Prepositions used with "producer"

"of producer" or "with producer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases producer of is used

We get profiles of producers, restaurants and regions.

She soon caught the attention of producers like Boris Gardener and Ruddy Thomas.

Also it's the responsibility of producers, writers and actors to uphold the standard.

However, this is not to say, that the rights of producers etc have not been kept in mind.

Stephen Spielberg was one of a number of producers who snapped up different rights to the WikiLeaks saga.

Fairtrade aims to create awareness of how we as local consumers can better the lives of producers all over the world.

He also thanked the many of producers and directors in attendance responsible for bringing Irish plays to US audiences.

After leaving the spotlight, Susan sank into the arms of producers and buried her head in her hands before starting to cry.

This benefits Amerian consumers at the expense of producers and non- dollar consumers who have to buy dollars first to buy petroleum.

Take a seat and gather your senses for a few moments, then click on over to read the full details from the mouth of producer Gary Kurtz.

In 19% of cases producer with is used

I love working with producers and DJs though, it's all really exciting.

Their worldwide success came when they returned to England and signed with producer Robert Stigwood.

She's currently in the studio working with producer Young Vibes and says the new tracks are real winners.

Whilst on tour with Odd Future, Hodgy and Left-Brain hung out with producer Thelonious Martin and make this tune, Break Ya Neck.

When I'd in the studio with producers to create music or when we realize our melodies on keyboards, our guitars, they affected my mind.

These areas have a bunch of their very own available vouchers each week and loaded with producers coupon codes you will be protecting huge.

Jason has again worked with producer and songwriter Jason Ingram, who also worked on previous album ' Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue ' (2009).

In the summer of 2011, they traveled to Georgia to record with producer Lee Dias who has recorded with bands like From First to Last and Mayday Parade.

The controversial actor was fired from his role as Charlie Harper in the hit US sitcom after a public spat with producer Chuck Lorre, and increasingly erratic behaviour.

The sessions took place with producers Ed Sanders (renowned poet and leader of the Fugs ), Patrick Leonard, Cohen's saxophonist Dino Soldo, and his partner, singer and songwriter Anjani Thomas.

In 12% of cases producer for is used

For producers, it's really about money.

Bob recorded the album Hanging Tough for producer Willie Lindo at his Heavy Beat Studios in Miami.

After their success with Gibbs, the group went on to make a string of albums for producer Sonia Pottinger.

It was in this way that he began working for producer Carl Davis, head of the Chicago branch of New York-based Brunswick Records.

However, without a singoff it will be even more necessary for producers to hype the likes of James to ensure his place in the final.

SUPERMAN LIVES (unfilmed, circa 1997-1998) Burton spent a year prepping a Superman reboot, with Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel, for producer Jon Peters.

It provides a platform for producers and artisans from throughout the region to demonstrate their work in the food, wine, interior decorating, travel and gardening industries.

Christopher Levy, chief executive officer of the Jamaica Broilers Group, said it was worrying as the prices were going up astronomically and it was very difficult for producers to react so quickly.

In 11% of cases producer to is used

It has moved them from being merely subsistence farmers to producers of a cash crop.

A share of the sale price from my song in ringtone format will also go to producers or other stakeholders.

NETWORK - Talk to artist reps, talk to photographers, talk to producers, make friends with modeling agents and go to industry parties.

As one of the producers for CBN News ' daily program Newswatch, Julia oversees the daily assignment of stories to producers, reporters,.

Also, I am grateful to a newfound Hollywood contact who has produced a screenplay based on the book and is currently shopping it around to producers and directors who might be interested.

In 10% of cases producer by is used

She was dumped and with good reason, by her boyfriend and by producers and directors.

These readings have been deftly woven into the CD by producer Gerry O'Beirne and engineer Billy Oskay.

And in case if you are finding this statement a little hard to belive then below are few basic features which are provided by producers of same.

In choosing to regard income tax as a factor payment paid by producers, the debit side of the Marxian net social wage disappears from my definition.

Not so long afterwards, de Borman was told by producer Finola Dwyer that she was looking for someone to direct a really great script she had optioned.

Examples of vertical arrangements include the formation of a co-operative processing facility by producers or a long-term supply contract between a producer and an input supplier.

Initially GM seed developers wanted their products to be accepted by producers so have concentrated on innovations that farmers (and the food industry more generally) would appreciate.

Provide for the establishment and financing by producers of systems for the recovery and treatment of WEEE, including provisions for placing financial guarantees on new products placed on the market.

In 8% of cases producer from is used

Then it started -- a steady stream of email messages from producers telling me what to ask.

But with the introduction of VAT at every stage from producer to end consumer, retail prices are now the same throughout India.

There were about 100 Irish creative people who were involved in the project, everyone from producers to directors to actors to whoever.

Is it no guts, or he is under orders from producers to give Rice a free ride? He let her get away giving a speech instead of answering the question.

De-regulating elec so big business gets to buy in bulk from producers all over, and Americans are stuck with the same high price from one or two suppliers.

In 4% of cases producer among is used

Regulatory policy and the development of science-based regulations can often be a complex give and take among producers and users, government regulators and the public.

The vicious downward spiral we are currently experiencing would become a virtuous upward one, with higher demand leading to greater confidence among producers and consumers alike.

In 3% of cases producer on is used

The Dirty Dozen Robert Aldrich's late-60s classic is on producer Joel Silver's slate for a remake.

Indeed, all income tax can be regarded as company tax; as a tax on producers ' contributions to gross domestic product (GDP).

Those who are challenging ObamaCare before the Supreme Court don't seem to care a bit about the mandates imposed on producers; they're bothered only by the mandate imposed on consumers.

In 2% of cases producer like is used

Being a finalist like producers are trying their best to do but not winning (like JLS, Olly, 1D, cher).

In 1% of cases producer after is used

Producer after producer on news programmes called asking for pro- and anti-GM guests.

Paul Woolwich says last week's ST report that he quit Channel Four's Hard News after producers wanted it to be less confrontational is false.

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