Prepositions used with "reflection"

"of reflection", "on reflection" or "for reflection"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases reflection of is used
    DB: A matter truly worthy of reflection.
    The idea of reflection is equally important and makes its unmistakable presence.
    It was not a glance of reflection, but rather indicated a suspension of intelligent thought.
    The fact that he's ' chosen ' this other girl and not you isn't any sort of reflection on you.
    Following the movie, a few moments of reflection on the movie and the posed questions should be given.
    Just move the angle of reflection to eliminate the light? Followed the instruction and it's really helpful.
    This feature makes use of static types to ensure that (modulo any use of reflection) its answers are fully accurate.
    Radical Christian feminism, however, is not the only extreme form of reflection on gender in theology that I criticize.
    Why? One's self is in fact a collection of reflections that appears in a mirror that is shattered to a countless number of pieces.

    In 20% of cases reflection on is used
    On reflection, I agree with him.
    On reflection we were lucky to escape unharmed.
    He asks us to recognize, on reflection, their obvious truth.
    The horse was a pampered animal and, on reflection, a delicate animal.
    I do not believe that these people, on reflection, can maintain that stance.
    On reflection it would be more humane if one had to wait until the next stop.
    The one thing I felt slightly uncomfortable with (on reflection) was a question they both asked.
    On reflection, it is quite a responsibility to colour in someone's judgement about where to live.
    But does raising the issue, in whatever way, not somehow intrinsically help generate some sort of movement against poverty? On reflection, I believe no, it doesn't.
    On my return to Iraq, I felt I had already been acquainted with them, and this time it was to be a deeper pilgrimage, one focused more on reflection and action rather than awe.

    In 18% of cases reflection for is used
    They usually need more time for reflection.
    This is retribution and a time for reflection.
    A time for us to sit and think and find a reason for reflection.
    Question for reflection from Jonah and the Whale: Jonah thought he knew better than God.
    For reflections on the problem which are based upon a broad knowledge of the subject, see also E.
    It's good to get time for reflection and renew energy, and to get a bit of sun and sustenance to face the new term.
    First, it recognizes the signal importance of human experience as a source for reflection on Christian faith and morals.
    Most formal learning is content-heavy and interaction-poor, provides little opportunity for practice in context and for reflection.
    The site offers a unique opportunity for reflection on the meaning of freedom and oppression and on the importance of a society's respect for human rights.

    In 7% of cases reflection with is used
    But the question is can we do that with reflections? Yes we can! Here are the steps.
    Expect posts with reflections and updates from myself and others on the Mozilla Webmaker team.
    My troubled mind overflows with the whole deep sense of it all -- overflows with reflection and perception.
    The following questions may be used by students, guided by tutors or lecturers, to help with reflection and evidencing.
    I have endured nearly all of the bad anniversaries of the month with reflection and tears and a continued sense of loss and confusion.

    In 5% of cases reflection upon is used
    Upon reflection many years later I realised my mistakes.
    For one reason or another I didn't take that rest but pushed on which upon reflection was a mistake.
    To add to this the main plot itself while being self-contained at first glance, is fraught with loose ends and frays upon reflection.

    In 4% of cases reflection in is used
    This increases the size of ice caps which results in reflection of even more radiation, resulting in more cooling, and so on.
    We returned back from cellular jail, in reflection, in quiet reverence to the great Indian struggle for Independence and valuing our freedom that much more.

    In 4% of cases reflection through is used
    Faces became a source of light through reflection.
    One can learn through reflection of oneself or others.

    In 3% of cases reflection by is used
    It looks for a way to identify its own foundations and to purify itself by reflections on those foundations.
    He learned that wisdom was unique to each person, and that he had to learn his own wisdom by reflection on whatever source he could find.

    In 2% of cases reflection about is used
    It is not possible to cover everything about reflections in one post.
    Humanity is partly about reflection on the things we do and experience, and here again, Savage has chosen the path of the animal over the human.

    In 1% of cases reflection like is used
    To my knowledge C++ do not provide anything like reflections on its own.

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