Prepositions used with "quote"

"of quote" or "in quote"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases quote of is used

Keep a list of quotes from that person in your packet.

The following are a couple of quotes from a CNN article.

Writing several lines of quotes before adding the attribution.

The incorporation of quotes to provide participants ' perspectives also lengthens the study.

Sarlo, you speak of quote: ' a truly liberated person ', yet how can you honestly say Osho was that.

It only requires a couple of quote comparisons to determine that backloading removals are far less expensive than brand name, dedicated trips.

I can't imagine anyone reading over 300 comments of back-slapping and mindless recitation of quotes from your Big Book O ' Atheist Soundbites.

Is that one rule for Blackstars and another for everyone else? Or is this still frowned upon regardless of the colour of your star? End of quote Robert.

Is it only a coincidence that the White House's favored explanation is by far the less politically explosive of the two? (END OF QUOTE) So what the writer on www.

With a keen eye for detail and a sharp wit, Quotable New Zealand Quotes is Jim's third collection of quotes, and serves as a lasting tribute to his full and varied life.

In 22% of cases quote in is used

What is the grammatical name given to the construction in quotes? Answer: An adverbial clause.

Question (1) What is the grammatical name given to the expression in quotes? Question (2) What is its function? Answer (1) Adjectival phrase.

Question (1) What is the grammatical name given to the words in quotes? Question (2) What is the grammatical function? Answer (1) Noun phrase.

In 13% of cases quote with is used

Quote Reply with quote is used when you want to make a reply to a certain post.

Attach luggage tags to balloons with quotes that mean something to you and release them with your guests at sunset.

So McCrone report needs to be delivered to every household along with quotes the Unionists made about Scotland at the time.

That way, they could push more edgy, gritty, 90's style dark riders (black, rx, shin, ZO, J ), with quote and quote adult themes like sex, gore, mutilations.

In 11% of cases quote for is used

Find, compare and book instantly - no more waiting for quotes Low service fees.

Previous to accepting a mortgage supply, contact a number of lenders for quotes.

The Change Order and Request for Requote variations are included within Request for Quote.

Vaughan, a zen master of the sound bite, became the media's go-to for quotes on Mayor Rob Ford's antics.

These include the option to quote All/None orders, the Request for Quote feature, the option to disclose the member ID etc.

When you're submitting a ' request for quote ' (or RFQ ), don't expect your ordering contact to know the product inside and out.

You can omit closing tags, there is no need for quotes around attributes and many other things that were considered bad in the past.

Table 4-1: Business objects as defined by PrintTalk (Sheet 1 of 2) Object Type Description References Direction RFQ (Request for Quote) Initiated by a buyer to a print supplier.

I actually had something typed up to refute it, but it wasn't consistent with what I actually believe or do on the PRSI (and didn't want it used for quote mining against me ), so I deleted it.

In 8% of cases quote to is used

If you're the sort of person who underlines quotable passages in books, bring an extra highlighter because there's a lot to quote from in this book.

In 2% of cases quote within is used

The Requote and Change Order Quote variations are included within Quote.

Repeat search with synonyms and by putting all the words or some of the words within quotes.

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