Prepositions used with "reason"

"of reason" or "For reason"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases reason of is used

We do so for a number of reasons.

There are a number of reasons why.

There are a lot of reasons for it.

People try to run away from God for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways: 1.

Has that ship now sailed? There are a lot of reasons businesses don't want to let go.

There are a couple of reasons to keep the number of bands on your chips to a minimum.

Throw in the fact that he is a complete non-factor in the passing game and there is a lot of reasons for skepticism.

While the data show that students who study more units tend to gain higher ATARs, there are a number of reasons why.

Excess weight can be due to a lot of reasons like, over eating, lack of activity, hormonal changes and over sleeping.

Of course, there's no guarantee that Shanghai will ever get as far as Hong Kong has, for a whole plethora of reasons.

In 24% of cases reason For is used

For reasons I can't really discuss with you.

For reasons I will not go into here I know it works.

You must be obsessed with Osho for reasons I do not know.

I think the second of these two options is the more likely for reasons explained below.

For reason itself contains the standard for the critical examination of every use of it.

It is possible to lack an appreciation of humor for reasons other than social ineptness.

It's for reasons like this that you still have to speak in whispers if you want to tell a joke about Lee Kuan Yew.

He took part in almost all of Muhammad's expeditions, but after Muhammad's death he abstained for reasons unknown.

For reasons not known, this version of the film ground to a halt part way into production and was left uncompleted.

I think a lot of people in the West are miserable for reasons they could change in 20 minutes if they really wanted.

In 5% of cases reason by is used

Their spiritual activities are ruled by reason.

But how do we know all this? By reason and not via the senses.

Place of trial where act is offence by reason of relation to other offence 180.

The study of universe reveals that it is ruled by reason whom the Stoics call Divine Reason.

The issue concerns whether the proposed delegated legislation is invalid by reason of uncertainty.

Finding or sentence when reversible by reason of error or omission in charge or other proceedings 537.

A contract of reinsurance is one by which an insurer procures a third person to insure him against loss or liability by reason of such original insurance.

Proceedings not invalidated by irregularity 134 No proceeding under this Act shall be deemed invalid by reason of any defect in form or any technical irregularity.

In case a vacancy arises by reasons of death, resignation or removal or otherwise, the election to fill that vacancy is held as soon as possible after the occurrence**.

Immunity 105(4) No corporation or person acting on its behalf incurs any liability by reason only of circulating a director's statement in compliance with subsection (3).

In 4% of cases reason with is used

The bad guys are bullies with reasons.

We can utilize this water with reason and balances.

And you'll find that we back up our assertions with reasons.

Recent emigrants may feel, as Byrne said, abandoned by Government -- and with reason.

Explanation: The connection attempt to queue manager ' &4'; failed with reason code &1.

Explanation: The attempt to open object ' &4'; on queue manager ' &5'; failed with reason code &1.

Explanation: The attempt to set the attributes of queue ' &4'; on queue manager ' &5'; failed with reason code &1.

Viewing the partner as endowed with Reason, they must be trusted with the truth and their judgment must be requested.

Explanation: The attempt to inquire the attributes of queue ' &4'; on queue manager ' &5'; failed with reason code &1.

The YST, though, is about ingenuity and resilence -- the human capacity to meet challenges with reason and imagination.

In 3% of cases reason within is used

Make sure that you keep it within reasons.

They were required to balance their budgets within reason.

Any topic that is football related, within reason, is not off topic.

Capt is the only player allowed question a refs decision within reason and it works brilliantly.

During this time, the player can move freely about the train and do as they wish, within reason.

If you can't find what you're looking for, leave a comment below and we'll add it (within reason!).

The trend is deflationary, so inflationary policies - within reason - would actually make the economy healthier.

As you found, there are ways to economize within reason, but you can't economize the emergency vet visit, after hours.

If you can't find what you're looking for, leave a comment at the bottom of the story and we'll add it (within reason!).

Chan Wing Chun expressed that he is the type of person who will fight for things that he feels are just and within reason.

In 3% of cases reason Without is used

He is not without reason, of course.

You CANT look through anyone's phone without reason.

But they are scared like never before, and not without reason.

Following something on mere beliefs, without reasons or logic.

General malice, sadness or happiness without reason is common too.

But I (still) have the right to call it retarded, and not without reason.

An army of one in a war without cause, without provocation, without reason.

If you choose not to provide one, you are implying that you accept the premise without reason.

And not without reason: although it might be comforting to dismiss anti-Islamic outbursts in the U.

Still, among Muslims abroad, Washington's repeated denials notwithstanding, suspicion persists and not without reason.

In 2% of cases reason on is used

Without measurement criteria, evaluation can not be based on reason.

Of course, the reasons are not based on reason (there, I said it, you can all shoot me now).

At the end I've also included a link to 2012 paper on reasons for non-cycling in Australia.

He took time thereafter to reflect on reasons why he failed with such a huge amount invested.

To impose a restraint on reasons that are motivated by religious faith is arbitrary and illiberal.

Anyway, surveys normally do not touch on reasons for drops or increases in ratings of public officials.

You have to remember (despite what the YECs say ), Christianity is not based on reason -- it never makes that claim for itself.

At that point, I suggest, a valid principle of restraint on reasons does after all apply (to both? religious? and? secular? reasons).

The entire line then can be seen as an attack on the very possibility of empirical knowledge and a defence of knowledge based on reason.

In 1% of cases reason beyond is used

It's way beyond reason and any sensible perception of how the political process works.

At the level of simply accomplishing the goal of genocide, these acts go beyond reason.

Why the press vilifies our US manufacturing that has made vast improvements in quality is beyond reason.

Likewise His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are supreme, even when they seem to go beyond reason to us.

We have to understand that a large section of our fellow Malaysians are intransigent, recalcitrant and utterly beyond reason.

As London began to grow at the end of the 18th century, and then to mushroom beyond reason during the 19th century, the rivers became a big problem.

And that's because when we use encryption it would take man hours that are beyond reason to decode any encrypted message where the key has been destroyed.

In 1% of cases reason in is used

No a priori knowledge in the sense of what rationalism contends to be present in reason is ever possible.

Then, in response to that, we lost our trust in reason to know about reality and turn to subjectivism and co.

This fact alone should, in any society grounded in reason, be more than sufficient evidence to completely strip the U.

Direct or immediate knowledge is given to us relatively in sense-perception, and absolutely in intuitional revelation, but not in reason.

In 1% of cases reason to is used

We will refrain from appealing to reasons we know they can not accept.

But here liberal secularism engages in a sleight of hand: it proposes that we should somehow show equal respect to reasons.

It disallows rational discussion, reduces the reasons why one would choose old school gaming to reasons that one feels, not one sees.

Note if you didn't pass more than half of your course due to reasons beyond your control, you may still be able to get another Student Allowance.

Due to reasons of budget management, the Swedish Foreign Ministry has decided to close several of its embassies/consulates abroad, including their embassy in Colombo.

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