Prepositions used with "public"

"of public", "to public" or "for public"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases public of is used

Here I can think of public domain examples.

Receive Significant Levels Of Public Support.

Fear of public speaking ranks number one on most lists of phobias.

SSL relies on a pair of public and private key technologies provided by Verisign, Inc.

Performance poets have taken their work all over and engaged with all kinds of publics.

The Office of Public Works this week advertised the tender for the information booklets.

And author sahaab, you would have got the mood of public going all against you, and by public I mean educated public.

It is no longer clear what benchmarks to use when assessing the use of public land for forest and non-forest purposes.

X XAs I've noted in several places previously, i am less than pleased at Xthe amount of public backing my response received.

In 15% of cases public to is used

Well done bringing this to public.

Lets keep this simple and relevant to public opinion.

On 16th, the group's CPC vice secretary apologized to public at a press conference for the disaster.

Of those who stayed, 90 per cent of the population, according to public opinion polls, supported Castro.

Website plays an important role in reaching out to public worldwide and letting them know about your product.

Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries.

The Libel Reform Campaign and others have set out clearly what a Bill should address with regard to public interest, ISPs and corporations.

The one-of-a-kind functional role of their position is noted, historically, in the attempted terminological switch from New York to Public.

In 11% of cases public for is used

I also checked out the paper (free for public access so anyone can).

Other Google services will be added later when this feature available for public.

The law provides for public access to government information, but in practice it has not been fully effective.

ITM Power have produced hydrogen power units that can be used at home and bigger units for public and fleet use.

Updated Apr 5, 2006 Was this review helpful? Turtle Helpfulness sern 77 reviews 1 more image Turtle Sanctuary The center open for public for free.

Response rates were calculated with standard conservative survey research definitions (RR1 from the American Association for Public Opinion Research).

BEHIND BARS: David Blake working in Wellington Prison's printing room where, brochures for public and private companies are printed using prison labour.

Gillard will go to the next election simply because, who could they replace her with? Rudd is on the Nose, sure he seems better lined for public opinion.

In 8% of cases public from is used

What we are experiencing at the moment is the shift from public to private government.

This covers 17,260 entries from public and private cemeteries in the District, including headstone transcriptions.

Hybrid clouds take the best features from public and private clouds, tweak them a little higher, and add value to their service.

The company will raise Tk 135 crore from public through floating three crore ordinary shares of Tk 10 each at an offer price of Tk 45, including a premium of Tk 35.

In 5% of cases public on is used

I had coaching on public speaking skills with Creative Shift, for example, before this event.

His latest film, KNFR From 7:00-7:30, is a parody of Saturday morning children's shows on public access TV.

I am in no way defending nor supporting the action of the hindu/muslim or any religion fanatics who try to impose their code on public.

So, the lesson from all this research on public opinion is not to change the policy to meet the demands of the public, but rather to change the discussion.

Get Free Claims Advice If you need help with an injury, work related accident, traffic crash or accident on public or private property, our solicitors can help.

And these conceptions can take such a grip on public opinion that they are all-but impossible to shake loose, however ill-founded they may in time begin to seem.

In 4% of cases public at is used

Instead, another story form which recounts the adventures of spirits is narrated at public and private sacrificial rituals.

To add to the fun this year, the mayor has included a Kids?? 1K Fun Run for children 12 and under, which also starts and finishes at Public Square Park.

Many concerned members of the Malaysian public have been trying to do their part to help me by recommending various local neurosurgeons, both at public and private hospitals.

In 4% of cases public between is used

The contrast between public and private behaviour may be stark.

It entails a refusal to demarcate the boundaries between public and private, society and individual, political and personal.

T o help the the tourism industry adapt and change, the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo ), was set up to play a co-ordinating role between public and private sectors interests.

In 4% of cases public by is used

We are in no doubt that the President was boxed into the corner by public opinion against the increases.

And author sahaab, you would have got the mood of public going all against you, and by public I mean educated public.

Results are produced for various industrial, occupational and geographic breakdowns, as well as by public and private sectors and age groups.

In 4% of cases public with is used

And it is in line with public opinion and the weight of submissions received by the Commission.

I think, Mr Khare is right not in touch with public otherwise he couldn't have dared to write such crap.

I'd pretty comfortable with public speaking in general, have done some radio and TV interviews, so I wasn't fussed.

A blind blonde could see from 20 football fields away that bravo was going to edit it down and go with public opinion.

With public opinion about same-sex marriage becoming more favourable, the role of the issue in the upcoming election is uncertain.

John Mann, the Labour MP for Bassetlaw, who has campaigned for a stricter expenses regime, said the watchdog was out of tune with public opinion.

But his popularity plummeted after a lamentable display with public opinion further turning against him when he blamed the wide points defeat on a broken little toe.

The quarter will be permeable, with public access, so that people can see and take part in what we do; it will even have a caf-restaurant opening onto a new market square, welcoming all.

In 2% of cases public about is used

Is it because they are as concerned about public opinion as much as the Torys? We all know that certain northern towns have had immigration problem / riots in their history.

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