Prepositions used with "prize"

"of prize" or "in prize"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases prize of is used

In fact she is running one of her own with a super collection of prizes.

The second issue of prize bond introduced in 1985 was of 50-taka denomination.

Acceptance of prizes is deemed consent to use the winners ' publicity purposes.

There are now courts of prize over the enemies, and we have no persona standi in judicio.

Awarding of prizes is within 3 weeks after submission of correct information needed for awarding.

The third and on-going issue of prize bond of 100-taka denomination was introduced on 2 July 1995.

Jess Willard survives by the margin of minutes, perhaps only seconds, one of the worst beatings in the history of prize fighting.

Sale of prize bonds of 10-taka denomination was suspended in July 1995, since then these bonds were being gradually withdrawn from the market.

Here's the table of prize winners: Place Account Name Country Profit Prize Affiliate (ID) Prize 1 1526863 Moskalenko Igor Vasilevich Russia 74.

There are a total of RM70,000 worth of prizes up for grabs! Interested individuals will find it incredibly easy to participate in the contest.

In 20% of cases prize in is used

Out of 300$ million in prizes, 290$ million are food prizes.

In the last 6 months, we have facilitated over 300,000 euros in investment and 150,000 euros in prizes.

He raced professionally over the next three years, making an extraordinary 200,000 in prize money and twice beating Haynes.

The world number five took the women's singles crown and $48,750 in prize money by beating world number four Li from a set down 13-21, 22-20, 21-19.

The tournament featured a high quality line up and with a increase in prize fund and crucial World Series points up for grabs, there was a lot at stake.

Over the last week we've given away over $54,000 in prizes (in fact it's been closer to $60,000 because we added a few prizes and underestimated the value of a few others).

Although he was officially disqualified for being overweight, Miresmaeli was awarded US$125,000 in prize money by the Iranian government, an amount paid to all Iranian gold medal winners.

In 14% of cases prize with is used

Before or after the trick-or-treating has commenced, have a costume contest with prizes for kids and adults.

The contributor of the solution is, in some cases, compensated either monetarily, with prizes, or with recognition.

The Organiser reserves the right to replace the advertised prizes with prizes of the same or greater value at their sole discretion.

Following that, I would usually set mini class tests for students to recap on the concepts that I taught them and reward students with prizes for performing well.

A $5 suggested donation at the door gets you in, plus there'll be a raffle with prizes from local businesses including Papalote, Laundry Locker, Firehorse, and Three Twins.

Between the 15th and 29th November 2012, there will be 5 massive Swiss ice blocks appearing across London celebrating Switzerland's winter season and will be filled with prizes.

In 9% of cases prize for is used

The claims for prizes can be lodged within two years after draw.

Once I had a band and a place to hold the show, I started contacting local businesses to ask for prizes, donation and discounts.

In 2% of cases prize like is used

Somewhere else, the high winds whipped through the leaves of the trees, ripping some of them from their branches and loosening others for the next gust to carry away like prizes.

In 2% of cases prize up is used

There are 5 runner up prizes of beach party goodie bags to be won too.

In 1% of cases prize as is used

By encouraging patents here, it removes incentives for patent-free innovation such as prizes, which may fall more squarely within OIC values.

In 1% of cases prize concerning is used

The organizer does not provide technical support and insurance considering the prize, and is not responsible for any problems concerning prize condition and its transportation.

In 1% of cases prize from is used

Flaim says in his best years as an athlete, he might have earned $75,000 from prizes, honorarium and sponsorships.

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