it becomes in creasing ly urgent, if we might learn from the past, to restore international monetary order now, with reforms to re-establish a stable dollar and stable exchange rates.

In 3% of cases reform in is used

We will revive the economy here if we can make more efforts in reform, provide good systematic conditions, and more importantly, have new ideas.

Reform Pilot Enrollment was based on the TANF enrollment for those in Reform Pilot counties and over age 1 (245,494 -- 14,245 (under 1 year old) = 231,249).

Reform Pilot enrollment was based on the SSI enrollment of those in Reform Pilot counties, over age 1, and not on Medicare 49 (36,370 -- 187 (under 1 year old) = 36,183).

In 2% of cases reform about is used

Kim said he would be more specific about reforms at the next meetings of member countries in April.

Right now the American people are both anxious about reform, and, I suspect, frustrated that Congress looks like it's about to squeeze out another huge initiative that doesn't do much for the better.

In 2% of cases reform over is used

Labour, divided over reform but united in loathing the coalition, was never going to come to Clegg's aid.

Sir Mervyn also hinted at tensions with the Chancellor over reform of the banks and warned that the euro crisis remained the biggest threat to prosperity.

In 1% of cases reform at is used

The wider reform agenda overlaps to some extent but is aimed at reforms that transform the civil service and enable us not simply to get by with less but to do better with less.

In 1% of cases reform towards is used

But it was clear from the start of the ' Ministry of all the Troubles ' that the path towards reform would be a slow and bumpy one.

The Kasha, in turn, agreed to make some progress towards reform in its own time, in consultation with the people to ascertain their desires.

What evaluations and targets can be built-in within the charter that will allow for the individual countries to assess their own progress towards reforms in education for the 21st Century.

In 1% of cases reform without is used

Health and social care will be the primary pressure on public finances, and without reform funding will be unsustainable.

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