Prepositions used with "protest"

"of protest" or "in protest"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases protest of is used

A wave of protest issued from Jakarta.

Their form of protest was an unusual one.

It is a method of protest that is often used.

So as a sign of protest people were putting Charles Darwin in as a write-in candidate.

Both his friends exploded in a storm of protests of the absolute untruth of his words.

It's a PR disaster, and shows how innovative forms of protest unsettle authoritarian leaders.

As a measure of protest, the Defence counsels decided to boycott the tribunal proceedings in the second session of the day.

It began to take form in an atmosphere of protest against biological determinism and laissez faire doctrine in human affairs.

The archbishop of Canterbury and Ed Miliband have spoken of the power and seriousness of protest at this catastrophic moment.

We've speculated that it may be some big game realease like the SIMS? Someone also think it is some form of protest AGAINST EA.

In 38% of cases protest in is used

Ou recalled Taiwan's Tokyo representative in protest.

Didn't watch the game in protest of this Bulls team as constructed.

He and an overwhelming majority of his people vote NPP in protest only.

All courts shut down with judges and lawyers staying away in protest against this attack.

Davis, resigned in protest Monday over deletions ordered by White House lawyers and aides.

Alesha said Shafilea's eyes were wide open in horror and she was kicking her legs in protest.

Clooney did so in protest of Bashir's suppression of the Nuba, an ethnic group in the border regions of South Sudan.

Weidemann's predecessor, Axel Weber, quit the ECB last year in protest at the ECB's now dormant bond-buying programme.

Meanwhile, over in Greece workers will be taking part in a general strike in protest at the country's financial plight.

A section of those present walked out in protest at the fact that local favourite Mahroof Hussain had not been shortlisted.

In 5% of cases protest for is used

This year the attacks on public workers provided an additional push to unions to use May Day as a vehicle for protest.

These images were disseminated in the 1 980s and 1 990s in cities like New York as a means of using the street as a forum for protest art.

High prices for food have added to widespread public anger over losing the south and have emboldened opposition activists to call for protests.

Calls for protests on Facebook and Twitter have rocked the Middle East and North Africa in recent months, even toppling decades of authoritarian rule.

The Root is a platform to propagate social &; environmental issues and it strives to be a canvas of artistic expression, a playground of design, a platform for protest &; propaganda.

He is the most prominent target in China's crackdown on dozens of lawyers, writers and activists after online campaigns calling for protests similar to those in the Middle East and north Africa.

In 5% of cases protest to is used

The people of this country have resorted to protests to win their rights.

Unfortunately, the park was becoming a place where people came not to protest, but rather to break laws, and in some cases, to harm others.

Some people grew tired of Parry's ways, leading to protests that eventually saw him sacked but you have to appreciate what he was trying to do to the team.

As the Race Four results are subject to protest and lengthy deliberations are taking place at the time of going to press this Race Report only contains race three results.

In 2% of cases protest after is used

Protest after protest, they have managed to convince the Australian Govt.

I called for a no-fly zone on February 23, just 8 days after protests began.

WORTH A new barrier near the United States Embassy in Cairo, constructed after protests in September.

In the past few months, 41 schools in the province were closed after protests turned violent and children were forced to stay away from school.

In 2% of cases protest despite is used

Despite protests by the Austrian Green Party who argued that such an idea would cause air pollution, the live performance went ahead, and was aired on several TV channels.

We also recall that before the recent bombings in Zaria, Kaduna state, security was abruptly withdrawn from the affected church, hours before the attack, despite protests by the church leaders.

In 2% of cases protest during is used

The killing of at least 15 demonstrators by US troops during protests in Falluja this week illustrate how quickly the occupation can turn bloody.

In 2% of cases protest with is used

The Olympics, of course, have a long and troubling history with protest and dissent.

Excerpts: SL: You were first identified with protests against the construction of the Kandalama Hotel.

The anti-Muslim sentiment has spread across Myanmar, with protests outside a mosque in the main city of Yangon.

In 1% of cases protest by is used

The meeting was marked by protests outside and protest votes inside.

According to the Indonesian Employers Association, 292 businesses have been targeted by protests and six have been temporarily shut down.

The war was preceded by protests in Benghazi beginning on 15 February 2011, which led to clashes with Gaddafi forces that fired on the crowd.

In 1% of cases protest on is used

More than half the residents attend the meeting and resolve to put up posters on Republic Day expressing their dissent, as well as sit on protest on 27th January, 2012.

It's hard to believe Rollout The Carpet has only won two races, but don't forget she has had one taken from her when losing the Diamond Stakes on protest earlier this year.

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