Prepositions used with "presence"

"of presence" or "in presence"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 45% of cases presence of is used
    The ultimate state of presence is enlightenment.
    The two need some sense of presence rather than acting as clowns.
    If you want to learn some holy scripture of presence then you might like to try this.
    The Way of Chakra Healing is a rainbow journey into deeper and more enjoyable states of presence.
    There was definitely some kind of presence in the house, I always felt like someone was looking at me.
    The Bible has room to grow - and we with it - this is the nature of language, of communication, of presence.
    Those who knew him know he had tremendous power of presence, but that power does not and did not mean what we all initially thought it meant.
    However, if you have ever read or spoken to anyone who has achieved a state of presence, what they say to you is in that state there are no thoughts, there are no problems, there isn't anything.

    In 23% of cases presence in is used
    Arrest by or in presence of Magistrate 65.
    Search to be made in presence of witnesses 103.
    Failed he to get approval of his party's new proclamation from Zia's mouth in presence of thousands of soldiers.
    Note elimination of FeS field by FeCO3 under strongly reducing conditions, and remarkable stability of pyrite in presence of small amount dissolved sulfur.

    In 9% of cases presence with is used
    Something iconic, pure and with presence.
    I remember meeting a man in India who was filled with presence.
    Corbus is a global organization, headquartered in North America with presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific markets.
    Don't get me wrong he is a class player has has potential, but we need a striker with presence someone Like a Drogba, or Van Nistlerooy someone Defenders can not Bullying around.

    In 8% of cases presence to is used
    The mother was quite relaxed and the cub quickly habituated to presence of visiting cars.

    In 2% of cases presence between is used
    There is power only in understanding the boundaries between knowledge and mystery, between presence and absence.

    In 2% of cases presence despite is used
    It's ok to travel in the night through Minneriya and Habarana despite presence of elephants.

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