Prepositions used with "proof"

"of proof" or "as proof"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases proof of is used

The burden of proof in this case is on you.

MCOCA was applied despite the lack of proof.

Instead of accepting the burden of proof, U.

This jury believed it with not one iota of proof but disregarded the evidence the PT had.

This underscores the cautionary warning embodied in that old adage about absence of proof.

I have always said that the burden of proof rests on those who would restrict our liberties.

If there was abuse or corruption, we will hear about it, but so far there is not one iota of proof showing cop abuse.

The burden of proof lies with you -- you need to show how Poetry Foundation has espoused a philosophy of discrimination.

Same thing goes now -- we're not in the realm of proof; nor in the realm of easily-verified history (some 2000 years on).

But if the backroom organisers showed that Britain could still excel, the country's athletes delivered an excess of proof.

In 31% of cases proof as is used

One serves as proof of the other.

And he had the uniform on display as proof.

Keep all of your receipts as proof of purchase.

He was then provided by Allah with miracles as proof of his truthfulness and his message.

The two interpreted what they saw as proof of American connivance in the military takeover.

Email requests for cancellation can not be guaranteed or construed as proof of cancellation.

This still left the team jubilant who declared that they have sufficient data to cite as proof of the accomplishment.

Acquire copies of the gazette where your name change is published and use them as proof of your name change when necessary.

In 10% of cases proof for is used

Don't misconstrue your belief for proof.

Just look at his booby-trapped apartment for proof.

However, it is not necessarily a requirement for proof of Mi'kmaq ancestry.

For everything the modern generation clamours for proof, authenticity and verification.

For proof of that fact, all Republicans have to do when Congress reconvenes is look across the aisle.

Hernandez is what has the police hunting for proof and for the holy grail -- motive, the prosecutor said.

For proof of this, you only have to look at the success of self-publishing sites like Smashwords, Lulu or Createspace.

For proof of how much of a ' fascist ' Ellul was, how much of a ' prat ', let us travel, in our imaginations, to Jerusalem.

In 8% of cases proof without is used

But we won't accept words without proof anymore.

And it's not OK to declare someone dead without proof.

Any invoice/purchase without proof of payment is excluded.

Ghana Cypher will not just clamour into the air without proof.

This is an important function of our mission - to offer Truth without Proof.

Discard the surrounding influence in which some is just a result of words or opinions without proofs and evidences.

Discard the surrounding influence in which some is just a result of words or opinions without proofs and evidences.

Other Answers (2) Anyone who donates money to an individual on line without proof of where the money goes must be foolish.

And whoever interprets a verse or hadith in a manner that deviates from its intended meaning without proof dalil is a kafir.

Unless he can discharge the burden of proving truth, general damages are presumed, and may be awarded without proof of pecuniary injury.

In 5% of cases proof to is used

Sorry need to proof read better.

You'd never get to proofs that are one page long.

If people want the paper to proof read everything it prints let them edit it.

If insurance coverage is refused due to old age, this requirement may be waived subject to proof.

So it is not proof to a mathematician or a scientist, but it is comparable to proof as used by social scientists.

If the designer is a small retailer or company then it is harder to proof who have designed that special piece of luxury jewellery or watch.

Top Tip: If you are sourcing content from others to build an online course, ask them to proof it in terms of spelling/ content etc before sending it to you-.

It is not difficult to proof that the Christian Dutch took evangelism seriously to the extent of manipulating translation to serve their propagation purpose.

The attempt had failed, thought Pascal, not so much because it chose the wrong methods, as because it aimed to prove the wrong God, a God susceptible to proof.

In addition to proof as to the place of establishment of the customer outside the Community, the supplier must also furnish proof that the customer is a taxable person.

In 5% of cases proof with is used

I am not just interested in your claims, can you back it up with proof we can refer? 3.

In my opinion they pick and chose what they will investigate, not what they are asked to look into by families, with proof of crimes.

In the event that your credit card has already been charged with proof of clearance of payment, you will be refunded as soon as possible.

His book adh-Dhakhira is a magisterial 14 volume work recently published in the Emirates, that looks at Maliki fiqh with proofs from usuli sources.

In the light of Christ (and this principle of creation and fall understood within him ), everything in creation now? bursts forth with proofs of these two truths?

Look at what happened to Joe Wilson's wife who was outed as a CIA agent after Wilson came back from Niger with proof that allegations of Saddam seeking uranium there were bogus.

In 2% of cases proof in is used

The rebels in Proof of Life most certainly count.

They use the law to uncover the fraud in Proof of Claim.

Affidavit in proof of conduct of public servant 515 539A.

That officer uses a red pen and marks every entry in proof of the check he has done.

In 1% of cases proof on is used

Unused local currency can be re-exchanged on proof of authorised exchange, and visitors are advised to retain all currency exchange receipts.

In 1% of cases proof upon is used

Admission to this body was conditional upon proof of competence or experience.

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