Prepositions used with "reference"

"of reference" or "in reference"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases reference of is used

Of course, examples are useful as a frame of reference.

The comma (,) combines a number of references into one.

Google him -- page after page of references, images, video.

See below for a small selection of references to research on wildlife tourism and.

Not all of these could be cited due to the limited number of references permitted.

Things inside the frame of reference of the Universe must obey the laws of physics.

Just trying to get some thoughtful discussion about what ' spinning ' might mean in terms of frames of reference.

I wonder if we could hold an absolute position relative to an unknown point of reference, would time stop (for us).

It is true that we have had a LLRC and they have investigated what was within the terms of reference given to them.

We had no point of reference, and eight hours were lost trudging back and forth in the endless sinking grass fields.

In 24% of cases reference in is used

My quote was in reference to one of Fr.

His oeuvre is rich in references to other films (e.

These would be in reference to the the dollar bills.

Dan Arnold was mentioned in reference to trafficking in narcotics and arms in the U.

The one thing I really wanted to say was in reference to your picture from your past.

Oliver's statement is in reference to the 2011 findings of Filipino Ornithologist, Dr.

The quote is in reference to the good done by Caesar being forgotten but his misdeeds remembered after his death.

In reference to eligibility, RI may not have the legal knowledge to understand and comprehend the eligibility issue.

A substantive motion is a self-contained proposal made in reference to a subject which the mover wishes to bring forward.

Please knowthat most of these reviews are in reference to south street, which is no longer a bottom of the sea restaurant.

In 11% of cases reference by is used

Curtayne illustrated by reference to the bank with which Mr.

A fee can then be calculated by reference to the liquidated claim.

PS Platform or provided to you and (ii) incorporated by reference into these.

When we assess our criminal justice system, we do so by reference to certain values.

We learn, too, that nothing can be understood except by reference to everything else.

This Agreement incorporates by reference all other Agreements contained in the mymind.

The trouble is that the public good can not be determined by reference to a generally accepted objective standard.

From here you can search by reference number using the text box or select the account that you would like to look at.

Life choices are not made by reference to long-term impacts alone - people also expressed a need to enjoy life and feel happy.

Most wishes related to reducing the perceived negative impacts of work in some way, usually by reference to working fewer hours.

In 11% of cases reference for is used

We also routinely ask for references.

For reference, see the System Overview.

The following are the records for reference.

I will give you a functional example of the importance of GA annotations for reference.

A fork scan takes about three minutes and all the X-ray images are stored for reference.

Use it only when you are looking for references you require on the basis of your study.

Or, the individual slides are also included for reference as expandable thumbnails in the margin of the transcript.

She is now banned from the computer till we come over and fix it, just for reference Had a call from them yesterday.

The JDF is for reference only and must not be merged with the main JDF of the Job using spawning and merging methods.

This Element is for reference only and must not be merged with the main JDF of the Job using spawning and merging methods.

In 8% of cases reference without is used

No essay or speech of his was complete without reference to Mill.

William Harvey later explained the circulatory system without reference to Ibn al-Nafis in 1628.

No study of this art is possible without reference to religion, which it served and the man who preached it.

In your first post &; this recent one the things you say without references to metronomes are good advice (imho).

In your first post &; this recent one the things you say without references to metronomes are good advice (imho).

This is the temporary work permit visa and is not issued without reference to the Comptroller - General of Immigration.

In the world we live in, bank loans create deposits and are made without reference to the reserve positions of the banks.

This blind strategy without reference to a marketing research has seriously jeopardized medium/small SPs ' own development.

Ask them to explain their beliefs without reference to politics and what they say precisely mirrors conservative philosophy.

The Ninth Circuit found that Google could be liable for the link without reference to Google's role in the uploading of the linked-to file.

In 5% of cases reference with is used

At least do us the courtesy of backing your ' story ' with references proving us wrong.

Our literary, political and cultural commentary is littered with references to mateship.

This naturally comes with references to Captain Cook, kiwis, earthquakes and sheep jokes.

Some pieces may not age well, with references to Bill Gates, Britney Spears, the DC-area snipers, etc.

I would like to hear specifics of the concerns you have with immunisation, substantiated with references.

They also boast a Hemingway room, quieter and lined with reference books and the perfect place to woo another attractive bookworm.

ANDREW ATCHISON's scratchy black drawings of landscapes and loaded objects are Art Brut reminiscent with references to hobby and craft.

Ogonda, George Ndege, and links to other writers like Bethwel Ogot, Anyang Nyongo, and Godfrey Muriuki with references to their sources.

The situation that existed during the Kosi response were then reviewed and evaluated with reference to the existing distribution network designs.

Yes, Infocom influenced the builders of the web in a very deep way, and many web sites and applications are peppered with references to this shared history.

In 1% of cases reference including is used

Figure 8 shows the 2011 rankings for these kinds of constraints (now including reference to print materials as well) broken down by subject discipline.

In 1% of cases reference on is used

Follow up on references both from the recent past and further back in time.

Labour offices select retraining providers based on references and previous experience.

In 1% of cases reference to is used

Appointments will be subject to references and enhanced CRB checks.

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