Prepositions used with "property"

"of property", "to property" or "in property"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases property of is used

They were also of property and influence.

Renting of property now rising even faster.

A lot of property and assets were destroyed.

It inevitably led to bloodshed, poverty, destruction of property, and demoralization.

Not to do what we like with our own! It is an infringement on the rights of property.

In other words, government is cancelling claim of property ownership -- a fascist act.

Gold is the choice of free informed people and stands as the protector of property rights and freedom from tynanny.

Abduction, raping, looting and destruction of properties, are only routine matters on the part of the terrorists.

Having this much now under our belts, we can now appreciate and understand the automatic synthesis of properties.

This confirms the principle that the ownership of property does not transfer to person who takes it for safekeeping.

In 14% of cases property to is used

The damage to property was estimated at $30 million.

There was incalculable damage to property and other assets.

Damage to property, agriculture, and tourism in Belize was estimated at $225 million.

Ditto property investors, which are generally a minority element in property markets.

These economic losses include: Damage to property, assets, infrastructure and factories.

In Soviet Russia the right to property is severely limited yet the Russians are no less hard working than the Americans.

At other times it may apply to property alone- such as the Wilayat of the trustees of endowments and executors of wills.

The worst affected village during the floods, in terms of loss of life and damage to property was Jorganwa in Murliganj block.

In 11% of cases property in is used

I am an investor who invests in property.

Please also note that investing in property have risk too i.

The same applies to investing, whether in property or the stock market.

There are also risks that consumers and investors face in investing in properties.

Ditto property investors, which are generally a minority element in property markets.

Own millions of dollars in property and investments? You're still eligible for superannuation.

The extra money can be used to invest in property, share market, unit trust, gold, or amanah saham for higher ROI.

For this and other reasons, consumers and investors investing in properties should really have a long-term perspective.

The Board takes into consideration any increases in property taxes, improvements to the property and other related factors.

In 8% of cases property for is used

As for property, give me a break.

Revenue for property investments rose 1 per cent to S$41.

Many a villager had more love for life than for property.

In 2010, the stamp duty for property transactions above $20 million was raised to 4.

Then line for property address then security instrument info states WAMU again not chase.

In 2011, a special stamp duty was levied for property transactions that were sold within 2 years.

On the basis of the return you can get for property versus the cost of it, Ireland has still got some way to fall.

In fact, important political and economic changes have provided an enabling environment for property rights issues.

I didn't say that flood insurance was unavailable; you can buy flood insurance for properties well outside the floodplain.

Land Registry, for example, is generally about 100 for properties valued between 70-100k and 200 for anything between 100-200k.

In 8% of cases property on is used

Garth, would love to see a blog on property assessments.

Medina has a most interesting and enlightening stance on property taxes.

Business owner allows or does nothing to deter unlawful activity on property.

Livestock production and common property struggles in South Africa? s agrarian reform.

Instead, as an addition to my financial portfolio, I'd keen on property as an asset class.

Beam quality Discussion on properties of laser will not be complete without making an assessment of beam quality.

Other global cities that performed well on returns on property investments included San Diego, Portland, and Seattle.

Costs incurred after default: Utilities: Arrears that form a lien on property, taken over by a lender, are eligible costs.

Kirk, presented at the International Symposium on Property Rights, Risk, and Livestock Development, September 27? 30, 1998, Washington, D.

In 3% of cases property with is used

Those with property will join us.

We are a country obsessed with property investment.

Hi, I signed an agreement with property seller for a plot of 120 sq.

The government on the island has been absconding with property that belongs to the islanders.

There is a point to the stolen bike saga and it's to do with property rights and their protection.

With property prices falling, younger people generally prefer renting than put their money into housing.

Anyone with property interests who managed to sell up before the collapse has enjoyed some serious gravy-train action.

Find an broker experienced with property foreclosures just bailey button ugg boots like Temecula California Real-estate.

If ever a sign was needed that the Irish economy, Irish society and the Irish state is too pre-occupied with property this is it.

Choose materials with properties that minimize water absorption or that have greater thickness in order to delay water transport.

In 2% of cases property by is used

I recently did a search of MERS by property address and 3 mortgages were listed as ACTIVE.

Now by properties I mean explosive, oxidising, eco-toxic, residual hazardous, flammable and they all have concentrations.

If it is only used by property two, then it would be unusual for anyone other than the property two owners to be responsible.

Many loans to small businesses were backed by property, and three quarters of the local banks ' lending were to these small businesses.

House prices are where they are in large part due to buy to let (with related tax breaks ), to manipulation of the base rate &; due to land banking by property developers in the boom years.

In 2% of cases property from is used

Assume higher prices if you choose from properties made by prime real estate developers.

I'd not sure their ingenuity at making and losing money from property will be applicable to other industries.

A bailout came in the form of a Rs276 million, reportedly from property taxes, distributed to the towns to help with garbage disposal.

The store that rents the equipment has to have liability insurance to protect them against lawsuits arising from property damage or personal injury claims.

If you consider that football incomes (which also included match-day receipts at the Emirates Stadium but not revenues from property development) were A225.

The sharing of profits or of gross returns arising from property by persons holding a joint or common interest in that property does not of itself make such persons partners.

In 1% of cases property at is used

Surely it is about time that property was taxed.

In my line of work, we often look at property trends and propose solutions.

The Four Seasons occasionally does the same, at properties such as the Tented Camp at the Golden Triangle.

If the prices have stabelized, then you want to start looking at properties that will qualify for a VA loan.

Due to the Lodge's unique location on the outside fringe of park's boundary, many activities are offered here that are not available at properties inside the park gate.

Marriott Hotels banned transfats years ago and now urges chefs at properties to serve more reasonable portions and include whole grains and organic ingredients in dishes.

These are rather simple actions you can take that you can must at property so that you have minimal amount of cash and they ' re all are been exposed to and guaranteed on the basis of experts.

In 1% of cases property into is used

But, for a number of reasons, New Zealanders have tended to put their savings into property, term deposits and finance companies.

Helga came from Holland, got involved in tourism, opened her own office, expanded into property, opened Corfuhomefinders Dassia office.

Objectifying the tree basically consists of turning the elements in the tree into formatting object nodes and the attributes into property specifications.

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