Prepositions used with "recession"

"of recession" or "into recession"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases recession of is used

Japan -- as of September 2008 -- is once again on the verge of recession.

Also, the effects of recession on this sort of thing are kinda unpredictable.

In conditions of recession, this is by no means inflationary, as the monetarists allege.

Some of the reforms should be enacted now but implemented later to avoid the risk of recession.

They were promised by John Key that this year New Zealand would emerge aggressively out of recession.

One way brands respond to the problem of recession is denial: they ignore it and act as if nothing happens.

Far fewer people would have been made unemployed, and the likelihood is that we would already be out of recession.

The world demand in the future is harder to predict, because we're heading into a time of recession (at the very least).

Just as you can not spend your way out of recession, you can not, in a global economy, simply spend your way through recovery either.

At a time of recession, with rising homeless numbers and many charities facing funding cuts, this is without doubt a challenging ask.

In 29% of cases recession into is used

In the GFC, it was the only Western country to not go into recession.

The economy is spiraling into recession; John McCain says more of the same.

Germany has been the main reason why the eurozone has not fallen into recession.

Our company is surviving in spite of the fact that the economy has gone into recession.

However, if UK bank lending drops by just 5 per cent, that will easily be enough to tip the economy into recession.

The eurozone tipped into recession in the third quarter or three months to September, with the economy shrinking 0.

But unlike Greece, which was forced into recession by misguided EU taskmasters, Britain has inflicted this on itself.

Even after such a massive downturn thanks the casino bankers, the Tories have STILL managed to take us back into recession.

Could it? -- that exemplifies the growing sense I have that policy makers are steering the world economy back into recession.

That means that it has been five full years since the American economy first tipped into recession amid a gathering financial storm.

In 16% of cases recession in is used

Japan officially claims that it is in Recession.

We should help the market to develop in recession times by building alliances and investing in the future.

The economies are in recession; it means GDP is on the decline which imnplies GDP per capita is on decline.

The Treasury pointed out that the eurozone, on which Britain depends for trade, was forecast to be in recession.

In fact, the wealth of the top 1% is notoriously volatile and drops precipitously in recessions and depressions.

According to Eurostat five of the countries that use the euro are in recession Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Cyprus.

Show them that you are not as stupid as the show protrays you! - Europe already in recession / depression, Japan and US right behind them.

However research indicates although moderate drinkers could drink more in recessions, heavier drinkers are more likely to be forced to cut down.

While manufacturing looks to be in recession, and income has contracted slightly, most of the rest of the economy still appears to be moving forward.

At least seven of the 27 European Union countries were in recession in the third quarter, including euro zone members Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

In 5% of cases recession to is used

That will lead to recession an d deep depression.

Sovereign governments have to fiscally stimulate more at present to avoid a return to recession.

Even after such a massive downturn thanks the casino bankers, the Tories have STILL managed to take us back into recession.

Could it? -- that exemplifies the growing sense I have that policy makers are steering the world economy back into recession.

But it is feared that the return to recession and weak growth for the rest of the year will hamper efforts to reduce the deficit in future.

Share this article: Comments (789) Look at the graph carefully, we may have technically diped into recession but compare the figures to where we were under labour in 2008.

In 4% of cases recession from is used

There is no quick bounce back from recessions caused by financial crises.

It referred to my view that the UK economy would not bounce back strongly from recession.

Britain's recovery has lagged that of all other major economies, which have emerged from recession earlier.

Canada's economy bounced back from recession more quickly than did that in the United States, and quickly regained all the jobs that had been lost during the downturn.

Romania obtained a 20-billion-euro ($26-billion) rescue package from the IMF, the EU and the World Bank in 2009, in exchange for steps to cut public spending, which helped it emerge from recession.

In 3% of cases recession during is used

Inflation is more cyclical than has been measured, due to store switching (going to Walmart during recessions).

On average, decline in real GDP during recessions would have been at least 70% more severe without the stabilization effect from services.

Having said that, with the changes in the world economy, film festivals -- which are always prone to budget cuts during recessions, have found it useful to survive by re-inventing themselves.

Many of the audience for that first report were participants in what is now the CELRE survey: that minority of ICT employers who think ahead and try to avoid laying off staff during recession.

In 2% of cases recession by is used

Much of it is familiar but it's made all the greater by recession as this report spells, allowing for all the uncertainties in forecasting.

Some of the charity's individual branches have reported more than a 30 per cent increase in people using food banks since the UK was hit by recession in 2009.

In 1% of cases recession around is used

The thinking around re-naming a public holiday was around recession and Govt less likely to be forthcoming of another official one just at the moment.

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