Prepositions used with "promise"

"of promise" or "with promise"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 55% of cases promise of is used
    Isaac is the miraculous son of promise.
    There is a word for that type of promise.
    It visits Abram even in the land of promise.
    Some words are sweet like honey, bringing words of promise and blessing and consolation.
    This first visit of Abram to Mizraim, or Egypt, is occasioned by the famine in the land of promise.
    There is such a sense of peace and of promise when you are out in the very early morning, as if anything is possible.
    Piniuta, Land of Pain, Land of promise: First Person Accounts by Ukrainian Pioneers 1891-1914, (Saskatoon, 1978 ), 179-195.
    By next Saturday we may have conclude our transfer activity in both directions, and so, a new season of promise and hope begins.
    Of course he's still very raw and could do with beefing up a bit, but with pace to burn and decent technique he's full of promise.

    In 20% of cases promise with is used
    The post-flood world was also a world with promise.
    We are required to pay into Social Security with promise from our Government.
    One intervention with promise is parental skills training, which the IRC is piloting in Liberia.
    It knows when you stray and beckons you home with promises of dark arduous trials and pedogogical death.
    The outfielder entered the game with promise after the Cubs made him their first round selection in 1991.
    In Ibrahim's village, 300 out of 1000 people have left with promises of sending money to those left behind.
    Casa appears to have made in-roads among young voters with promises of better jobs and homes since its creation in April.
    Chocolate slaves are young children, bought from their parents with promises of wealth, made to work long days with no breaks.
    They know that they can remain in office for as long as they bombard the people with promises to be accepted and installed in office.
    And Nokia needs to start realizing that and addressing the issue instead of trying to placate the angry hordes with promises they fail to deliver on.

    In 5% of cases promise on is used
    We can not live on promises alone.
    Anand and Meenakshi Mangal, Vikas and Richa Taneja and Gurpreet and Sarleen have made vows on promise Day that they seriously plan to keep.
    Romney said the law would not have been necessary if President Obama had followed through on promises to reform federal immigration laws in his first term.
    The takeaway from Geron and Elan is that the public markets investors will richly reward companies that do indeed deliver on promises made, but will punish them severely for falling short.

    In 5% of cases promise to is used
    Let us not be gullible to promises of politicians especially promises that don? t make sense whatsoever.
    That's her avatar, right? I suspected most politicians are smoking after listening to promises they've made in the past year or so.
    They have to be responsible, shouldn't play with too much politics or else the rakyat will be confused and attracted to promises like this which in reality will ruin the country.

    In 4% of cases promise by is used
    They can also tap its customer base of women borrowers and turn them into a serious vote bank by promises of loan reductions or write-offs.

    In 3% of cases promise despite is used
    Ask them why they haven't met or spoken with us about our legitimate concerns despite promises to do so in the seven years since they took over.

    In 3% of cases promise for is used
    They were given the legal form that stated intent to receive the infant for promise of reward.
    Santi Cazorla continues to impress, and the performance of Abou Diaby gives reason for promise.
    As for promises, all I can tell you is that the seven principles in this book are simple and logical and make sense.

    In 2% of cases promise like is used
    I love to hear him sing live for some popular songs like promise &; Let Me Cry.
    Some of these movements, like promise Keepers, have been well-intentioned and have helped people.

    In 2% of cases promise Under is used
    Always remember the under promise and over deliver theory.

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