Prepositions used with "pride"

"of pride" or "with pride"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases pride of is used

Great article! I feel a sense of pride.

CS Lewis The opposite of pride is humility.

There is no loss of pride through taking a rest.

Service: A Matter of Pride Kaizen 1 - the Japanese philosophy of continuos improvement.

Shake his hands and regard asking him for his pardon to be a source of pride and honour.

She has a real sense of pride about her work and is very passionate about what she does.

So gardening not only helps you take a sense of pride in the place you live but it can seriously enhance your health.

The excessive hang of shirt or turban out of pride is also a sign of arrogance and involves the wearer in a major sin.

For Pearson, who can expect to have her choice of sponsorship opportunities after London, it is also a matter of pride.

In 29% of cases pride with is used

His voice is filled with pride.

The people looked up with pride.

It is a role we have played with pride.

During this term he co-founded with pride the establishment of the Rural Ambassador Award.

I don't think there is anything wrong with pride in your race, but I don't see a point in it.

And Irish history, as it was taught in school, didn't exactly infuse one with pride -- it scared the hell out of me.

The tricky yet fashionable little garment created all kinds of fuss and excitement; nonetheless the women wore it with pride.

You can't beat sitting with your own fans, in an area where you can wear your shirt and scarf with pride, supporting your team.

Shree recalls with pride that the President asked searching questions about their projects that won them the prestigious prize.

In 5% of cases pride for is used

After a while, the UU booth became a magnet for Pride attendees.

German commentators on Wednesday say that the time for pride has passed.

Is working for pride and No money better than spending time with your kids.

Surpanakha approached her brothers Khara and Dushana, who stand for Pride and Evil.

This bow, according to our allegory stands for pride and Sita is an embodiment of Devotion.

It stands for Pride, Integrity and Guts! People like freedom are just confused and it doesn't bother me.

Another reason could be for pride and glory because people usually perceive frat members to be braver and more superior.

People like you have no reason for pride and they are being illogical in thinking they are being logical, because there would be no such thing.

I understood why we had to stand up for Pride and help those who don't feel supported and show the world that we are here for each other and here to help.

In 3% of cases pride in is used

I am happy and lift my head in pride.

Just look at his photos in Pride, and look at how huge he is now.

Moving in pride is denying Christ power and taking glory for what is not yours.

We only had one event which was Pride and they didn't have my category, there wasn't my division, you didn't have my weight class in Pride.

In 2% of cases pride at is used

But there was a moment in the mid-1990s, and I daresay Flesh was at fault for this, that Pride was swamped by straight women.

In 2011, our table at Pride was bare, staffed only by members of UCN, and had a homemade cardstock display with only a few brochures.

Nigel Clough has been told to raise money at Pride Park and moving on the 17-year-old midfielder for a reported fee of 4 million to any number of Premier League suitors is a more then viable option.

In 2% of cases pride by is used

I think youare severly blinded by pride and anger that you miserably rely on MAHERS theology tha is both bogus and laughable.

In 1% of cases pride about is used

This is about pride; what it is and why it makes sense, or doesn't make sense, to have it.

Growing up in Ireland, surrounded by other Irish, one didn't necessarily think about pride in one's heritage.

In 1% of cases pride between is used

But there's a WORLD of difference between PRIDE and VIOLENCE.

There is a distinct difference between pride in your country, and blatant out right racism.

In 1% of cases pride to is used

Our favourite films still end with a wedding, from When Harry Met Sally to Pride and Prejudice.

We've seen it in all forms of media time and time again from Romeo and Juliet to Pride and Prejudice to The Sheik to Rebel Without a Cause to (shudders) Twilight.

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