Prepositions used with "profit"

"of profit" or "for profit"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases profit of is used

Locking in another $106 of profit.

A target of Ksh 18 for some booking of profits.

They didn't follow abstract computations of profit and loss.

The blend is the combination of profit, social and environmental return on investment.

Do not forget to trade it in at closing bell tomorrow afternoon for some amount of profit.

Like any business the purposes of profit are to enjoy it and re-invest it in future activity.

They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.

Captain Luke Collingwood's human cargo was perishing and his hopes of profit were being replaced by fears of bankruptcy.

It is a toxic process, and the people will understand that they have been sacrificed in the name of profit and progress.

In 30% of cases profit for is used

The days of war for profit are over.

Running a blog for profit is a business.

The consensus estimate is calling for profit of $1.

These were displayed in front of the ' exhibits ' and sold to the audience for profit.

Corporations have no built-in limits on what, who, or how much they can exploit for profit.

But even Kyoto is suffering from the general business desire for profit at the expense of beauty.

As someone who has experienced the not for profit arts sector first hand, I relate completely to what you point out.

Secondly they destroy the beautiful animals under the escuse of sports, medicinal value, skin for profits, and food.

But it's not just the traditional ' big money ' animals that are being slaughtered for profit at unprecedented rates.

I'll give even money that the aliens were brought here by a military contractor corporation to start a war for profit.

In 14% of cases profit in is used

These benefits are $132 increase in profits.

The company did not give a reason for the expected rise in profit.

Microsoft overtook Apple in profits in 1991, and revenues in 1995.

In this case the car ferry service could be in profit whichever accounting system is used.

Most of the companies have been showing decline in profits for the last several quarters.

Some firms, however, have no interest in growing in size despite any sort of growth in profits.

It has to be sad for fans to look at their club and realise that the owners were and are only interested in profits.

In Profit Maximization concept it refers to the amount and share of national Income that is paid to the owners of business.

Businesses are consistently reporting losses or decline in profits over previous periods as consumers reduce their spending.

Business people will do well in fresh ventures and the increase in profits will help them expand their routine work activities.

In 5% of cases profit on is used

Murabaha / Morabaha (Cost-Plus Financing) Lit: sale on profit.

But it's dangerous to fixate on profits because they don't always paint a true picture of what's going on.

In fact, it's entirely possible for a healthy-looking company to blow up in your face if you focus on profits alone.

Beyond reducing your cost of operation, the biggest lever on profit is usually the price you can charge for your product or service.

Future expectations were little-changed since September, however, while developments in input and output prices put further pressure on profit margins.

What is capital gains tax? Basically, it is a tax on profits that an investor realises when he or she sells an asset at a price that is higher than the purchase price.

The average corporate tax rate -- in other words, the tax levied on profits -- for the world as a whole decreased from 38 percent in 1993 to less than 27 percent in 2007.

Such obstacles resulted in local tax bureaus being unable or unwilling to collect taxes on profits earned by individuals from the sale of art for a significant period of time.

Cuba's health care system is revolutionary because rather than focusing on profit, it has made its focus the health of individuals, which capitalist countries have de-prioritized.

In 4% of cases profit with is used

It can be read with profit by a wide range of readers,.

Trader thinks that he can close most of the transactions with profit.

Volunteering has a lot to do with profit; yet, never uses an accountant's books.

We are printing Survivor Scooter T-shirts (logo front and back) for $15 each with profits to charity.

Instead of losses, subsidies provided American cotton farmers with profits of $127 per acre on average, or $1.

Many commenters on radio suggested the Scottish whisky industry is acting selfishly and only concerned with profits.

Castlebeck Ltd has also been lucrative for its owners with profits of around 30 million Sterling in both 2009 and 2010.

Although focused primarily on an academic readership, the treatise can be read with profit by anyone fascinated by the enigma of time.

That being said, for many new media publishers that 15 million might be more than enough to keep a newsroom gainfully employed with profits to spare.

It seems that under the OTPP's thumb, the organization was more concerned with profit than wins, given the years of mediocrity among all the MLSE teams.

In 3% of cases profit about is used

They seem to be about profit not people.

Unfortunately the health industry as of late is more desirous about profits as an alternative of health.

Violence in Ghana is a spiritual contest, not physical and democracy is not about policy, it is about profit.

There are other oddities about profits that have nothing to do with actual cash coming in or out of the business.

We all know MegaChurches are about profit not prophets, and acknowledging evolution is bad for the dumbed down God Bidness.

CEOs, consultants and change managers get all fired up about an improvement push (mainly about profits and change and fees).

Hang on! that would affect property values and banks profits; silly idea - how could one forget it's all about profit not people.

He wants even more tax cuts for the wealthy and cares less about average working people than about profits as shown by his record at Bain Capital.

This is why they'll push for legislation like the DMCA and SOPA that suppress free speech because they only care about profits rather than civil rights repercussions.

In 3% of cases profit to is used

What raising costs does is cut into profits, not raise costs for comsumers.

Body Corporates: Maintain to Profit always respond promptly to queries and reply to all emails.

Mark and Maintain to Profit are my go to guys for all property maintenance work my clients need assistance with.

Corporations want to be private with respect to profit, accountability and decision-making, but public with respect to risk and loss.

These men, new to the company, emphasized efficiency in the trading process as the means to reduce costs and turn from loss to profit.

The current establishment has declared war on foreign countries without the consent of the citizens, only to profit special interests.

The contribution of intellectual property to profits is at the forefront of transfer pricing today, and is a significant focus of the OECD.

The extra 14 pennies would go straight to profits, if he raises the price of his pies, and the company would still pay less on its medical insurance premiums.

In 2% of cases profit into is used

What raising costs does is cut into profits, not raise costs for comsumers.

The cost of proving it's really owed would cut into profit, so they won't bother.

Limiting the amount of miles passengers can collect translates into profits for carriers, he added.

Also the manufacturing process will have fixed costs as well as initial costs that shall eat into profits.

I think that's very critical now, because it's not easy and the reason why in my book that I wrote, Brand Me: Make Your Mark: Turn Passion into Profit, I talk about the passion and the profit.

Looking at the actual trades it's clear that Essam Elmolla uses a long term strategy since losing trades are carried forward and hardly ever closed until they move (eventually) back into profit.

In 1% of cases profit as is used

Constructing a statement of projected income includes estimates of future sales and expenses, as well as profits.

A wholesale price should be your base price -- it should include renumeration for your time and the cost of materials required to make the item(s) as well as profit.

Other factors that pulled down business confidence were attributed to sales prospects as well as profit levels, according to MPC Chairman Dr Kofi Wampah who doubles as the acting governor of the BoG.

In 1% of cases profit by is used

However, growth in equity assets was capped by profit booking.

It seems to be motivated by profit rather than preserving the delicate ecological balance in this coastal area of Tai Po.

A for profit company as mentioned is motivated by profit and it isn't just MS bosses that are greedy remember they are a publicly traded company.

Right now i am sitting ok, and any loss makes have been covered by profit makers (I was reluctant to sell the likes of Asian Leader etc, but had to square things up.

Miliband and Burnham need to be making the case for an NHS that isn't fragmented by profit seeking carpetbaggers who will seek to cherrypick services for their profitability.

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