Prepositions used with "priest"

"of priest" or "by priest"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases priest of is used
    So has the number of priests and religious.
    They also posting some pictures of priest converting into Islam.
    On the importance of priests, I would never say they're not very important.
    He claims the traditional Catholic Church is in dire straits because of a shortage of priests.
    Although the whole earth is mine, Exodus 19:6 you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.
    The number of priests increased slightly, from 405,178 in 2000 to 407,262 in 2006, an overall rise of 0.
    It's coming under scrutiny because thousands of priests sexually abused innocent children - that we know of so far.
    Drumcondra had a lot of civil servants and a significant presence of priests (see return for Archbishop Walsh of Drumcondra Rd.
    The CBCP itself admits there are a number of priests among the Catholic brotherhood who themselves quietly support the RH bill.
    Maybe it's of gathering with the rest of your class during a school retreat for a communal celebration before a gang of priests.

    In 17% of cases priest by is used
    It entered Malaysia only in the 1980s when it was brought in by priests who were trained in Taiwan.
    In the case of the Great Pyramid that largely amounted to recounting the tales told to him by priests or Arab guides.
    A Bishop might have under his charge many parishes, shrines to martyrs and places of pilgrimage, all of them served by priests.
    This double decline affects the traditional shape of the parish which relies on strong leadership by priests within a relatively small area.
    Those at Boonville were visited by priests, but had no church, while those in Pettis, with five or six small congregations, were regularly visited.
    Eligibility for Confirmation: Even in the West, priests can be authorized by their bishops to perform confirmations, and adult converts are routinely baptized and confirmed by priests.

    In 11% of cases priest for is used
    The shewbread was for priests alone.
    It is for priests seeking Protection for the Holy Eucharist.
    God would then make known whom He would honor as His choice for priest, to be his representative.
    The PMU is a spiritual apostolate for priests, religious men and women, catechists and lay people.
    The group was not only separated by distance, but was now divided into two separate dioceses, and it was not easy for priests to travel from one diocese to the other.

    In 6% of cases priest with is used
    Must be something with priests.

    In 5% of cases priest against is used
    Federal MPs have dismissed the response of NSW Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell who has launched an inquiry into police handling of abuse claims against priests in the Hunter region.

    In 2% of cases priest in is used
    I noted that this has been it's position in priest sex abuse cases.
    Of the continents, only in Europe was there a clear reduction in priests, from 51 percent of the world total to 48 percent.

    In 2% of cases priest to is used
    In a priest-ridden country, the same rule didn't apply to priests.

    In 1% of cases priest from is used
    My journey from priest to agnostic to atheist had several defining moments.

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