Prepositions used with "program"

"of program", "in program" or "for program"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases program of is used

A variety of programs associated.

Here the question of program comes in.

This kind of program has never been on before; it looks good to people and it's realistic.

This kind of programme lets you talk to an instructor and to see and feel how locks work.

The package of programmes he inherited can hold while he reflects on how best to help us.

You should also enlist in some type of program at a gym or otherwise commit to serious and healthy physical activity.

Give us a referendum where we get to vote for or against that sort of program and I guarantee you a turnout over 80%.

He always has exciting games and presents to give, and he is often generous (unless you had been naughty, of program).

In 12% of cases program in is used

Income inequality in program areas was reduced by 8.

His methods are still used today in programs like P90X and Insanity.

The second main change is the relative decline in programme descriptions.

The four honorees are tied for the most in program history, matching the 2007 and 2009 squads.

Most graduate interns will be involved in programs that last from between four months to a year.

Western will compete at the CIS championship this week for only the second time in program history.

The Treasury added that it is particularly interested in program participation by small, minority- or woman-owned businesses.

The Gryphons ' 7-1 conference record -- including seven straight wins to close out the schedule -- is the best in program history.

In addition, building a health-focused work culture and requiring participation in programs also increased employee participation.

He worked as a well-known television personality in programs such as The Capital Gang, Crossfire, and Evans, Novak, Hunt, &; Shields.

In 11% of cases program for is used

For programmes delivered in Singapore,.

Please click here for programme details.

For programmes delivered in France, VAT (19.

Continue searching for programs using steps 2-4 6.

This feedback should be used for program improvement.

For programmes based in Europe, this figure is 71 per cent.

Sometimes it's hard to get funding for programmes with them.

The result is a map that is suitable for programs using raster scan.

This Admission is for Program of DPT starting from 2012 and ends at 2016.

The flip side of this is that we have more students now than spaces for programmes such as law and medicine.

In 7% of cases program to is used

When it comes to programs like ZeekRewards.

Click on the link to Programme Validation CBT.

Fixed Programmes Often we need to give much attention to programs already in place.

Unlike the LGPL, this doesn't just apply to programs that are linked with the original code.

Since dynamically typed languages aim to present a higher-level view of the world to programs (see e.

Familiarise yourself with the validation requirements relating to programme elements and in particular the structuring of programmes.

Worth of Grants: RSSAF gives small grants of up to 1,500 to programmes of economic, political and social development in sub-Saharan Africa.

In 6% of cases program with is used

With programs like Zeekrewards.

Add changes to disadvantage with your wireless, with easy scanner with program programs.

The way to succeed in network marketing then, particularly with programs like ZeekRewards.

We are partnering with programs in Baltimore and Virginia to make sure calendars are in synch.

Many students have come up with programs that have been used to tackle the health problem of people.

Municipalities have had a major influence in this movement with programs to dispose of recyclable waste.

I have seen this in dozens of classrooms of novice teachers, often associated with programs like Teach For America.

BBC4 has been screening old editions of the programme each week for almost 18 months, beginning with programmes from 1976.

Understanding the role social plays in how viewers connect with programs and other people is essential to defining the future of television.

In 5% of cases program on is used

Most highly efficient charities are able to spend 75% or more on programs.

Most highly efficient charities are able to spend 75% or more on programs.

The cost per semester for eligible students will vary depending on program length.

In 2008, total resources administered on program and emergency support amounted to USD 112.

But at the hard core of governing is money - raising it in taxes, spending it on programs.

With the row dominating the headlines, the focus on programmes and policies has been obscured.

For three years, he also developed, coordinated and followed through on programs for new products, advertising and customer service.

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.

It is difficult to find out the real percentage of donor dollars spent on program services due to the inconsistent quality of charitable self-reporting.

Then, how unfair, the government taxing ART or ETV on programs like this? If we take the target audience #2, there's a huge vacuum in entertainment programs there.

In 3% of cases program About is used

I do think that its a good thing to inform at-risk groups about programs that are available.

Kigeugeu also talked about programmes and policies, but he has been in Government for 4-years and all he has done is to engage in juvenile activism.

Q: Speaking about programmes that didn't fit the brand in terms of animation, I think there's a certain style and look that you can say is distinctively Cartoon Network.

Much is heard about programs in connection with Modernist art, but there has actually been far less of the programmatic in Modernist than in Renaissance or Academic painting.

In 2% of cases program as is used

Help to make agendas as well as programs to maintain your self on the right track.

Feeling angry at this sight, I took out my whiteboard and marker, and asked for her name as well as program of study.

Schmidt has made films for the strand since 1999, as well as programs for cable outlets such as Discovery, National Geographic and History.

In 2% of cases program by is used

How to Make Money from Your Television Shows Advert Rate Advertising rates are determined by program popularity.

Data will also include data received from Programme Partners about JPMiles earned as a result of using services provided by Programme Partners.

The concert is the culmination of many hours ' practice and rehearsal by the children and the Sistema Aotearoa tutor team, led by Programme Director Dr Joe Harrop.

This is particularly true in areas such as crystallography, where crystallographic structures are routinely reviewed by programs which encapsulate more expertise than most humans, and e.

In 2% of cases program through is used

This role can be pursued through programmes on the rights of ethnic groups, dalits, women and disabled people.

At a time of increasing social need and tight fiscal restraints across the country, we need more opportunities for service -- through programs like AmeriCorps or.

Can you recommend a plan of action to go from ZERO >to something spendable, through programs like Stockgen? Some of the early Stockgeneration players did make fortunes.

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