Prepositions used with "productivity"

"of productivity" or "in productivity"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases productivity of is used

It's cost us thousands of hours of productivity.

Use the discourse of productivity against itself.

A beacon of productivity shining brightly from the East.

Real job performance is more a function of productivity than hours worked anyway.

The rate of productivity is low, and unemployment and underemployment rates are high, especially among youth.

The advisor was reviewing a particular daily report which dealt with aspects of productivity, absentee rates, machine failure, down-time, etc.

The fact is that it is going to take several consecutive weeks of productivity before I have enough confidence to utilize him in my starting lineup.

Camby and Wallace combined to produce more than 10 wins for the Blazers this season, and at the time of the trade their level of productivity led the team.

The opposition is to an inflation target that will permanently elevate unemployment and prevent workers from bargaining a fair share of productivity growth.

If you think of the industrial revolution in England, if you think about why the United States has become so powerful, it's all really because of productivity.

In 22% of cases productivity in is used

The Labor Department also reported a greater increase in productivity to 1.

Increase in productivity led to the purchase of a complete computer network.

Growth in productivity reached a peak in the two and a half decades after World War 2.

I think that means we see a very small increase in the overall economy and pretty much no increase in productivity.

As humans, we've advanced and I feel like sometimes, it's appropriate when our work and efficiency in productivity does too.

We chose to exempt uncompressed video files as they tend to have large footprints and potentially cause delays in productivity.

This is the wrong way to go about things, especially if you would like to see an increase in productivity, which can then lead to an increase in profits.

The clarification and security of tenure rights are seen as essential issues concerning investment in farm land and even in pastures and improvements in productivity.

A manager who makes his/her decisions on his/her own, behind a closed office door is creating an atmosphere of alienation that can lead to employee turnover and a drop in productivity.

In 13% of cases productivity on is used

If indeed it is, then it has had no discernible impact on productivity.

Electricity has an impact on productivity similar to that of irrigation in Asia.

Even so, the ONS's numbers on productivity for the whole economy show that output per hour fell by 0.

Influence of cutting on productivity Frequency of cutting has a great influence on productivity as shown in Fig.

There is a huge relief effort already taking place but rolling black outs could impact on productivity in the medium term.

The result is a critical lack of trained personnel, in both the private sector and government, and negative impacts not only on productivity but also on the longevity of the IT environment.

In 11% of cases productivity to is used

The key to productivity is a positive state of mind.

At least on our side it was tied openly to productivity.

They can form an intimidating obstruction to productivity.

Nailing that has made a big difference, both to productivity and clearing head space.

Issues in assesing the contribution of research and development to productivity growth.

Another way of looking at the same process is the relationship of workers to productivity.

There are just a software of utilities that know new registry companies, thus you wo simply have to involve to productivity.

Rent seeking generally implies the extraction of uncompensated value from others without making any contribution to productivity.

Another reason could be that the official GDP data are understating economic recovery, thus giving a misleading outcome to productivity levels.

The website is also supported with fact sheets and simple calculators that relate the soil quality indicators to productivity and management options.

In 8% of cases productivity for is used

Cheap energy will do more for productivity.

He sees the US as the frontier for productivity improvement.

Human society all over the globe and its relentless quest for productivity.

He's found that working at home, although cheap and potentially good for productivity, is slightly anti-social and isolating at times.

But the international economy impinges on possibilities for productivity improvement in several ways, particularly in the transfer of technology from one country to another.

If you're like me you are the ultimate list maker, you can plan, organize and cram any project into any day using up every minute for productivity like a well oiled machine.

In 5% of cases productivity With is used

I've covered how well Android works with productivity software in the other posts in this series.

With productivity gain and a strong belief in savings for retirement, they will have no problem to support the aging population.

I found myself so obsessed with productivity that I was actually spending more time trying out various management tools than I was doing actual client work.

Hence what was potentially a useful attribute such as being very straightforward or forthright becomes a destructive attribute that interferes with productivity and harmonious co-existence.

Hence what was potentially a useful attribute such as being very straightforward or forthright, becomes a destructive attribute that interferes with productivity and harmonious co-existence.

In 4% of cases productivity about is used

The neo-liberal in this country bang on about productivity.

And the argument about productivity is not too relevant for most workers.

In 3% of cases productivity as is used

But in the next few years, others may be at par or even beat the games category such as productivity tools.

The 8P's of marketing plan are product, place and time, price, promotion, process, physical environment, people as well as productivity and quality.

New themes emerged for corporate and governmental clientele, such as productivity, improvement, quality performance, creativity, and office system development.

In 3% of cases productivity by is used

What's gtd got to do with it? GTD (Getting Things Done) is an organizational method created by productivity consultant David Allen.

In 1% of cases productivity upon is used

One of Deepak Chopra's Five Secrets to Happiness is enjoyment at work and that simple notion can have huge impacts upon productivity, well-being and profits.

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