Prepositions used with "presentation"

"of presentation" or "for presentation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases presentation of is used

Its a matter of presentation, you know.

The quality of presentations is always excellent.

An essential part of presentation is photo streams.

The quality of presentation and organisation of the papers on the CDROM is excellent.

Dossiers are a common form of presentation styles of assignments at universities throughout the world.

Here again the author has hit just the right level of presentation: sufficient mathematical detail to demonstrate.

Four of these patients were noted to be on other drugs at the time of presentation but none included antibiotics (Table 1).

A series of presentations (mostly delivered in English) and interactive discussions are used to cover the course contents.

The vast majority of patients with cardiac manifestations of Lyme disease are seropositive at the time of presentation 183, 192.

In 25% of cases presentation for is used

We previewed, came back to climb a bit more and then went out for presentation and the finals.

Due to Proximity Sensor for presentation to the phone to your ear during a call, the touch screen is locked.

The work was selected for presentation at the conference and Anonymouz made his way down to Atlanta on the 28th and 29th of September.

It sounds like the page is already marked up semantically and you are just transforming the page for presentation, so it doesn't really matter.

Founded in 1986, we are the inventor, multiple patent holder and world leader in gesture recognition technologies for presentation, information and entertainment systems.

The children would be vying for selection of their projects for presentation in the National-level Children's Science Congress to be held in Jaipur from December 27 to 31.

Turns out the winner couldn't make it to the con in Calgary earlier this year, which was hosting the awards ceremony, so they forwarded it on to our con committee for presentation.

Only one paper per author will be accepted for presentation in the conference's research sessions, and at least one author for each paper must be at the convention in order to present the paper.

In 11% of cases presentation in is used

And Kant's derivation of it is rather arcane in presentation.

I used the same data in presentations to dispell this rumour in auckland city, but it appears its not got through to everybody.

Just about every session at OKFest was live streamed with delegates sending in presentations, photos, videos and feedback to the OKFestival team as I type.

I'd androgynous myself in presentation and I get gendered more-or-less randomly, but I have a human face, and this means I get treated differently from if I don't.

And he brought the highest qualities the profession could boast of-courage in the face of adversity, unswerving adherence to truth, pursuit of public causes, and objectivity in presentation.

In 6% of cases presentation on is used

Open microphone, moderated session based on presentations.

On presentation of their Compostela pilgrims were allowed to stay in the hospital for three days.

As seating is limited, children over 12 years of age may only attend on presentation of their own ticket to security staff.

If the buyer is legit, get them to raise an Irrevocable Letter of Credit through the banking system payable (by your bank) on presentation of a Bill of Lading.

In 5% of cases presentation to is used

Anyway, let? s get back to presentations.

Accommodations may include changes to presentation format, response format, test setting or test timing.

The kind of people that are anything but creative and think they will become innovators by listening to presentations.

Stories, examples, fables and research references add colour and substance to presentations and reports, and reinforce learning of all types.

Sports video games are often thrust into no-win positions by their communities, who complain that every upgrade to presentation means some pet peeve in the gameplay has gone unaddressed.

In 4% of cases presentation with is used

In an address to the nation, the President can control the inputs and could dazzle his audience with presentation.

Cameron is exactly what he appears to be, a young go-ahead decent bloke with presentation skills similar to Blair.

In 3% of cases presentation through is used

Mentoring - Mentored countless developers, both individually and through presentations in Java, C++ and C#.

In 2% of cases presentation from is used

Good test design comes from skilled testers using a toolbox of test ideas drawn from presentations, articles, books, and hands-on experience with test design.

Apart from presentations themselves, everything else was excellent, so if we take the reports as part of the bigger? plan?, then that? s precisely how it was supposed to be.

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